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  1. KarenNJ

    Clear solar cover or full sun?

    We just got a clear solar cover. We have always used the blue ones and I take them off during the day because the full sun heats the pool way faster than the blue cover. This year we got a clear one and now I am not sure if I should leave the cover on to heat up the water or open it up for full...
  2. KarenNJ

    Favorite AGP gadget / accessory?

    I would love to see your favorite add on to your above ground pool! Looking to get some new stuff for this season.
  3. KarenNJ

    Best place to purchase filter?

    I need to replace my filter cartridge and this is the one I need - AquaPro 190 SQ. FT. Replacement Filter Cartridge Are there generic ones that are cheaper or is this something you should go with the pump manufacturers options? I didn't realize how expensive these things are.
  4. KarenNJ

    Volleyball for AGP?

    I did a search and could not find any newer posts about this. Been looking for a volleyball net to put on the pool but do not want to drill into the top rail. I do have a deck on the one side but the other is open. The products I have found have pretty bad reviews. Anyone have a setup they like...
  5. KarenNJ

    Horsefly traps?

    I did a search and could only find something from 2009. Normally the horseflies don't start to bother us until the pool is out of full sun. The last couple days however they have been around all day. Are there any traps that actually work for them? The last thread said to just keep killing them...
  6. KarenNJ

    Aggghhh forgot to turn the salt water generator back on!

    I must have turned off the saltwater generator and forgot to turn it back on. It must have been yesterday or the day before. It could have been one of the kids too but it has not been off more than 2 days. Of course we have had sunny and near 80 degree temps the last two days. I checked the FC...
  7. KarenNJ

    Should bottom of walls be kept clear?

    All the posts about Rusty walls have me looking at my pool. Our above ground is 2 years old and we have a bit of crushed stone around the base. I pulled some of the stones away and you can see it looks like the stone roughed up the paint which is bubbling a bit but there's no rust of any sort...
  8. KarenNJ

    Buying used steps a bad idea?

    We built a deck and I am looking at pool stair options. I found someone who has the confer curve step at a good price but wondering if buying used steps is a bad idea? They have been sitting out of the pool all winter. Do I need to do something special to disinfect them before putting them in my...
  9. KarenNJ

    Anyone know if the conifer curve step will attach to a deck 57" high?

    In the product details it says it will work with 54" deep pools but our deck is 57" from the base of the pool. Not sure how high the support will actually go? Confer Curve Deluxe Above Ground Pool Steps
  10. KarenNJ

    Where to buy winter cover/pillow?

    I have a oval AGP. Our last winter cover came from a pool guy friend and it was supposed to be for our pool but barely fit. This year I will just get my own but not sure if a certain brand is better or where I should buy from?
  11. KarenNJ

    So confused, CC levels going up during SLAM? Started normal

    So Sunday morning I pulled the cover off the pool and noticed a few small green spots on the floor. I swept the bottom and then ran to the store to get LC. None to be found so I bought bleach and started the SLAM. I have been SLAMing since so about 36hours. My CYA was low and I did not notice so...
  12. KarenNJ

    Ugh, Pool Supplies low, liquid chlorine nowhere to be found.

    I normally buy my liquid chlorine from Walmart and I'm battling a tiny bit of algae due to a ton of rain. I've had to empty water out of the pool multiple times and I haven't been checking this cya which was totally my fault so here I am doing the slam. None of the stores have liquid chlorine...
  13. KarenNJ

    Does anyone have a deck kit for their pool?

    I am getting quotes from local contractors to build a deck but also wanted to consider a fan deck kit (wood or aluminum) that is made for AGP's. I can only find one brand and it has bad reviews......Anyone have a deck kit?
  14. KarenNJ

    Where does the salt go?

    Salt level was good before closing the pool. Took the cover off and tested and I need to add 260 lb of salt! It doesn't seem like I'm getting that much evaporation the winter so where is all the salt going?
  15. KarenNJ

    Should I open the pool? (NJ)

    So it has been really hot the last two days (80-90's). The weather is going to cool down next week and will be in the 40's at nights (see below). I tried taking the water temp and it is above 60 degrees as deep as I can get my arm over the wall of an above ground pool. Right now the water is...
  16. KarenNJ

    Took a peek under the cover

    We have had some warm weather in nj and the block of ice finally thawed. Pumped the water off the cover and took a peek inside. A few weeks ago during the major thaw the return plug got pulled out. We blocked it from the outside but were able to put it back on today. :D Looky looky at that...
  17. KarenNJ

    Closing - how important is dropping tree water level?

    So hubby and I are in a major disagreement over the water level of the pool. I believe we should drop it 6 inches below the skimmer as I've seen everywhere but he thinks because we have the skimmer plate and return cover we can leave it at normal level. His friend who does pool maintenance said...
  18. KarenNJ

    Closing Salt Pool - PH Buffer and Algecide?

    So my husband's friend from work has a pool maint. company on the side. He gave us a price for the stuff we need for our pool closing. As always he basically gives it away but in the list of things was PH Buffer and Algecide. What is PH Buffer? I have been battling high TA (and creeping PH) all...
  19. KarenNJ

    After slamming, what is a safe to swim chlorine level?

    My slam level is 28. What level would be safe to swim? I hopefully will be done with the SLAM today.
  20. KarenNJ

    So I think I have algae.....

    It is only on the bottom and if I touch it with the pole it dissipates. It seems to be settled in the dips of the liner. It has been cool and cloudy/rainy lately so no one has been in the pool since Sunday (today is Thur). Free Chlorine has been staying consistent at 5ppm the past few days with...
  21. KarenNJ

    SWG should only need to run 4.5hrs but can't maintain at 8.5hrs?

    Starting a new personal thread so not to clutter the SWG run time one. My salt generator (40K gallons) is plenty big enough for our pool (14500 gallons). I used the calculator and based on that, it is telling me I should only need to run it at 75% for 4.5hrs! Right now I am running it at 100%...
  22. KarenNJ

    18'x33'x54" Saltwater 8000 AGP on slope with retaining wall (and maybe deck)

    Just wanted to start a thread to keep photo progress of our above ground saltwater 8000 build. It is a 18' x 33' x 54" oval and I LOVE the size. We are a family of 5 (kids are 6-10yrs old) and we have plenty of room for us and a few extra friends. We had a slope on our backyard that required us...
  23. KarenNJ

    Concrete dust and pebbles in pool

    So we made a huge mistake by not covering our pool for a patio renovation. The start of the concrete patio is about 13' away from the pool and my husband let me know small concrete bits got in the pool while they were jack-hammering the patio apart (along with dust). He tried his best to skim...
  24. KarenNJ

    New wrinkles in liner after pool has been up for weeks?

    I am fairly confident our pool had no major wrinkles. I dewrinkled when we had a couple inches in the bottom and then the last time i vacuumed (from inside the pool) i walked the whole thing and i was pleased how smooth it was. Friday we had a ton of rain. We basically had a small moat around...
  25. KarenNJ


    I am having a hard time understanding the best way to read the cya. If i stand outside, out of direct sunlight it is 60 but if i go in my screened porch it is like 80-90. I am afraid to add more and put in too much. What is the best way to read this test light wise?
  26. KarenNJ


    I am having a hard time understanding the best way to read the cya. If i stand outside, out of direct sunlight it is 60 but if i go in my screened porch it is like 80-90. I am afraid to add more and put in too much. What is the best way to read this test light wise?
  27. KarenNJ

    Keeping bears out of pool

    I know this will seem like an odd question but those of in bear areas, do you do anything to keep the bears out of your pool? Someone local had a couple young bears destroy their intex type pool trying to get in and out of it. A few years ago a bear destroyed our trampoline just for fun. Would...
  28. KarenNJ

    Above ground solar cover storage (something not attached to the pool)

    Has anyone built a DIY cradle system that does not attach to the pool? I really am nervous about having something against the wall or putting a bunch of weight on the top rail. 18x33 oval. I really want to get the solar cover on but I need something practical to remove/put on myself. The nicer...
  29. KarenNJ


    New pool 18 x 33, noticed the pool water level dropped about 1/8" from yesterday. At the beginning of the week the water was close to the 3rd screw on our skimmer and now it is more than half way to the second screw. We did see wet under the connection to the pump and tightened that up. It was a...
  30. KarenNJ

    Taylor k-1000 - reading results

    What have you found to be the best way to read the taylor test results (PH, BR. CL). I have tried the white paper, holding up to the sky, holding it in indirect lighting. Every method provides different results....