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    Algae/Cloudy pool

    If you see no more green, your CC is 0.5 or less, and your FC is holding to within 1 ppm or less of loss overnight, then all you need is filter time and to maintain your proper FC level according to what your CYA level is. Dead algae is white and it can cause the water to look cloudy white...
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    CYA, TA and CH questions...

    Your ozone system isn't going to cause any problems, but the effects of an ozone system in an outdoor pool are negligible at best, simply because the sun is doing the same thing for you that the ozone system will do, albeit, much more quickly.
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    Getting started new to the forum

    Welcome to TFP! Keep your filter running 24/7 and your FC at 16 or above until your water is clear, your CC is 0.5 or less, and you aren't losing more than 1 ppm of FC overnight. Right now, your pH is reading falsely high due to your FC being > 10 ppm. Don't add acid now. Don't worry about...
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    How do you get a filter not to leak?

    Welcome to TFP! How generous are you being with the silicone lube on your o-ring? You need to be sure that every spot on the surface of the o-ring needs to be lubed. Also, when you replaced the o-ring, did you purchase a Hayward one specific to your filter model?
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    Confusing TA reading

    Go with your readings. Your TA is fine at 70.
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    FC HIGH Need to lower SWG??

    Well, you can SLAM now and then you may not have to do it later. Or, you can close in a week and SLAM when you open.
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    Review of my Pool Rover Jr.-BIG thumbs up.

    Good review. Thanks for posting.
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    Young vandals sprayed dry chemical fire extinguisher in pool

    Re: Young vandals sprayed dry chemical fire extinguisher in I doubt it will cause any severe problems. Just run the pump to filter things and keep tabs on your water balance.
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    New user - Hi there!

    Welcome to TFP!
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    New home, new pool, new test kit, unexpected results

    Welcome to TFP! You should add 5 drops to check pH, not one drop. That should allow you to get a correct reading. An immediate pink reading on your TA test indicates a very low TA. You can raise your TA with baking soda.
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    Applying Gunite in the rain

    I'm curious to know what your PB said when you brought this concern up with them.
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    Took the plunge!

    Congratulations! Be sure to get yourself a high quality test kit. The TF-100 is awesome and can be found at
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    stains left after algae treatment

    I agree with the others. With proper chlorination, they will go away fairly quickly. But, you need a test kit of your own in order to take care of things correctly. I would suggest a TF-100 or a Taylor K-2006 from
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    A Big Thank You

    Welcome to TFP!. Numbers look good. Keep it up! :goodjob:
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    Fire pit question

    I think that to run propane, you would need a propane setup. The reason that I think this is because we had a CNG jet on the back porch for our gas grill at one house and when we moved and had to go to propane, the regulator and Venturi setup had to be changed to a propane one.
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    Any issues closing a pool too soon?

    There is always the possibility of opening to a green pool. As pwrstrk mentioned though, opening earlier with cooler water will likely benefit you. And if it is green, that is easy enough to deal with since you have the right kit and you're on the right website to get the help you might need...
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    Stained vinyl liner

    Welcome to TFP! You have several issues. First of all, if your CYA is 100 or more, you need to change out water to lower that value to somewhere between 30 and 50 ppm. It's tough to SLAM your pool with a CYA that high. Because you have a liner pool, you will need to change out water in...
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    human PH

    You actually can test urine pH using the pool pH kit, although I haven't heard of anyone doing it. The process is the same.
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    Visited a really great pool in Costa Rica today

    Would like to see a "before" picture.
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    New build, Houston (Cypress), Tx

    Love the slide! :goodjob:
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    New pool build - Little Elm, TX

    That glass tile is absolutely striking! :goodjob:
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    Upgrading from intex to 24' round agp. Thoughts?

    Congrats! You're going to love it!
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    human PH

    Just FYI , the normal "body" pH is between 7.35 and 7.45 and is measured using a test called an arterial blood gas (ABG).
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    Thanks to Everyone Who Contributes Here

    Thank you for your testimonial. These are the things we really like to hear. :goodjob:
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    thank you

    Welcome to TFP!
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    Baracuda G3 Disconnecting at Main Body

    Thought it looked a little old. Probably just time to retire it.
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    Hello from Texas!

    Yes. Over the first year as your plaster cures, your pH will be rising a good deal. Couple this with the fact that you operate a SWCG (also raises pH constantly), daily additions of MA will likely be needed. You might consider bringing your TA down a bit. This will help.
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    New pool build - Little Elm, TX

    That tile is really pretty!
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    cleaning rust on ladder while pool is empty

    Agree with duraleigh here. WD-40 or Kroil with some 00 steel wool should get it.