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  1. adirondak5

    Help me decide which AGP

    If you are going with or wanting to go with a Salt Water pool watch Doughboys warranty , I don't believe they'll cover saltwater usage in any of their pools , even their resin frame pools . The SaltWater 8000 I got from The Pool Factory is warranted for Salt Water (manufactured by Aqua Leader)...
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    I remember my first pool back in the 90"s going into the new millennium . My kids were still in the single digits or just getting into the teen years so of course it was a lot of fun . But I do remember the pool store , the costs , the bad results , the never ending chems . That was before I...
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    Above Ground Pool Location Question

    Home Depot or Lowe's sells CYA , commonly called Stabilizer , label should indicate CYA .
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    New pool help!

    What prep did you do before setting the liner ? Sand base thickness ? Sand cove or foam cove ?
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    Pool Factory - Is it their own brand?

    I have a Salt Water 8000 from the Pool Factory , it is manufactured by Aqua Leader. I can't speak for the other models sold by Pool Factory . I can say the Aqua Leader pool I have is a very nice high quality pool and The Pool Factory was great to deal with . I called them a few times with...
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    Above Ground Pool Location Question

    What was your question ?
  7. adirondak5

    PoolMath wont run after update.

    Success ! Works on my phone . Thanks much . What was the issue ?
  8. adirondak5

    PoolMath wont run after update.

    I tried to do the sideload but guess I'm not tech savvy enough , so I guess I'll have to wait as I don't want to mess my phone up anymore than it already is .
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    PoolMath wont run after update.

    The version of the app on my android phone is 3.0.8 , I assume thats the updated version , I do have an android tablet , a Nexus7 with version 3.0.6 of Pool Math app that is working fine . I disabled auto app updates on the tablet just incase it is the update causing this issue . Hopefully...
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    PoolMath wont run after update.

    OK , cleared data and cache , tried opening app about 2 dozen times , same thing , back to home screen with a notification window saying app not working .
  11. adirondak5

    PoolMath wont run after update.

    I uninstalled the app and reinstalled , still will not work , I did clear the cache , I am hesitant to clear data as I will lose all saved data . I was signed in with my TFP user name but as the app will not open I can't verify if I am still signed in on app .
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    PoolMath wont run after update.

    I'm having same issue with app on my android phone . I start app and it opens to blank screen for a second then goes back to phones home screen .
  13. adirondak5

    Pool Math App Setup

    Thanks for the replies folks ! I'll go with .7 lbs per day .
  14. adirondak5

    Pool Math App Setup

    Hi all , I am trying to set up the pool math app and have a question regarding the selection for the SWG cell . I have a Hayward AquaTrol RJ with a Turbo Cell T-5 , I don't see any listing for that cell on the pool math app's selection chart , any ideas on how to proceed ? Thanks .
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    Rusted pool wall

    Great job !
  16. adirondak5

    Pool Fill

    Measure your flow rate at your bibs , see how long it takes to fill a 5 gallon pail , then you can figure how many gallons per minute , then figure gallons per hour . Divide your pools capacity by your gallons per hour calculation and that should give you a rough estimate .
  17. adirondak5

    Using Speedstir with TF-100 cylinders

    #1 - yes , the TF100 cylinders fit the Speed Stir just fine . #2 - I bought a few spare stir bars , I use one exclusively for the chlorine test in case of staining , but that's just me .
  18. adirondak5

    Hoping to set up ABG today

    It will be worth it , good prep work makes for a well setup and safe pool . When you are all done and enjoying the pool you can take pride in your work
  19. adirondak5

    Bottom rail coming apart

    When I set up my ABG pool , once I had the bottom rails all laid out and perfect (diameter and circumference) I staked the rails on the outside , 2 stakes for each rail . They did not move when the wall was installed . I removed stakes when top rails and caps were on and water was going in ...
  20. adirondak5

    New House, New Pool, What Test Kit

    TF 100 is a great kit , you would also need a salt test kit , the Taylor K1766 is accurate and easy to use . The Taylor speed stir is also something to think about , makes testing all the more easier . Congrats on the new house/pool .
  21. adirondak5

    Looking for a slight robot upgrade

    I've got a Dolphin E10 , its great , the filter basket is a cinch to clean out . I love mine .
  22. adirondak5

    New Addition - Dolphin E10

    Now that I've run Rowby for a few cycles I thought I'd give a little more in depth review . I'll start off with I would purchase this again in a heart beat . I plug it in , hit the start button and pool is spotless 1 1/2 hr later , doesn't get stuck at the ladder , cord doesn't twist up , filter...
  23. adirondak5

    New Addition - Dolphin E10

    Picked up a 50 gal deck box to store Rowby when not using , got the tracks set on 1x1's to keep brush from flattening . It also doubles as a bench seat when lid is closed and there's still plenty of room for other gear .
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    New Addition - Dolphin E10

    Yes , that's it , you spelled it better than me
  25. adirondak5

    New Addition - Dolphin E10

    They decided Roeby , I asked if they mean Robby as in Robby the robot , they said no , just Roeby (I'm not sure of how to spell it)
  26. adirondak5

    New Addition - Dolphin E10

    Just got a Dolphin E10 , its running its first cycle right now . With 3 grandsons permanently with me and the wife and a Douglas Fir and a Sassafras tree near the pool I found myself spending a good amount of time vacuuming the pool (even though its a small pool). This thing works pretty darn...
  27. adirondak5

    New Install/New Member

    Pool is filled , cleaning up and putting some pond stone around it . Added salt and stabilizer and liquid chlorine until the CYA #'s were up and water temp came up a bit before turning SWG on . Here's this mornings #'s with the TF-100 FC- 8 CC- .5 TC- 8.5 ? ( do you add the FC and CC to...
  28. adirondak5

    Let's See Your Test Kit!

    I got a few from Zoro Tools , 8oz capacity for $4.50 each IIRC
  29. adirondak5

    Test Kit Container Solution

    Very nice !
  30. adirondak5

    New Install/New Member

    Thanks Casey :)