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    How long can yellow algae live outside the pool?

    Just finished up the 24 hour high FC hold after completing SLAM. I realized that a part of my pool steps were removed to be able to move the stairs out of the way of deep cleaning. A part of the handles were exposed to algae water and should have probably been sanitized in the pool. I can’t find...
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    What's coming out of my return? (under water videos)

    After manually vacuuming, I turn off the pump to unseat the skimmer box lid. Then I kick the pump on, and this is what I see. If I backwash after I vacuuming, then I don't see this. I do find what I believe is sediment on the pool floor shortly after the pump kicks on. Links for videos showing...
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    SLAM question and general algae question

    Noticed some "junk" in the bottom of the pool the other day before I left for a 24 hour trip. FC level was normal, no CC. Topped off the FC to 6 (CYA is 30). When I came back the junk had become more widespread. Also noticed a yellow hue on the bottom of the pool. Nothing on the walls. FC was...
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    (Update) Sand (dirt?) in pool, any other cause besides busted lateral/lateral assembly?

    Saw what I am pretty sure was sand in pool. Put sock over return, no more sand or sediment so I replaced lateral assembly. Did not see anything wrong with old assembly, but replaced anyways. Less suspected sand but still a good amount around with the run time of about 6 hours. I figured this...
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    (Update!) Bubbles in pump basin and return when and only when vacuuming.

    As the title reads, only have bubbles out of run and in the pump basket/basin when vacuuming. I've always had the bubbles in the pump basin, and assumed it's normal. But recently I started noticing bubbles from the return. It takes several minutes of manually vacuuming before they start. To...
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    Sand filter and sand in pool (was this the issue?)

    I had my above ground pool installed last year. It came with a Hayward S180T sand filter. Since I got it, I’ve always noticed an amount of what I thought was sediment on the pool floor. Always coming back within 20-40 minutes after manually vacuuming. I convinced myself it was environmental. It...
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    Is this hose curve ok?

    The custom cut length hose was 33” but it leaked. Ordered a 3’ hose and this is the result. I want to do PVC at some point but the two ports don’t quite line up so it’s a future project. My pressure gauge reads exactly the same, but will this work until I change out lines way down the roar?
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    Clamp for AGP vacuum head

    The vacuum hose keeps slipping off the vacuum fitting. I would prefer to spend a few bucks for the right kind of stainless steel clamp or a plastic one, versus buying a new vacuum or hose. I found a Hayward stainless steel clamp, but who knows if it's a legit product. I would like to start...
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    Should more debris be sucked in by skimmer?

    Hey gals and guys... First, thank you all for your incredible help on this forum. I seriously can not express my gratitude for the help I have received by my own threads and reading other. We opened for the first time ever, and it was nice and clear! The issue I am having is that I feel like my...
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    Should solid cover touch water?

    When putting on winter cover, can the cover touch the water? I can see why you wouldn't want it to, but also trying to keep the cover off the water seems like it could be problematic. Once water and snow start to accumulate on the cover, wouldn't that put strain on the pool frame inward? Right...
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    How do you all secure pool pillow?

    So this is my first year closing a pool. I have an ABP and went out and bought a tractor tire tube to serve the purpose of a pillow. How do you all tie off your pillows? I purchased 3 tie down D-Rings and plan to bolt them to the rails and then secure the rope to those. I really don't want to...
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    Messed up my closing

    Wanted to close tomorrow but I shocked to late and I’m currently at about 12ppm FC and I wanted to add poly 60 tonight so it can mix till tomorrow. I’m assuming that FC level is to high for adding the poly. I could wait till my next day off but I’m read to be done for the year!
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    Confused about Poly and FC

    So I read a lot including the pool school stuff regarding closing but I need something clarified. So I see to slam the pool based on the CYA/FC chart a short time before closing and let the FC drift down. I also read that Poly 60 will kill chlorine and you have to recheck the FC before closing...
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    Quality AG pool cover

    Looking for some folks to suggest a quality winter cover. We just got our 24' this year and it came with a "Pool Essentials" brand cover as part of the kit. But if the cover is like the other same brand stuff that came in the kit, I am in trouble. Thanks!
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    Dumb question about return jets

    Can I purchase any aftermarket one I want? The one pictured is what I have, and it has a hollow rubber ball that acts as the jet. It doesn't allow the directional flow I want and I want something else. Didn't know if there were pressure concerns if the nozzle is smaller etc etc.
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    Can/How I attach PVC to skimmer and return?

    I know keeping all my equipment hooked up via hoses is not the right way to do it. So after just having my pool for 2 weeks, it's time I start looking to make the switch to PVC. I know all about the cutting, priming, gluing etc etc. I see most of my equipment has the female threads where a pvc...
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    New deck for AGP

    Hey all! So just two weeks ago we had a new above ground pool put in. The sales guy asked if we were going to build a deck for the pool in the future to which we said yes. He suggested a "beaded liner" so that's what we got. This week hopefully a new deck is going to be built and the question...
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    AGP steps

    We are having a deck built around our pool this week I hope. I've scanned the internet and have seen a few steps/staircases I like to exit/enter the pool. Wondering if anyone could give me an opinion on one they like? I don't need something huge, but I am looking for something sturdy and one...
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    Menards Muratic Acid

    The home improvement store Menards has "Sunnyside Muratic Acid" for $3.99 regular price and $3.00 sale price. It appears to be the real deal...can someone confirm...
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    How to measure CYA that is under 30ppm?

    Hey all, First thank you all for contributing so much information on this site. Thankfully I found this site before I paid an absurd amount of money for chemicals I did not need. So here is the deal. I learned from reading here that using those chlorine pucks add CYA which I don't want. So I...