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    Please help identify Eyeball Jet and suggest best replacement

    Please help identify Eyeball Jet and suggest best replacement
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    Black Algea Killer and Chlorine Consumption

    Is it normal for chlorine consumption to go through the roof when treating your pool with Black Algea Killer?
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    Taylor SpeedStir Holder

    I got tired of dropping the glas on the floor every time I was carrying the SpeedStir around, so I designed a holder for it. Feel free to use if you have a 3D printer:
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    Pool Heater Banging Sound

    My pool heater will make a loud banging sound on occasion indicating that the water inside is boiling. My initial finding is that my low pressure switch is not working correctly since I used to get a LO indication and the heater would turn off if I turn the outside bypass valve creating a low...
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    Help Identify Drain Cover

    Please help me Identify the following Drain Cover and if you know of a good replacement option, please let me know as well. Thanks!!
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    Pool Surface Failing or is this ok

    In the morning before the sun starts warming things up my pebble tec pool look wet around the edges. After an hour or two things dry and everything looks normal. Is this a sign that I need to resurface the pool or is it normal? Surface looks in good condition otherwise. This is not located to...
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    Funny drain plug?

    Is this some kind of pressure relief drain plug on my pool pump?
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    Venting Stenner Tank

    What is the best way to vent my Stenner Acid and Chlorine tanks? I initially used my pump line fail/overflow line in my chlorine setup as vent, but given that my pumps are enclosed in a box, It makes for a very corrosive environment. This I especially discovered when I set up my acid setup...
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    Question for the guys who buried their chlorine tanks in 100F+ environments

    How much of a temperature drop do you experience in a sandy environment 4 feet below surface where it is 100F+ above? Or have you measured the temperature of your chlorine during the day when its 100F+ above? I didn't have the option to dig down and I did a test over my first month with...
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    Pool Light Identify and Replacement Options

    Trying to identify my pool light and figure out what options I have. Still trying to figure out if I need to switch out just the bulb or the fixture. Light filled with water and threw the GFCI. Not 100% sure if the water is coming in from the front or rear. I emptied the light and it has been...
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    Controlling Stenner with a Flow Switch?

    I have a Stenner Econ T for Chlorine injection that I want to control with a flow switch. i am concidering using the following switch: but I haven’t been able to locate any specs on the switch. The Stenner...
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    Adjusting In Floor Pool Cleaners

    I have a question regarding my in floor A&A pool cleaners. 1. It says in the manual: "If your pool is equipped with a heater or salt chlorinator, make sure theheater bypass valve is adjusted properly and is not completely closed." Right now I am just running everything through my water heater...
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    AA In Floor Valve repair

    Before I start taking stuff apart I was wondering if anybody can tell me how the AA QuickStop is connected to the Upper Housing? From the pictures it almost looks like it is supposed to be glued in. Is that the case? Mine is leaking between the Upper Housing and the Quickstop.
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    When to ad chlorine (Stenner Pump)

    Just bought a Stenner Pump and have it currently set it up to ad chlorine in the middle of the night. I loose 3 ppm per day, so that’s what I ad every night. Question is, should I spread out the distribution to during the day as well so my variation in ppm is less? Right now I swing between...
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    Jandy Valve Partly Open

    If you look at the return lines in the 3 picture, the one going to the spa is partly open by turning the valve a couple of degrees clockwise. This is how I was told to set it, but since the flow is left to right in the horizontal pipe, wouldn’t it be better to turn it a few degrees counter...
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    In Floor Pop Ups Pool and Spa Combined

    Just moved to a new house with new pool. The way they plumbed the in floor cleaning system has me a bit puzzled. I have attached a url to imgur with description under some of the images. There are popups in the Pool as well as the Spa. All popups are connected to the same valve and cycle...
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    Slamming Target

    Sorry if this has been answered before, but is the recommended Slamming Target a max or a min for the process? My target is 31 PPM and my pool eats 9 PPM during daylight hours. In a perfect world I would ad every hour, but if that is not possible should I attempt to stay above?
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    Liquid Chlorine Injector Placement

    Will it hurt my in the floor cleaning system to have a Liquid Chlorine Injector placed before the "distributer/valve"?
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    Any Good deals on Drums for Stenner?

    Thinking about adding a Stenner System and couldn't find any good deals on Drums. I am thinking 15 gallons+ Any suggestions? Not running SWG, but could tell most Stenner questions looked to be in the SWG forum.
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    High Demand Pool with Spa and stream

    Not just getting started, but my first experience with a somewhat high maintenance pool. My Pool consists of a fairly large Spa overflowing into the pool via a stream/waterfalls. The pool is not much bigger than the spa. The entire setup is 11K Gallons. So a fairly large surface area and when...
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    TFP FC Targets seem high compared to other references

    Why is it that TFPs FC Targets seem high compared to other references? I have seen other recommendations saying to keep FC levels at 7.5% of CYA levels. With my CYA of 50% that would mean a target of 3.75PPM, but TFP recommends 6-8PPM. Also, if I bring a sample of my Pool water into Leslies @ 7...
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    Chlorinator Plumbing

    So my new pool has an inline chlorinator that has sprung a leak in the housing. I will need to either replace it or permanently bypass it. The current chlorinator is plumbed differently than I have seen before, so I need to decide what to do if I am to replace it. As you can see from the...
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    Pool Pump tripping breaker

    Just moved to a new house and getting to know my new pool. I am having a problem with the Pool Pump (Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump) tripping the breaker (15A Dual Pole AE-2936) about once every week. I am hoping its just a case of the breaker being slightly under-dimensioned. The pump...