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  1. OscarB

    Start up

    Opened up my pool and it was cloudy. The winter pill I put in never drained it’s fluid. It must have flipped over or something. After a day doing the slam as taught in here, it is crystal clear and I’m getting good numbers from my test kit. Thank you tfp! I keep thinking back to what a...
  2. OscarB

    When and how to add chemicals

    I just SLAMed my pool for the first time. Now that my chlorine is to the level I want to maintain it, I wanted to bring my PH and TA level down. I added some muratic acid and left the pump running. When is it safe for me to add chlorine again? Could I have done it right away? An hour later...
  3. OscarB

    New above ground pool pump recommendation?

    I accidentally cracked my pool pump when getting the pool summarized. I have a 28’ round and the pump was 1 hp. Any recommendations on replacing it? Stay with a single speed? Go for a variable or dual speed? I live in nj so my pool is only open for 4 months out of the year. Thanks, Oscar B
  4. OscarB

    Natural stone in the pool.

    I have an above ground pool. Keeping the wedding cake type steps from floating is always tough. The directions say to put sand bags on the inside of the steps but it isn’t that easy to do. It makes moving them to clean and scrub the walls difficult. I was thinking about taking a piece of flat...
  5. OscarB

    First numbers with kit! New to this and excited to get started!

    I opened my pool and got the filter running for 24 hours. The pool looks clear with a little haze to it. Here are the number I tested by using my test kit (still very new to it). FC- 0 PH 7.8 TA 120 CH 100 CYA 65 Using the pool math app, it says to slam it by adding 3 gallons of bleach...
  6. OscarB

    Rain water

    I was planning on opening my pool tomorrow but we are projected to get about 18 hours worth of rain. Is it a bad idea to pull the cover off and let the rain help fill the pool up? I drained it below the skimmer to winterize it.
  7. OscarB

    Can anyone tell me where this goes and what it does?

    Can anyone tell me where this goes? Of course I emptied my sand filter last fall and forgot! It connects to bottom of the tube that goes to the lateral fingers. Does it get buried in the sand? Sit up top? Thank you!
  8. OscarB

    Sand filter media

    Starting to buy all of my supplies and get the season started with the tfp train of thought. After having an awful year last year, I’m excited to try something new. I emptied my sand filter at the end of last season because I wanted to start with a clean slate. What do you guys recommend for...
  9. OscarB

    Starting with the TFPC method.

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and will be using this method to sanitize my pool this season. Just a few questions as I start to get ready. I have a mineral cartridge filter. I know I am not going to use it this year. Do I have to replace the filter housing or can I just leave the...
  10. OscarB

    I need help, please!!!

    I really need some help. I am on year three of my pool. It’s been on a cycle of clear-cloudy-green. I can’t take it anymore! My water tests from the pool store read as good. Tc-2.5 fc-2.5 ph-7.5 ta-145 calcium - 175 stabalizer - 65. Phosphates - zero yet my pool turns cloudy and then...