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  1. Nectarologist

    Jandy lights burnt out - looking to replace

    Hi. I have two Jandy LED lights (pro series I believe). Last year they were out of sync (one was one color while the 2nd light was a different color yet both would rotate colors). This year one burnt out (see picture that is more black) and now the second one lights very very low and...
  2. Nectarologist

    What to use to shade coping for drinks

    Hi. I'm looking to get something that I can use to shade a small area of coping so my phone and drinks stay out of direct sunlight. Any suggestions? I couldn't really find anything.
  3. Nectarologist

    Adding MA while SWCG is on?

    Hi. I know not to mix muriatic acid and bleach / chlorine but what about adding MA with the SWCG running? I just installed a Circupool and thought of this as I went to add MA. I slowly pour the MA in front of one of the returns (where the chlorine comes out, of course). I'd rather not turn my...
  4. Nectarologist

    enclosure for swag?

    Hi. I just installed a RJ45 and it's in a location that will get direct sunlight for several hours per day. I was thinking maybe I should put it in an enclosure. Like a sprinkler control box but it'd need to be larger. Thoughts? If so where to get one.
  5. Nectarologist

    wrinkle in liner & a leak

    Hi. Upon opening I noticed a long wrinkle in my liner in the shallow end. I also have a leak. I thought it was at the light but it's not and I've yet to get in to find it. I tried letting the water go down low to find the leak but it got to only about 1.5 feet of water and I wasn't...
  6. Nectarologist

    why salt test strips

    Hi. I would like to know why people here recommend salt test strips over the liquid solution test kit? The test strips for other analytes are no good so why is salt okay? I assume b/c we're looking for a good estimate whereas pH and others require a more precise measurement?? Thanks for the...
  7. Nectarologist

    Leak advice on how to detect

    Hi. I know my pool is leaking either at the liner or the lights (Jandy led) since the pool was winterized and is still plugged up. I thought it was one of the Jandy lights as the cover was a bit lose. I filled it back up but the water leaked out again. The cover is on and I'm looking for...
  8. Nectarologist

    What do you do with your pool noodles at the end of season

    So since pool noodles are easily found in the dollar store I have typically thrown them out after each swimming season. After all the sun and kids biting them, they are ready to retire. This time I finally got smart and put them to use. I was going to use one as a "bumper" on the garage wall...
  9. Nectarologist

    mesh safety cover over grass, any experience?

    Hi. Does anyone have a mesh safety cover (Loop Loc type) that goes over any grass around their pool? I want to know if the grass dies over the winter because of it. I assume so but since it's mesh maybe it vents better than I think it would? If I'm going to have to reseed or resod each spring I...
  10. Nectarologist

    Trading bleach for MA w/ a SWG?

    Hi. I was planning on getting a SWG but have some reservations about needing to add muriatic acid. It seems some people are adding it a lot. Am I saving that much time with the SWG if I need to be concerned about the pH, and going to buy it like I do bleach? As it is now my pH was balanced at...
  11. Nectarologist

    Raypak display screen sometimes blank

    Hi I have a Raypak natural gas heater (266k btu, model P-R266-A-EN-C). The digital display is not displaying at times. I've seen it happen 3 times in the past month. Does anyone have any insight as to an impending issue that I can correct now (before it costs more later). Everything works...
  12. Nectarologist

    SWCG witout automation still worth it?

    Hello. I am looing to add a SWCG next spring when I open the pool. I don't have automation and don't want it (actually don't want to spend the money...I'd love it). From what I understand without the automation I can only increase in 10% or 20% increments (don't remember which one). Is it worth...
  13. Nectarologist

    Outdoor BBQ finished

    Hi. I was debating since last year if I should build my own BBQ or not and in the end I did not. That being said I wanted to post to show how it was built. I had grading considerations so that played a big part in my decision. If you have level ground and are handy you can do it for sure...
  14. Nectarologist

    Hose from build sticking out of ground

    Hi. I'm getting ready to finish the area around my pool that was built last year and the hose that was put underground in the deep end (to pump water out if need be I suppose) is still sticking out of the ground. Do I need this for the future (should I cut it and plug it)? Or can I just cut and...
  15. Nectarologist

    kitchen location ideas please

    Hi. I'm finishing my backyard next month and I need to decide where to put my grill and counter. I'm having a 9' long grill area built coming off the house to the right of the patio door (straight at you as you look at the picture). Then another 9' bar/counter area will be going to the right as...
  16. Nectarologist

    Draining pool water to lower CH

    Hi. I know I need to drain and refill but my question is how much of the pool can I drain without jeopardizing the liner? It's only a year old & is in fine shape. Not sure if this is the correct forum but it's chem balancing so I figured I'd start here. My water softener broke when I started...
  17. Nectarologist

    temporary decking / patio for new build

    Hello. What have you used for temporary decking / patio around your new in ground? Of course I have all dirt now and was thinking of using 2'x8' plywood covered with turf/grass carpet so I can go from my deck to the pool without getting our feet (and the pool) muddy. I didn't see this covered...
  18. Nectarologist

    debris cover

    Hello. My wife would like to skip the solar cover on our almost complete 16x32 ig vinyl liner pool. I'm fine with that but I liked that it kept debris on the cover, out of the pool. Are there any good cover type things that can help me keep leaves out? Thanks!
  19. Nectarologist

    Turned the water on today, almost done

    I'm having a 16x32 vinyl liner pool installed (48" walls in the shallow end). One end liner covered steel steps and the other end a roman shaped bench (jets on stairs and bench). The liner was delivered this afternoon and installed. Turned the hose on and it's wait time. There are 2 led...
  20. Nectarologist

    Lamp post?

    i am currently having an IG pool being built. My questions is should I have a lamp post installed or is this just a magnet for bugs? I'll have 2 led lights in the pool but I'm thinking for outside on the deck area (which I plan to have grass). Thanks, Chris