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    Hayward Pro DE filter model identification

    Can anyone help me identify the model of my Hayward Pro DE filter? I cannot find a model number and want to order a new set of filter grids.
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    Doheney discovery S200 trouble

    $500 to repair a $699 robot 5 months out of warranty? I would move on to a different brand.
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    I love my robot

    I used to dread spring when all the trees surrounding my pool would bloom and drop pollen into the water. Even with a screen enclosure, my pool would get filled with pollen from the 14 oak trees in my back yard. My in floor cleaning system just blew the fine pollen around and never really...
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    Generator not reading salt correctly

    3.5 years running year round here in Florida is about right. Your cell is probably failing. Is it any surprise that Hayward has a 3 year warranty on these? My firmware will not work with some of the generic cells that are available so I am stuck buying Hayward T-15 cells every 3 years or so.
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    Aqua Rite SWG and Variable Speed Pump

    I went through this same scenario last year when I installed my two pentair VS pumps. I wound up just leaving the Aqua Rite SWG on the timer. Just make sure the timer trips on during the hours of pump use. You don't want the SWG powered up without the pump on even though the flow switch would...
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    Any reason to get a variable speed for a spa pump?

    Well then, given how little you run the spa pump, I agree that an inexpensive single speed pump would be the way to go.
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    Any reason to get a variable speed for a spa pump?

    Depends on your plumbing. Does your main pool pump control the spillover for the spa and the filtering for the spa water? If so, then you only use your spa pump when you want to use your spa. I would think you would not need a VS pump for this on/off feature. No point in the expense for a...
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    Aquarite - Diagnose & Troubleshoot your own Main Board

    I wouldn't bypass the flow switch. It's there to prevent the cell from generating without flow which can cause an explosion.
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    Aquarite - Diagnose & Troubleshoot your own Main Board

    Re: Aquarite - GLX-PCB-RITE (1.59) and Power Dist Schematic Diagram (Section-B) Interesting information on the relay. After replacing my third thermistor, I decided to just bypass the thing with a wire. My board has been trouble free since then for the past 3 years. If I ever need to...
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    AquaRite reading 0 for salt level

    I suspect that is also a major factor. I can't imagine that soaking the cells in dilute muriatic acid on a regular basis helps with longevity! But the bottom line is that these cells don't last very long and are expensive. It obviously pays to take care of them, but the 3 year warranty from...
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    AquaRite reading 0 for salt level

    One person had a cell lasting 8 years? Hardly much of a sample size. Figure that the cells have "X" amount of productive life in them before failing. It stands to reason that cells in use year round would fail earlier than cells used only part of the year. When I complained about the short...
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    AquaRite reading 0 for salt level

    That's a bad cell. I did the same thing a few years ago and added too much salt as the cell was failing. You will need to drain some water and refill to dilute your salinity when you replace your cell. These cells don't last long here in Florida since we run our pools year round.
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    Green Algae Dust wont quit

    I used to have the same problem until I started running my FC at 9-10 with similar CYA. I think you could turn up your SWCG a bit. Perhaps you are dropping below the minimal FC level at times.
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    Living on the Gulf, dealing with Black Spot Algae

    I'm a few miles east of you and do the same. I keep my FC at 9 with CYA of 70. I also run my robot twice a week for 2 hours.
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    Optimize Your In-Floor Cleaning Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Re: FlowVis for In-floor Cleaning System Tuning My caretaker system does have a pressure valve in the multiport manifold. This from the manual: The operating pressure will vary depending on various factors suchas the pump size, number of cleaning heads on a line, and what otherauxiliary pool...
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    Optimize Your In-Floor Cleaning Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Re: FlowVis for In-floor Cleaning System Tuning Interested in hearing your real world observations with your changes. I still think we've all been making some major assumptions regarding flow and fluid dynamics. In the end, this is all likely very pool specific. I don't have any wall outlets...
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    Optimize Your In-Floor Cleaning Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Re: FlowVis for In-floor Cleaning System Tuning Does your pump display GPM? My new Pentair pumps can be set to a specific RPM or GPM. I wonder if this feature would help you if your pump has this option.
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    Optimize Your In-Floor Cleaning Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Re: FlowVis for In-floor Cleaning System Tuning Is your plan to run your pump continuously at your newly designated high efficiency level? I've gone to running my pump for 2 hours at the rpm required to pop up my heads and adequately clean my pool. I run the pump at very low flow (1200rpm)...
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    Optimize Your In-Floor Cleaning Effectiveness and Efficiency

    Re: FlowVis for In-floor Cleaning System Tuning I read this with interest since I have a caretaker in-floor system and just purchased two VS pentair pumps 6 months ago. The numbers are interesting, but the proof will be evident only if you are satisfied with the cleanliness of your pool after...
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    Black Algae / Pebble Tec / Zero Chlorine Always

    Have you even read these articles as has been suggested? Then start reading the articles here: Pool School - Getting Started, especially the ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
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    Blue opaque water after SLAM

    With this approach to your pool, your best bet would be to just drain the pool and start over with fresh water.
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    As if we didn't have enough reasons not to buy Aquabot...

    Wow! :eek: Glad you and your store are in one piece. I still love my aquabot X4. Has worked flawlessly and is the best pool accessory I've purchased in 22 years of pool ownership.
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    Replacing pump with VS

    You won't be saving 50% on your bill if you run at 3000rpm all the time, but there is an opportunity for you to save significant money. I run my Pentair intelliflow most of the time at 1200rpm just for swcg and give it a burst for just 2 hours at 3000rpm to run my in floor cleaning system and...
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    Last Desperate Plea for Help

    I'm also in the Tampa Bay area and this is what I do. With my CYA at 70, I typically aim to keep my FC at 7-8ppm. While this may seem higher than the suggested level on the CYA chart, I tend to get a light dusting of algae on my walls if I miss brushing and my chlorine drops below 6ppm...
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    Programming Pentair Intelliflo VSP & SWG Help Needed

    If they only pop up part way, the caretaker heads will not rotate properly. You will need to increase your pump rpm to the point where all zones pop up fully and have good flow. Then you can determine how many hours at this pump rpm you require to adequately clean your pool.
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    Programming Pentair Intelliflo VSP & SWG Help Needed

    You really need to figure out two critical speeds before you can decide how to program your pump. The first is the pump RPM required to reliably pop up your caretaker heads and produce enough flow to clean your pool. Make sure the heads pop all the way up so that they will properly rotate when...
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    Opened Green Yet Again and Don't Want to Spend $$$$ on Shock

    Do yourself and your wallet a favor and don't add any more algaecide to your pool. Most contain copper which can stain your pool and discolor your hair.
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    How long do I need to run my pump?? Help please

    You need to figure out the lowest RPM setting you can run the pump that will provide enough flow for your SWG. Add 100rpm to this number just to be safe and you can run at that RPM setting most of the day. Throw in a bit of high speed RPM pumping for skimming as needed to keep the pool visibly...
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    Robot - Best Money I’ve Spent

    Greetings from across the bay. I couldn't agree more. I throw my robot in the pool twice a week and let it do it's thing. Cleans and brushes my pool quietly and effectively. I love my robot. Wish I had gotten one sooner.
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    OK to keep robotic cleaner in pool?

    I agree with thebombardier. I take my robot out of the pool when done with the cleaning cycle. I then hose off the robot and the cable with fresh water in an effort to prevent degradation from the bleach in my pool water. Though it makes sense that the manufacturers have designed these robots...