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  1. svenpup

    Preventing pool cleaner hose tangles

    My Polaris 280 hose would frequently get tangled because the cleaner would mostly circle the pool in the same direction. This would cause the coils to build up near the outlet and eventually it would be stuck. My solution was to run a length of cord from the hose near the middle of the pool out...
  2. svenpup

    DIY Solar Cover Tow Harness

    I was looking for a solution that would allow me to easily put on a solar cover without the help of another person. There was hardly anything available and what I could find was outrageously expensive, so I came up with this DIY solution: PVC pipe slightly longer than the width of the cover...
  3. svenpup

    Fast Dissolving CYA from eBay

    I recently purchased "Fast Dissolving Swimming Pool Stabilizer - Conditioner - Cyanuric Acid" from sinaindustries2016 on eBay (10 lbs for $26 delivered). It was a very fine powder reminiscent of powdered boric acid (over which I prefer the granular). There were some clumps in the bag, which I...
  4. svenpup

    Good source for Boric Acid in Sacramento (or elsewhere)

    I have previously purchased boric acid from Duda Deisel as well as a few other eBay sellers for around $2 per pound delivered. I just discovered that eBay seller, prosupplyoutlet, has 25 lbs for $30.33 with local pickup in Rancho Cordova ($46.88 delivered). Super nice and professional outfit...
  5. svenpup

    TFP opinions of Huntsville AL

    My company offered me a position in Huntsville. I will be taking an exploratory trip in a month or so, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to solicit the opinions of my TFP brethren and sistren. Any TFP'ers live in the area? How do you like the location, culture, weather, food, etc. What...
  6. svenpup

    Cheap Calcium with free shipping from Staples

    I know I have seen discussions in the past where people who live in areas where there is no snow (and no ice melt) find it difficult to get cheap Calcium Chloride because shipping kills the deal. Staples has 50lb Calcium Chloride for $15.99 with free ship to store or free shipping when you use...
  7. svenpup

    In the Swim solar cover warranty experience

    My 12 Mil solar cover from In the Swim (aka Save On Pool Supplies) which has a 7 year warranty (2 Years Full) completely failed after only 12 months. The side exposed to the sun deteriorated to the point where thousands of little blue dots were everywhere. Needless to say I was not happy with...
  8. svenpup

    Deck-O-Joint failing on patio and coping-tile joint

    Hey all, My Deck-o-**** on my patio and a similar product between the concrete coping and waterline tile is failing (see pics) and I need some advice on how to repair it. Patio flat sections: I have seen here where Sikaflex sl (self leveling) is recommended. Obviously this is only for more or...
  9. svenpup

    Sparklypoolitis AKA My TFP Credentials

    I joined TFP in November of 2009, a full month before I even owned a pool. I have only ever used the TFPC techniques and philosophy, so I have never been "pool stored" and never had to SLAM. Sometimes I almost wish for a problem so I could have a challenge (not really).
  10. svenpup

    BulbWizards PoolBright 202 LED Color Changing Replacement Bulb Review :: Recommended

    When I was looking into replacing my 300 Watt incandescent bulb with a color changing LED on, I didn't see anyone report on the PoolBright 202 from BulbWizards. It was significantly cheaper than other similar bulbs, so I gave it a look. Here is what I found: Made in USA 3 Year limited...
  11. svenpup

    Pool Pilot Digital Nano - Year 4 - Top Marks

    I think I was the first member on TFP to get the Pool Pilot Digital Nano. Installed on July 31, 2010, it is less than 2 months shy of its 4th birthday. I haven't seen a ton of chatter here about the Nano, but I have seen a few vague complaints. The problem with looking to the internet for...
  12. svenpup

    Boric acid powder (again)

    Last time I added boric acid I struggled with the powdered variety. It just floated on top and was a PITA to get mixed in. This time I knew better and ordered the granular, but Duda Diesel shipped powder anyway :( I mixed it with water in a 5 gallon bucket before adding it to the pool and it...
  13. svenpup

    Loose plaster chunks and red tape in light niche. Problem?

    Hi all! It's been a while since I poked my head up here. I pulled out my light for the first time, and I noticed what looks like chunks of loose plaster and pieces of red duct tape sitting in the niche. Also, the niche was rough with plaster around the inside surfaces (I guess I though it...
  14. svenpup

    Another case of vanishing CYA

    First off, I want to say hello to all the old friends here. Miss you guys!! I haven't been around for a while, but I thought this might add to the vanishing CYA body of knowledge. The facts: Taylor K-2006 Test Kit (with refills from tftestkits)[/*:m:3lir1zkd] I last measured CYA when I...
  15. svenpup

    Temperature Compensation Algorithm?

    Now that my Pool Pilot Nano is installed and running, and I am noticing that the displayed percentage is changing day to day. I assumed that the temperature compensation algorithm would run in the background, unseen by me, but I guess I was wrong. Is the change in percentage that I am seeing...
  16. svenpup

    Melt in the Sun and Anonapersona are racing to 1000 posts...

    If MITS keeps bumping everything he is going to win :goodjob:
  17. svenpup

    Svenpup went SWCG - First Nano on TFP?

    The Pool Pilot Digital Nano arrived Friday and I installed it yesterday. Up and running today with bubbles in the returns! The install was pretty straight forward. If you are going to attempt this yourself, make sure you are comfortable doing both plumbing and electrical work yourself...
  18. svenpup

    220V or 110V for SWCG?

    I think I am going to take the plunge on the new Pool Pilot Nano...someone has to review it, right? My elec. box has 220V for the pumps and 110V going to a GFI outlet so I could wire to either. Is the 220V a better option? I know with pumps it is preferred (less losses on the wires I believe...
  19. svenpup

    Added Salt for "feel"

    Added 200lbs of salt this weekend to bring me up to 2000ppm. DGF says, without coaching, "Feels Silky". Nice!! :goodjob:
  20. svenpup

    Laundry pH with Borax

    Now that I have been indoctrinated into BBB and have Borax around the house, I have started using it for it's intended purpose: a laundry booster. I seems to make towels fluffier and help remove odors. My question is; how high does the pH get when I use Borax? I have an HE washer so there is...
  21. svenpup

    UV Water Purifiers for Hiking?

    I used to do a lot of backcountry camping and was very familiar with the options (at the time) available for making safe drinking water. My girlfriend has been urging me to get me to get back into hiking, so I have been doing an inventory of my gear and starting to purchase the things I am...
  22. svenpup

    Good price on chlorine and MA in Sacramento

    I started getting liquid chlorine and muriatic acid from Best Pool Supply (Folsom Blvd, Sacramento). They have gallons of 12.5% at $3.75 which is about the same as the 6% great value, but if you mention the buy 3 get 1 free deal from their website it is a great deal. You do have to put a...
  23. svenpup a joke

    I saw a "Free Swimming Pool Test Kit" on fatwallet (my other favorite site) and had to check it out. I am not sure what agenda has, but apparently the only two parameters necessary for a healthy pool are pH between 7.2 and 7.8 and FC between 1 and 3. No mention of CYA or...
  24. svenpup

    Anyone see the South Park "Pee" episode?

    The kids go to a water park where the episode's premise is that everyone freely urinates in the pools. The one scene that totally cracked me up is the scientist testing the pool pH. He is shocked to find that the pool is: [list:twznypzu][list:twznypzu]"almost all pee, no H" :lol...
  25. svenpup

    Tip for measuring CYA

    For any newbs out there or anyone who has trouble testing their CYA check out the CYA Standard Solution at TFTestkits. For $8 you get a 50ppm solution that allows you to run the test and see exactly what that dot should look like at the end point. It is a no brainer to add to your order when...
  26. svenpup

    Recommended CYA level in Sacramento

    What would you guys recommend for a CYA level in Sacramento? The pool is shaded a little in the morning by my neighbors Italian cypress trees and a little in the afternoon by the west side of the house. It is in full sun for at least 7-8 hours.
  27. svenpup

    Am I just lucky?

    On March 24th my FC was 6.5 and my CC showed just a tinge of pink (0.0 to 0.5 range) and CYA = 30 This was my first hint of CC since I started taking care of my pool so I immediately went into shock mode and added a gallon of 10%. The next day I measured FC = 15.5 (definitely in shock mode)...
  28. svenpup

    Polaris booster pump with keyed motor?

    Another pump motor question... I have a booster pump that appears to be a Polaris (PB4-60 maybe?). The motor is labeled AO Smith SK1072 which is Nema-C flange 56C keyed. Everywhere that I have seen replacement parts for polaris booster pumps calls out for threaded (not keyed) and...
  29. svenpup

    Cut Solar Cover with Polaris 280

    I have seen discussion here about solar covers being cut into pieces for easier handling. I have also seen discussion about using a polaris (or other pressure side cleaner) under a solar cover (which I am current doing and it works fine). What I haven't seen is anyone who has cut their solar...
  30. svenpup

    Best way to handle muriatic acid?

    The first time I added muriatic acid I got a big whiff of the fumes. It definitely gave me a respect for the stuff. I quickly learned to keep the wind at my back. I must look like I am golfing at Augusta with my finger in the air checking for a breeze. I pour out of the jug and eyeball the...