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  1. Blowout

    Aquabot Turbo T just died

    Well the pump just went on the Turbo T about 2 weeks ago. The pump stopped working. I disassembled teh pump motor tried changing out the capacitors, but when I bench tested it the magic smoke left the motor and that was that. I wasn't sure if I should replace the motor or look into a new bot...
  2. Blowout

    Calculate amount liquid acid to liquid chlorine?

    I've just installed a Stenner pump/tank for chlorine dispense and everything is working fine. Running 15 min/day with fixed rate pump and free chlorine is stable at 5ppm. Still have to manually add liquid acid regularly so looking to automate that as well and in the information gathering phase...
  3. Blowout

    Liquid pool cover

    I came across Heatsavr liquid pool cover and picked some up to try... so far no difference in temperature. Thought the skimmer might remove the product from the system, but according to the manufacturer a 25% added amount should create equilibrium and the skimmer will not effect performance...
  4. Blowout

    1/2" line to Liquidator

    Has anyone installed a 1/2" line to their liquidator? Reason I'm asking is because I have a variable speed pump and a bypass valve to eliminate the heater from the flow path. With the 3/8" line to the Liquidator and the bypass open eliminating the back pressure created by the heater, the...
  5. Blowout

    Acid dispenser

    Looking for a way to automate the dispensing of acid in the pool. Seems I have to add HCL 2x a week to keep the pH correct. What are the best options?
  6. Blowout

    Water level after remodel

    After a replumb and replaster we notice the water level drops about 2" every 4 days even with the cover on and autofill running constantly (it just dribbles of course). It's been about 5 weeks since filling it up. Is this much water absorbtion by the new plaster typical this long after a...
  7. Blowout

    Rust stains on new plaster

    New 3m quarts plaster (Colorscape) has rust spots and streaks. Looks like what ever caused them was trowled into the plaster. They showed up right after filling and havent reduced in intensity over the past 3 weeks. The PB looked at it today and said a high a high acid startup will take them...
  8. Blowout

    SPA jets flow water but no bubbles

    Just had the whole pool replumbed and plastered. Hooked up the SPA jet pump today and found only one jet had bubbles coming out. After priming the system fully, no bubbles are coming out of any of the jets. Any thoughts on what the issue might be? thanks in advance...
  9. Blowout

    Smoked salmon receipe

    I've used this receipe about 50 times and it seems to please most people...especially when it just comes off the smoker and served with some flatbread crackers. Nothing too difficult or time consuming...just the way it should be. Atlantic salmon has been at a great price recently ($4-5/lb in...
  10. Blowout

    Jacuzzi air intake have a special termination screen?

    Just had the pool replumbed and the jacuzzi air intake for the jets was upgraded to a 1 1/2" pipe running back to the pad. Previously I had a 1" pipe that just had a couple of 90* turns so the terminating pipe was aimed down and nothing else. Now that there is a 1 1/2" pipe, I'm more concerned...
  11. Blowout

    SWG and travertine

    Any thoughts about a SWG with a travertine deck? I have read elsewhere mixed results on whether the travertine will hold up. If someone has experience, it would be appreciated. We have travertine going in and I'm scratching my head which way to go to chlorine the pool. thanks, Phill
  12. Blowout

    Polymeric sand with pavers

    Any thoughts of using polymeric sand on travertine pavers around the pool deck? I read it can reduce the sand from tracking in the pool and better seal water from getting under the stone. On the down side I heard it might leave a film on the stone.
  13. Blowout

    Waterways 525 cartridge filter

    Anybody have a Waterways Crystal Water 525 cartridge filter they can comment on? I am thinking about getting one. It's about $100 less than a Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 520. Thanks for any input!
  14. Blowout

    Step marker tile question

    When accent tiles are used on the steps are 2" tiles used more often than say 1". I'm referring to when the tile are placed single and spaced apart. We need to order the tile this week. Going with 6" tile around the perimeter. Thanks for any input!
  15. Blowout

    The remodel begins!

    Things to do: Demo pool remove all existing aggregate deck and patio area Replaster with Colorscape New tile 5cm bullnose travertine coping Travertine pavers, French pattern 1,200 sqft - Kale blend Add travertine pathway on side of house leading to pool, includes new pad New plumbing to pad...
  16. Blowout


    Finally.... In Flicker- click the SHARE button above the pic Choose the BBcode Copy and paste the string into the post and delete all but the highlighted portion as shown below.
  17. Blowout

    Filter flow rates

    Doing some research on the lowest head loss for a large capacity quad cartridge filter. I plan to replace my undersized StaRite. I was going to go Jandy CV580 until I compared the specs to other brands. Attached are the flow rates from the companies filter manuals. The Waterways doesn't have a...
  18. Blowout

    Plumbing a remodel

    Ready to pull the trigger on a remodel of the pool. The equipment pad will be a good 40+ feet from the pool/spa. Sorry upfront for the long winded list of questions...most likely they are covered somewhere in the forum, but I haven't found them yet. Pool/spa is going to be replumbed and I...
  19. Blowout

    Pool overhaul

    New to the forum....stumbled across it when doing some research on setting up pool equipment. We're doing a complete pool and deck renovation in the next few weeks and would like to get some input. I'll post up questions under the correct topic areas. Thanks for the forum and looking forward to...