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  1. OGSW20

    Salt Water Pool with Cover

    I have a salt water pool with an automatic cover. The plan is to keep it covered most of the time when not in use. I know I have read that this might affect how much CYA I should have and how much FC I should maintain. Some say that it falls in the realm of an "indoor" pool when kept covered...
  2. OGSW20

    Cover Pools Automatic Pool Covers Experience/Reviews?

    Curious to know if anyone on here is using the Cover Pools automatic pool cover? My automatic pool cover is finally going in and I did not know who the manufacturer was until today. Looking them up on the web, it doesn't sound like they are getting very good reviews on customer service and...
  3. OGSW20

    SLAM FC Readings... Pass or Fail?

    I am having some trouble with my FC readings. I started a SLAM five days ago. First OCLT on 9/17 was 4.5 and in the morning it was 2.0. That is when I initiated a SLAM. 9/18 OCLT 22 PM 21 AM based on 10ml sample 9/19 24 PM 20 AM 5ml sample 9/20 30 PM 29 AM 5ml sample 9/21 26 PM 24 AM 5ml sample...
  4. OGSW20

    My 30 day initial start up is done, now what?

    My initial 30 day start up maintenance guy did his final check and balance of the water today. Over the course I noticed he mainly added some muriatic acid and chlorine to maintain pH, FC, and TA. He put in CYA and sodium chloride in the first 2-3 weeks but after the numbers where on point he...
  5. OGSW20

    Is testing salt water an ongoing process as the other tests?

    I understand that we will need to constantly monitor the pool chemistry for FC, PH, TA, CH, CYA. Do we also need to monitor salt levels constantly or once the salt is in and at the right levels, we are done? Wondering if I should invest in a K-1766 or skip it once my PB has the right salt level...
  6. OGSW20

    Brushing, is bigger better?

    Just filled my new pool last week and PB asked me to brush the pool twice a day. He will be installing a Jandy MX6 Pool Sweep soon. Hopefully, this will eliminate brushing twice a day and I will only need to brush weekly. My 30 day maintenance guy just started today and I noticed he had a fairly...
  7. OGSW20

    Running equipment 24/7 for two weeks?

    My PB just got my equipment running on my new build. He told me that I need to run the pumps for two weeks straight 24/7 to clear out the new plaster particles while the plaster cures. Is that correct? Is it really necessary? Just caught me off guard with this one and wanted to check in with...
  8. OGSW20

    Before filling the pool

    Fill date is nearing and I want to makes sure I am on top of things before something happens or doesn't happen that was suppose to. I tested my tap water supply and the readings are as follows: FC 2 PH 7.7 TA 110ppm CH 90ppm CYA no reading What next?
  9. OGSW20

    SWG vs mineral system

    I’m sure this topic has been talked about over and over and over. Everything I read on the internet is for mineral systems. However, I know most of you here prefer SWG. I am VERY new to all of this and very confused. Everything I read in TFP says go with SWG. On the flip side, everything I read...
  10. OGSW20

    New build in San Jose, CA

    Here's the rundown of our pool build, I'm open to feedback: Broke ground on 04/03/19 Pool size: 17'x38' Spa size 8'x8' Baja Shelf 8'x8' Stonescapes Aqua White 3 Puerto Rico Blend Plaster Jandy Equipment: -JXi400N Heater -CV460 Filter -2.7hp Variable Speed epump (main) -2.0hp Stealth pump (spa)...
  11. OGSW20

    Building a paradise!

    Hi TFP folks! I just joined to learn about taking care of my soon to be finished paradise in my backyard. I still have lots to learn about maintaining the pool. Hopefully, my pool builder selected the right equipment for my build. There is so much info for me to take in here and feel...