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    Foam Padding for Intex 22'x52"

    A lil more expensive but I got gorilla pads, they last several years
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    My gorilla pad didn't ship

    Ok I ordered the pads for this weekend went with the site that estimated fastest shipping. Fed had delivery today but site says shipping label created. Not shipped. I'm in a bind pool is going up Saturday I have nothing for under it. It's a bit rocky I always use gorilla pads. What else can I...
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    Reusable filters

    I used to use them I can't find any online for type B I ordered the Krystal Clear 2,500 gph pump Thank You
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    New startup again

    That I have to order also
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    New startup again

    We took our pool down about 5 years ago, we just got an intex 14 X42. I'm trying to remember everything I had/needed. Here's what I'm ordering am I forgetting anything or should I be getting anything different from what I have? Thank you Intex Krystal Clear 2500 pump with gfci Inter hose...
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    MY Above Ground Swim up Bar

    That's a great idea
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    Ph won't stay up

    I have been raising my ph every few days, chlorine has been good. I can't figure out why my oh won't hold this year. I'm in new England we have had normal temps. My neighbor is noticing the same thing this year. It's driving me crazy
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    My tab dissappeared in less than a day

    Chlorine was more yellow than what I have on the tester, CYA I'm not sure my testing kit was lost I haven't had the extra to re purchase only things I have is my chlorine and ph test ph is still good sorry it's not much help
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    My tab dissappeared in less than a day

    I usually use bio gaurd 3 step, I went to a store he sold me the surf side brand they last a week blah, blah I put one in at 6:15 yesterday almost no chlorine in the pool. Today I go out at 5pm shut filter off my tab has dissolved chlorine level is through the roof. Ran hose to add a bit more...
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    Pools looks like its leaning

    A few look like they have moved slightly but there not crooked
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    Pools looks like its leaning

    I'll try the board, I'm not seeing the leaning my says it looks it. It looks normal to me. Could it be leaning even if all the rails are level?
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    Pools looks like its leaning

    We have a 14ft intex ultra frame, it looks kinda like its leaning but I just went over the rails with a level and that's fine all the rails are level. Could it just be the space towards the top of the posts that makes it look like it leaning?
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    My modest oasis

    Looks great isn't it nice to be able to relax by the pool. We have the same pool and a small patio like yours
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    New Intex 26' Ultra Frame Owners

    Great pics the deck looks really nice
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    Sock did wonders!

    I'm gonna try this
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    Our son taking a splash

    He is too cute
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    Volley ball net for Intex

    My kids want a volley ball net has anyone bought the Intex one my kids want one we have tried the inflatable one they pop easy. I want one that will connect to the top of the pool. Intex has one for 26.00 I'm wondering if it's worth it.
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    I am using the vac that came with the pool but I put a white knee high over opening then I put the mesh bag over that it works really good. I vacum every other day real quick and change the knee high as needed every few weeks.
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    Intex filters

    Our pool is 14 ft we have been using the rinx n reuse filters I'm finding I need to rinse them every 2 days or my filter doesn't have much outflow. My water is clear so I don't think it's algea. I can't firugre out why my filter keeps filler up with gunk daily
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    Need a good vacum intex 2500 gph pump

    I'm still using the intex vac that came with the pool, I like it now I put a knee high inside the mesh bag that works good I had to let out a little water this week because I vac daily, with kids in and out and wind theres always a lil dirt in the pool.
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    Creaking Frame

    we have a lil creaking, Iv'e noticed with the water moving around the top od the frame sways a bit. Thats happened with all our intex pools. Thats where our creaking comes from
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    Need a good vacum intex 2500 gph pump

    I have the vac that came with the pool but it doesn't work. I bought the pool blaster a few years back dies after 1 summer, bought a pool broom vac from Walmart last year that didn't work good either. I need something decent but don't want to spend too much on it.
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    Not much but it works for us

    Intex Ultra frame my husband made me a small patio for relaxing/tanning. Heres a few of the kids
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    Need leveling help

    This always seems to be the hard part, 1-2 should be ok. We have always been 1-2 off in some spots on our pool. This year is the same.
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    Intex 25000 gph

    I just bought the 14ft Ultra frame, my old pump 1000 gph pretty much died last year. Where I downgraded to 14ft, I'm thinking the 25000 will be fine, any one have any issue with this pump? I'm also thinking of using rinze n reuse filters instead of paper filters. Anyone ever use thesed before...
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    Intex Ultra has a new size

    I sold the blue pool last year to get an Ultra this year, our yard is tiny the 15ft squeezed in last year. I'm going to see if I can fit the 16ft but I really like the 14 ft it's 42 inches. This sounds like a good size it will still be waist high at 37inches full. Looks like it's at Target only...
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    I like a light shade of green but

    not when it's in my pool. Pool hasn't really been used these days, I was adding bleach to keep up but I have not for a few nights. Got up tody to vacum and swim and it's green. It's a light shade so I'm starting to shock now to clear it up.
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    Rock under Intex pool...need some advice please

    I have a 15x48 each year I always have a rock or something, I use gorilla pad under my pool, so far nothing has come through the liner. I did last year put a patch over a rock just for some insurance on it.