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  1. stever

    Wall Whale or Wall Whale XL?

    A bit late, but I wanted to weigh in. I had the original Wall Whale and liked it. As it seemed like a 1st generation product, it was a standard brush with the tail screwed down into it. I loved it, but eventually the plastic part of the brush all came apart and it was gone -- probably lasted...
  2. stever

    Slippery concrete

    I have tried 2 different products for this and while they helped some, the deck is still very slippery. Don't put on too much, it'll start to show white-ish on a darker deck. Sand may work... maybe I'll try that next time. My folks had a similar stamped deck put in but did not have it...
  3. stever

    Backyard Landscaping Project - Final Pics!

    Thank you -- I have not been on in a while, but things have grown in nicely. I put a patio cover similar to the one next to the house on the high patio above the pool. I put shade cloth on it and it works well. I tried some 'outside' shades to keep the sun out or our eyes in the afternoon...
  4. stever

    New Indoor Pool

    Pool will be dug in this area this week..... then shotcreted, then the rest of the building built around it. [attachment=0:9lrqqj8w]SSPX0416 low.jpg[/attachment:9lrqqj8w]
  5. stever

    New Indoor Pool

    Thank you and I agree -- I have recommended a cover for just those reasons. There is a constant breeze from the west (windows in west face of building) and opening skylights in the roof. The hope is that this will allow for a constant turning of the air to keep it from getting too humid. Of...
  6. stever

    New Indoor Pool

    You might remember me from my pool build a few years ago -- thank you again for all of the advice. My father in now in the process of building a pool house with an indoor pool (North of San Diego). The idea is that it will stay cleaner and warmer -- the warmth allowing year-round use without...
  7. stever

    cracked concrete during stamp process - help!!

    These are shrinkage cracks. While they will not harm the strength of the concrete significantly, they are unsightly and may get a little longer. All concrete cracks, but the correct mix design and placement of control joints (usually tooled into the concrete, but sometimes cut) will minimize...
  8. stever

    The kids' feet

    Used to happen to us as kids at the beginning of the season (plaster pool). After a few days the toes toughened up. Our kids now get cuts/etc on their feet - sometimes the tops. I think it's from climbing out in the deep end (not at the 'ledge') They must be climbing up the side a bit. What...
  9. stever

    Pool Quote Feedback

    Very interesting skimmer! It is a pressure-side skimmer. Note the suction line is OPTIONAL :shock: . I'd like to know how well this works. If somebody covers the return does it spit all of the collected bugs/dirt backwards into the pool? Steve
  10. stever

    Backyard Landscaping Project - Final Pics!

    Thank you Chakara, Cobra46 and dd50! I will try some CLR, can't hurt at this point (unless it takes the sealer off the patio...) The staining is from before patio and before gutters. The rain would splash dirt (with some staining clays) olto the stucco. I have tried to pressure wash it with...
  11. stever

    Pool Quote Feedback

  12. stever

    Pool Quote Feedback

    Welcome! Sounds like a great pool. Jason answered all of your questions, but a I'll add a little: With the low pump speeds that are more common these days I am in favor of fewer (one) skimmer. I have one and it doesn't really suck much surface 'stuff' under 30 gpm. With the grotto, it'll be...
  13. stever

    Pump, DE questions

    Unless you like to have the wiz-bang do-dads of the VF, the VS will do you just fine. IMHO DE is the way to go as well, though there are plenty of happy pool owners with sand and cart. I'd let it be. Steve
  14. stever

    Backyard Landscaping Project - Final Pics!

    Re: Backyard Landscaping Project - Almost Final Pics! Ok, it's been 3 months since hte last pics and things have grown in nicely. The patio cover was finished (fans installed) and the pool is being used again this year. I thought I'd post a few updated pictures now that there isn't as much...
  15. stever

    owner builder in socal

    It's an automated valve right after the pump that only opens partway to divert some water through a really short 3" dia. loop (and swing checkvalve) right back to the spa. It works well for getting the gmp up, but I'm not sure it's worth the trouble. You have to get the pump gmp and the valve...
  16. stever

    Painting concrete deck.....

    careful with the sealer -- very slippery. I have had the 'grit' put in it twice in 2 months and it's still a bit slippery. It has a texture, but beads the water so much it's always wet.... not like a basic sand-blasted concrete that the water soaks into. Steve
  17. stever

    Solar plumbing question

    Sounds like you described the water going through one bank and then down to the lower roof and through another. Even if it means more piping, get them in parallel, not series. I have what you decribe now and it takes a lot of pump to do not a whole lot. I am having it re-plumbed in parallel...
  18. stever

    owner builder in socal

    I have a single Pentair Intellifow VF pump with 8 spa jets. I have no spa jet 'heads' -- just a flush-cut pipe in the wall. It still has venturis and blows air as it should, just not adjustable. Nice that hey do not stick out into our backs. Either way... the 8 jets are almost too powerful...
  19. stever

    Stone - Other than River Rock - Need Beiges/Tans

    Be careful of smaller rocks like pea gravel, as a leaf-blower will fling them into your pool when you are cleaning up the trimmings from nearby grass or bushes. Steve
  20. stever

    owner builder in socal

    I'm not sure 2 outlets will do much for you. You won't notice the extra drains, but it will sure confuse the next owner. I think the main drains will work well for distributing the flow -- might also keep pool toys from falling into them... Instead, how about a few more wall retuens at a...
  21. stever

    owner builder in socal

    As Jason said - personal preference. We have them spread out to 6 seating positions at the middle of the back. Two of the 'positions' have two jets (lower and upper back) for a total of 8 jets. Recently somebody mentioned putting jets low for feet. I think this is a great idea and would do...
  22. stever

    Cleaning Intellichlor40

    Thanks -- It was a plastic coated hanger, so no sharp edges or metal exposed. I have to figure the acid does reduce the life -- thought even the manual says this....? I'll have to read again. Either way -- I do know that is the preferrred method. Yes, we did not have salt for a month. But...
  23. stever

    Newbie question about coping

    The only thing I can think of is the water line vs. the top of pool. With just a small wave, the water in my pool splashed the underside of the coping. If the 'wood' sticks out, these waves will probably cause water to splash under the wood. as the bottom of wood = top of tile = 3" above water...
  24. stever

    need new diving board

    S.R. Smith is a good board manufacturer. They make some boards that do not have a wood core. I don't know if they have any with more than a 250 lb rating -- check their web site. The board may get less stress with a more flexible mount to the deck..... Steve
  25. stever


    Wood pelet stoves can output a lot of heat and are auto-fed with thermostat control. With all of this and a good radiator.... maybe? I'm thinking of a radiator closer to that of an car or air-conditioner with lots of fins, etc.
  26. stever

    Cleaning Intellichlor40

    My pool was finished a bit over 9 months ago and has an IC40 SWCG. It worked great last season. Then it got cold and it shut off -- still fine. This season as the waster has warmed up I raised the percentage to keep the water balanced -- and raised it -- and raised it. OK something is wrong...
  27. stever

    Priming: Both Skimmer and Vac Line?

    You can prime the pump from either circuit. You just want a path for the water to come from and to go to. Once the pump is primed and the calce it turned to vac, some air may get sucked through that was in the pipes, but that should not cause the pump to loose prime. I would not try to prime...
  28. stever

    Floating Pool

    I respectfully disagree. For safety reasons, unless professionally shored, nobody should work beneath the pool to enlarge the hole. The weight of the deep end half of the pool alone could easily be 50,000 pounds of concrete. Also, gravel (like sand and dirt) needs to be installed in lifts and...
  29. stever

    Cracked pool deck by stair railing

    The cracks have started to widen -- usually an indication of corrosion (rust) of the rail sleeve. Without fixing this problem, any fix will be only temporary. A concrete repair professional could epoxy-inject the crack and there are some professional products available that are paint-on...
  30. stever

    Cheap (?) solar blanket from Home Depot/Lowes

    Blanket with heater always better than heater alone. Any amount of cover better than no cover. Covering the smaller pools not required, but the more covered the better. I have an odd-shaped pool also. To make the cover more managable, (and to allow better fit) I have cut it into four pieces...