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    Need advice on test results

    The last month has me adding acid weekly to bring pH down to 7.8. Is there anything else I should Target? FC 8.0 pH 8.2 TA 60 CH 270 CYA 50
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    DPD powder looking purple

    MY DPD powder is starting to look purple in the container. I guessing I should replace it, but what made this happen so I can avoid in the future.Thanks !
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    Leak help needed

    I noticed this leak this am. Pressure is slightly lower then usual. I left message for pool guy, hoping he can come by on Monday. Is there anything I can do in the meantime?
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    Replacement for Spa controls??

    We have a 25 yr old plaster pool with attached spa. The spa has an in ground ( attached pic) control that could filter spa , turn on heat, turn on blowers. Turning on and off blower was ideal . There is also a panel in the house that could do the same. Neither has worked for about 8 yrs. options...
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    Treat phosphates before early closing?

    This is my first yr with TFP ,and thanks to everyone’s help, I have gone from a green opening to a crystal clear pool all summer! From the day we opened, the water has read 5400 ppb of phosphates. Because of an extended vacation, and no one to tend the pool,we will close the week of 9/10. I’m...
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    Cantilever deck edging material

    The material( plastic/vinyl) between the cantilever deck and tile is crack or missing in my 25yr old plaster pool. Beside a total renovation what is the best, most cost effective way to make this look better. - - - Updated - - -
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    Tiles off

    I am new to TFP this season. Helped to clear my green pool quickly. After the water cleared, 4 tiles were off under the spa spillover. Brushing the spa, has knocked 3 tiles off from inside the spa. Is this due to water chemistry, or just age? I guess I need to wait until I lower the water to repair?
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    Pool spa jet trouble

    Pool with attached spa,20+ yr old. Last 2 yrs ,when filtering in spa mode ( heater on ) the jets did not have much presure . If I run the blower it’s fine, but with blower on it is very noisy. If I run on recirculate ,the jets are good without the blowers. Question...Can I run on recommend...
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    New to TFP

    We have a pool for 20+ yrs, maintained by pool store instructions... Tired of spending $$$$! Got a TAylor 2005 C test kit and 8 gallons of liquid chlorine from pool store. pool guy opened pool , found my chlorine and dumped in 3 gallons! Ran pump over nite and had to backwash today.Tested water...