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    How to sink AGP and build deck in 30 days

    The back story: In May 2016 we bought a Bestway 16'x42" above ground pool. We live in the central valley of California and our soil is called Sandylome. It just means we have a lot of sand in the soil. This can be a good thing and bad. But I digress. We put the pool up after leveling the ground...
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    New Member in California & Test Results

    Good Day pool experienced people. Newbie here trying to get my family swimming in our new 16' above ground pool. We set it up on June 11, 2016 and the water from the city line was "TERRIBLE!" Basically, the pool was greenish-brown by the time I could turn the pump on. Anyway, I borrowed my...
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    Hello from Central California

    Hi everyone, New pool owner here in Central California. This is our first family pool that we have saved up to get. After watching video after video trying to educate myself I came across TFP and am never leaving. Hopefully with the help on here my family will be swimming soon. Greg