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  1. beeswax

    Trouble finding 20 AWG outdoor twisted pair sensor wiring for SolarTouch sensor

    Hi, I am unable to find this wire for the SolarTouch sensor in my local area. I need 40 feet. Will this wire work: 20 AWG – 1 Twisted Pair - 300V - Stranded Conductor – Overall Foil Shield - PLTC Tray Cable - Per Foot If not do you know of a source? (8) 4'x12' Heliocol used panels with gators...
  2. beeswax

    Standing Seam Metal Roof - What Kind of Solar Panels Will Fit?

    Hi, We have a standing seam metal roof. Has anyone had success installing solar heater panels on their metal roof? If so, what brand of panels? Thank you.