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    What's your water temp?

    My cover is still white from the recent snow, so I would guess that it is COLD! :lol:
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    Off season upgrading

    Try a plumbing supply house such as Ferguson Enterprises, INC. I would guess that they would have a shop within 30 miles of your can check here: web] ... ergusoninc [/web]
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    Pool Sliding Down Hill?

    Mary, Which Branch of the Military? I am retired Marine Corps. I hope all is well with your husband while he is gone. I've been there and done that. So has my wife. As for your pool, might I also suggest the following to add to the long list of good suggestions. Contact the Chesapeake...
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    Ideas anyone?

    There is a resin based bullnose that would work wonders on this problem. It is waterproof, flexible and does not split or cause splinters. It is paintable or stainable. I have used it in both commercial and residental applications, inside and outside, in both curved and flat applications. I...
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    Help on pump and filter size and Solar heating

    Hmm, I must be misunderstanding the curve chart on the pump!! It is the max head that I have been worried about and why I was thinking the 1HP 2 Speed pump. When looking at the sand filters, I noticed that the Sand Dollar filter SD40would turn the pool over 3 times in just over 12 hours. But...
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    Help on pump and filter size and Solar heating

    My wife and I will (hopefully) be ordering our pool on Monday or Tuesday. It is the 16’X24’X54” Artesian Echo Canyon II AGP. However we are having an issue on the Pump and filter size. The retailer wants to sell a Pentair’s 22in Sand Filter and a 2HP single speed pump with the pool...
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    DE in sand filter

    Nope, I am not sorry in the least! It is something to think about though. I too have learned alot from this thread and am grateful for all that has been shared. Now I have read else where about people using "skimmer socks". How small of a particle do they capture? It has been fun and...
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    DE in sand filter

    Thanks! I will keep this in mind. If all goes well, (putting together the correct equipment package) then I will be ordering a pool next monday. So this is definitely something to keep in mind. Again, Thanks!! Todd
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    I'm a newbie with a pic !

    Nice pool and welcome to the forum. As far as North Carolina is concerned.....I found it to be one of the better places that I have lived! I still like to vacation down there. both the outer banks and grandfather mountain area.
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    DE in sand filter

    How does the DE help or work in a sand filter?
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    can't say that I have.....but I will imbibe in most any drink at least once....
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    Advice needed on Leveling with Sand

    I also had no choice but to build up the area where my pool will go. It was recommended that I use limestone sand. You may recognize by another name, but I recognized it as the material that I have always seen used as the footings for retaining walls. it is easy to use, packs well and is rock...
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    Thanks for this info concerning the nature 2 system. I am about to purchase an Echo Canyon II, 16'X24'X54" AGP from artesian and the two of the "packages" comes a nature 2 system. As such I was wondering what it did and if it was worth it. I see that many feel it isn't! Again, thanks. TPG
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    Central Michigan AGP and Deck Install

    Very nice job. And thanks to whom ever for posting the deck plans.....I have been beatin that around in my head for days and needed some more Ideas.
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    Enjoy the Pool!
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    Thanks TexesGirl! Of Course I am biased, but I think the Uniforms are the best too. :D
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    what is a must-see in Philly...

    Which campus do you plan on being near? You can review the campus maps here: Temple Maps Most of the tourist site are near city center, or downtown Phila. If you want to visit that area, I reccomend Phlash which you can read about here: Philly Phlash If you are familiar with the Grey Line...
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    what is a must-see in Philly...

    Philadelphia.....hmmm, "Welcome to the city of Brotherly Love! Lock and load upon entry!" It is the only place where I have ever been robbed...well attempted robbery actually. I was in uniform and had my wallet in my sock. Ok, so that is not what you wanted to hear and I know that. I have...
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    Nice to meet you, Hope you enjoy your pool. I see your from Silver Spring MD. Having worked in Arlington/DC, I have on many occasions driven through there. I hope you have found this place to be as big a help as I have. TPG
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    Above Ground Pool

    Steve, Thanks for your insight. We have a friend who is a GC and has agreed to help with the install. He has installed quite a few AGPs and feels confident that we can get it built rather painless. We hope to purchase a pool soon and while I do like the looks of this pool, I do have some...
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    Hello all. Glad that I found this sight. I began researching pool information about 2 months ago when my wife and I decided to install a pool in our back yard. It was reccomended that I go to the PF sight, but then I came to the sad conclusion that something was not right there. What a...
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    Help with 'special needs' pool

    Nice post Chem Geek, I have to tell you, I started reading all the charts and study analysis and my brain started to hurt! I haven't seen numbers like that since I was reviewing federal government budget analysis. That has been a few years ago. Anyways, thanks for posting this info, I will...
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    Above Ground Pool

    Thanks for your thoughts. honestly, we really started looking when we realized the best pool dealer in our area (They are located in Martinsburg WV) wanted what we thought was way too much money for a pool. To give you an example, They tried to sell me a doughboy DesertSpring, 16X32, 20 gage...
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    Decks: To Stain or Not to STain?

    Staining is a personal choice. Just remember you can pick transparent, semi-transparent or solid color stains. Stains will last longer than paint will in an outdoor application. Some stains also include a sealant. So check that as well. Their are also water clean-up and mineral clean up...
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    Above Ground Pool

    good Evening, My wife and I are looking to install an above ground pool for our family to use. We are thinking of purchasing this pool here in the 15x26 size with the luxury package with the foam floor and coping. Having very limited knowledge...