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    pump timer broken again

    I've replaced two this summer alone. Seems to happen after storm /power surge. I just returned it to the store and they gave me another no questions asked......seems odd....the timer that controls my pool cleaner looks like the original install and is still going strong. both timers are in the...
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    Leaky backwash valve issue

    I had the same exact problem with my push/pullvalve...replaced mine with this updated design from pentair. as you can see they changed the top of the valve to a threaded on end cap instead of that dreaded set screw. ... 7Aod-xcA0g
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    Qn on backwash valve

    Sounds like you have the push/pull type of valve? post a pic if you can...I have the push/pull valve and it broke after 17 yrs of use....this is the one I replaced it with...It is the updated version by Pentair and is much improved over the early design valve. The multiport is nice to have...but...