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    AQua Rite Flo Switch Bad?

    I am curious, what makes a glx-flo switch go bad in an aquarite? What is the mechanism that closes and allows current flo? Suddenly today i am getting a flashing "no flo" I pulled it and it has some build up grime, ,very fine which i rubbed off with a finger, reinstalled, no change. If i pull...
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    Pentair Rebel Tires...Pentair 360287 Rebel Tire Kit

    Found a set on Amazon for about 60 bucks , seems reasonable> but wanted to check and see if there were any other options i might not be finding that are better value. Thanks
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    Can i retroFit a VS to a whisperflow housing?

    Im East south East of Phoenix about 25 miles. I have a pentair WhisperFlow: single speed 1.5 HP i believe. Ive replaced the motor with a rebuilt about 2 years ago.(Perrys Pool pump Phoenix) I also have one a neighbor tossed: Ive...
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    best source QuickClean #3 pop ups?(and tool)

    Helping a friend fix a few things with their Shasta pool(phoenix), several of the pop ups are broken and we have been told they are QuickClean #3 . They have two slots. Where do you suggest we can find the best price on these(or comparable/compatible, if there is options). Also, it seems there...
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    Ionizer to replace aquarite ?

    I didn't see a forum specific to ionizers . Apologies if this is in the wrong place. I have and aging aqua-rite system with a salt cell(t-15) that is likely going to maybe make it through summer( #2 cell). Before i purchase a new cell, ive seen some information on Ionizers , and im wondering...
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    HTH sand in Phoenix/Gilbert

    Need to replace 500LBS and form a thread here it seems HTH is the best sand, BUT i cannot find it anywhere in my area ( Local Ace carries a #20 Silica Sand ). Here is the sand that came out of the filter: i want to make sure what goes in will work best. Several pool stores carry #20 Silica as...
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    Hayward S310T: New Multiport and sand or( zeobrite)

    Phoenix metro, 11K gallon saltwater 1 HP whisper flow. after 8 years(yeeees without a sand change) my S310T has not been filtering well. Multi-port valve has developed some cracking in several spots as well. I removed the "head" today and found the the down-tube of the distributor was also...