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    Aquarite Intermittent Output

    @OP, you're in San Diego and right now the water temp is too cold for the swg to produce CL. Low temp also has an impact in reporting the actual salt level. Fyi, I turn off the swg during cold months and use bleach or tablet CL as an alternative to keep the water chemistry in check. From...
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    Check Salt & Inspect Cell Lights Flashing- Control Panel or Cell ??

    If you are certain the cell was plugged into the receptacle all the way in, then not much you can do to prevent this from happening. If you can solder, you can replace the CP Header with this Molex 15-24-6101 I went cheap and bought this instead and it worked. I did not get the chance to...
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    Do you run your heater to make CL with your SWG in the winter?

    Any logical reason other than chlorine demand is lower during cold months? Would there be an impact on the cell to force produce CL at <50°F
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    Hayward Swim Pure Plus system with T-cell-9-SWP troubleshooting

    @OP, sorry not trying to hijack… No, not at all. Feel free to take ownership and mod any useful images I posted in here. The coil side of the added K4 relay is soldered onto J3 pads and is secured in place via pin headers. Please note; The K4 Relay mod is limited to the glx-pcb-rite with sw...
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    Hayward Swim Pure Plus system with T-cell-9-SWP troubleshooting

    I did. I got tired of replacing the thermistor to my 6 year old board. I don’t think Hayward or its authorized service center would do such a thing. I used the $12 PICkit3 programmer to copy the r1.59 firmware from my spare pcb and flashed it over to the r1.55 pcb. The relay is made by Omron...
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    Hayward Swim Pure Plus system with T-cell-9-SWP troubleshooting

    Couldn’t agree more with James. You already have the newest sw r1.59 which is more reliable. Upgrading the older pcb to r1.59 is meaningless without retrofitting a K4 Relay as shown below. In this example, the K4 relay was mounted sideways in place of the non-existent K3 on the pcb. If you...
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    Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite Issues (Solid Check Salt / Inspect Cell)

    Yes, the thermistor can fail but none has been reported yet from r1.59 users. Anyone? Thanks Allen. That was well-written and not sure how I missed that! There is a wealth of knowledge that is very informative and useful. Hope it makes its way to the "Sticky" If it matters, I found the below...
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    Hayward Goldline Aqua Rite Issues (Solid Check Salt / Inspect Cell)

    I was informed by some reliable sources that the thermistor (current suppressor) on a glx-pcb-rite with sw r1.59 is not likely to fail and so far, none is reported across the board. Cell vs PCB: Make sure the current is making its way to the cell connector. Disconnect the cell from the pcb. The...
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    Hayward Aqua Trol LCD Not Showing All Digits

    ^...this. Have you seen an ancient calculator or DVM LCD with missing segments? Most likely, the zebra connector between the LCD and PCB is shot. A simple and easy fix but can get worse if you are not technically inclined. You will have to remove the 3 screws in the back to get access and...
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    Need help with plaster spotting or etching

    Last time I gently slide the magnet along the bench which is within arms reach. Next, I tied the magnet on a string, dropped it on the bottom and gently pull the string. To my disappointment, the results are inconclusive. The spots are no more than 1/4" and some are sitting close to each other...
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    Need help with plaster spotting or etching

    Yes Sir, old plaster was chip out completely. I have a 1" magnet pulled from a busted speaker but it didn't pick anything. I am at a loss but indeed, I thank you all for your responses
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    Need help with plaster spotting or etching

    Hi Cd. Yes and no. I wish this is a case of rusty metal fragments bleeding out. As observed, it looks like the brown spots are embedded in the plaster. 1. There are a couple of areas on the bottom of the pool in the shallow end where exposed rebars were cut and patched. And another one on the...
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    Need help with plaster spotting or etching

    I wasn't sure about the nodules but thank you for the link. I trust my own testing but Leslies is my preferred source for MA @31.45%. Today I brought samples and posted the results below vs taylor test in post# 3. I mentioned about the scattered brown spots and without hesitation, she said it...
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    Need help with plaster spotting or etching

    Thank you onBalance for chiming in, much appreciated. Indeed, first I thought it was some kind of metal shavings but a speaker magnet did not pick any microscopic particles. From what I observed, the scattered brown spots are raised and scrubbing them with a sharpening stone makes them level to...
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    Need help with plaster spotting or etching

    Hi Allen, thank you for the response. I have been regularly lurking this forum ever since I inherited an old pool 4 years ago and I knew this is coming. Today's K-2006 test results: FC = 6 CC = 0 pH = 7.6 TA = 80 CH =450 CYA =60 Salt =3200 Borates = 0 (never use) CSI = -0.07 Water temp = 80°F...
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    Need help with plaster spotting or etching

    Last year, our pool with raised spa received a new plaster and the water chemistry stays in check using the tfp method, since. About 3 months ago, the spa developed some unsightly brown spots at the bottom and the surface became rough like sandpaper. There is no noticeable plaster discoloration...
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    no display

    I have been successfully repairing AQR bds for many years and I refuse to remain silent on this. If the incoming AC feed is configured properly, the voltage between the two yellow wires should read 24 volts AC. Quick troubleshooting: 1. make sure the incoming AC feed is configured properly 2...
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    Hayward Aqua-rite Salt Water Chlorine Generator Thermistor Fix?

    Saw the pic on the left posted here somewhere. So I kindly asked a more knowledgeable friend to do the same to my r1.55 pcb. He told me that the newest pcb with firmware r1.59 had indeed, addressed the dreaded thermistor failure. He decided to upgrade the firmware to r1.59 and soldered a relay...
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    Aquarite - Diagnose & Troubleshoot your own Main Board

    at some point, I was on the same boat as you U13 is MAX809JTRG, Digi-Key MAX809JTRGOSCT-ND U14 is correct MIC2514, Digi-Key 576-1085-1-ND hope this helps