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  1. douglasj76

    Buying used Aquabot Turbo Classic

    I ended picking it up. Looks brand new. Ran it for about an hour. Works very well. Climbs walls no problem. Anyone else have one that they want to share their experience?
  2. douglasj76

    Buying used Aquabot Turbo Classic

    Found one on Facebook. Claims that it is a 2014 model and only used twice. Looks brand new in the pics and I can pick it up for $300 tomorrow morning. Would be using it on a 15x30 AGP. Should I do it?
  3. douglasj76

    New Pool Heater Mastertemp 400 not working. no regulator on gas line.

    How long is the gas line to the heater, what size is it, and what is the service pressure your entire house runs at? Also do your other gas appliances have regulators on them?
  4. douglasj76

    Closing new Pentair 125 heater

    I have the same heater. Look in your instruction manual and it tells you how to winterize it. If you don't have them you can go to the pentair website and download them. I pulled the pressure switch out for the winter, turned the switch to off, and there is no drain plug.
  5. douglasj76

    15x30 cover

    Can someone reccomend a decent winter cover. I'm OK if it just lasts the winter then I toss it in the spring. Just want to make sure it lasts the winter tho. Pretty good amount of leaves and snow will be on it.
  6. douglasj76

    ~ Rusted Galvanized Gas Pipe Replacement ~

    It comes with directions on how to cut the correct depth. Only thing the chamfer tool does is round the cut edge. I did it without the tool. If you want complete confidence buy the tool as well.
  7. douglasj76

    ~ Rusted Galvanized Gas Pipe Replacement ~

    The product my local plumbing supply sold me was made by honeywell. It is made of steel, flexible, and just slips right on to the PE pipe. Just like a shark bite fitting for a water line. You just cut the end of the PE pipe square, and use a chamfer tool to smooth out the cut and the riser just...
  8. douglasj76

    ~ Rusted Galvanized Gas Pipe Replacement ~

    Same here. I bought a roll at my local plumbing supply with the risers. This stuff if very easy to work with. In fact it was the easiest part of my install. If the run is not long, best to dig and just redo it.
  9. douglasj76

    ~ Rusted Galvanized Gas Pipe Replacement ~

    This run won't ever rot
  10. douglasj76

    ~ Rusted Galvanized Gas Pipe Replacement ~

    I would dig until you find the joint. Then dig enough to get a couple wrenches around it and separate that last pice. I'm not sure how long the run is but if it was me I would dig up the whole run and replace with poly pipe and proper risers. Looks like a fun project tbh. Here's the run I did...
  11. douglasj76

    Help with Draining solutions!

    Are you able to trench to a drain / gutter downspout? The trench don't have to be that deep, and you can probably dig one in a few hours, or create a French drain. You definetly have options. Digging ain't fun but luckily you won't have to dig deep. I would just do it. Then when it's done you...
  12. douglasj76

    Intex as a brand

    That's what I would be afraid of. I once saw a 80 ft oak tree fall on a 27 ft above ground pool in a storm. Incredible all the water.
  13. douglasj76

    Intex as a brand

    I never priced one out... So I figured it would be price. It's funny I see really nice setups with people spending $$$$ on landscaping, decks, etc and a very inexpensive pool.
  14. douglasj76

    Intex as a brand

    I see so many pool owners in here that choose this brand for their above ground pools. What is the reason? To me they seem like a cheap brand. Are they really that great of a value compared to other brands? Especially when you get into large sizes... Wouldn't you want something with more...
  15. douglasj76

    New AG pool owner

  16. douglasj76

    Hayward Heater Problem...unresolved

    Glad you got it figured out.
  17. douglasj76

    AGP getting built

    Easiest way is to install tapatalk app on your smart phone and post through there. Very easy to add pics.
  18. douglasj76

    AGP getting built

    Shouldn't be a problem. PICS PLEASE
  19. douglasj76

    Hayward Heater Problem...unresolved

    Does it have a pressure safety switch?
  20. douglasj76

    Well, this is adios...

    Goodluck. You may be back though. Grandkids like to swim too.
  21. douglasj76

    Non stop rain filling pool almost to coping

    There really is no exact answer. Just depends on how much rain you get. Drain enough so the skimmer can function properly, keep an eye on the chlorine level by testing it once / twice a day and sumpliment with additional liquid chlorine as needed.
  22. douglasj76

    My pool is a disaster 😢

    Just curious. When you had your water test what was the cya level? Also start using liquid chlorine from here on out. No more powder or pucks.
  23. douglasj76

    Outdoor Speaker Questions

    Flowerpot speakers are cool too.
  24. douglasj76

    help me buy a new pump!

    We are running a Waterway 1.5 HP 2 speed pump for our 15x30 oval and love it. Quiet on low speed and powerful on hi speed for vacuuming / general quick cleaning of debris.
  25. douglasj76

    Hayward Heater, possible to add thermostat

    Just keep track of the temp with a thermometer in the water.
  26. douglasj76

    At what point do you decide to repair vs replace?

    I have that same heater and I am very happy with it. Good choice.
  27. douglasj76

    New Pool Build In Longview, TX

    That looks fantastic
  28. douglasj76

    Electrical Question

    I installed my own transfer switch I got from home depot. It was about $250 and works perfect. I would recommend installing that with a generator hookup that you can install outside.
  29. douglasj76

    Pump and heater on the same 50amp line?

    To me is looks like you will need to run an additional / larger line. Does this line go underground? Or is it close to the house?