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    ScreenLogic config question

    Hi All, How can I configure my screenlogic such that a feature will turn on the spillway but also keep the wall returns going? I think what I want to do is open the spillway valve only 1/2 way. is that possible? Thanks!
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    Inground skimmer flapper

    Hi All, Can some one explain the usefulness of the flapper on the skimmer other than getting stuck in the up position throwing my pump into priming mode? Several times now my system has shut down because the flapper has closed up starving the pump of water. My water level is half way up the...
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    IC60 output %?

    Hi All, Im a total rookie setting everything up so I am curious what I should set my IC60 output at for my pool, and also for my SPA. Right now, the pool is crystal clear, i have it set to 40% for the pool and 0% for the SPA. I run the filter basically 24x7 at 35gpm (although i’d love to hear...
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    Brand New Pool 1st opening on Monday

    Hi All, This will be my 1st opening so I want to get this right. I have the pool company coming Monday to remove the covers and reconnect all the equipment. I have a pentair SWG but I never got it operational last year - no salt was ever added to the pool. It was way to late in the season to...
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    Need plumping help

    Hi All, Had a pool installed late fall, just about to fire it up in about 4 weeks to have a heater installed and to have some landscaping work done. However, I am looking at the plumbing for the heater and the guys that did the filter, pumps, & salt generator did not exactly leave me in a good...
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    Pentiar or Hayward Heatpump

    Hi All, After getting a few inches of snow, what better time to think about a heat pump :-). I've been researching all winter and narrowed my choices down to 3 models: Pentair UltraTemp 140 Hayward HeatPro 140 Hayward HeatPro 140 (Low-Ambient) All my equipment - pumps, automation, filter is...
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    EasyTouch 8 & heat pumps

    Hi All, im finally up and running! Everything is working great thanks to this forum. Now its time to start shopping for a heat pump. Since i have a pentair EasyTouch 8 i was looking at the UltraTemp 140. Does it really matter whoch brand I get? Will i lose any integration if I go with a...
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    New Install EasyTouch Electrical

    Hi All, I am about 75% through a new inground pool install. So far, things have gone much smoother than I expected. Now that I jinxed myself, my electrician is going to tackle installing the EasyTouch 8 with the IC60 Salt generator. I am hoping to have everything planned out so we are not...
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    Any Heat pump users in the North East?

    Hi All, Construction is about to begin, last thing I need is a heater. The pool guy is pushing propane really hard vs. a heat pump - I have no natural gas. He is 100% convinced I will not be happy with a heat pump. So, any heat pump users in the North East? Happy/Unhappy? How's the...
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    which screenlogic package?

    I’m ready to buy my EasyTouch setup. As many have stated it would be silly not to get the tablet/pc integration. However which package should I get? or...
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    IC60 overkill?

    Hi All, I am about to purchase my EasyTouch setup. I was originally going to go with the package that has the IC40 but for $100 more I can get the IC60. The pool is a 'Pond' shape that fits inside 21x34 rectangle, and runs 3-5.5 feet deep. Various calculations put it between 28-34k gallons...
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    Concrete vs Panels

    Hi All, After months of planning, getting quotes, I am ready to start writing checks. The landscaping company has ideas on using boulders as coping around 1/4 of the pool plus adding a waterfall, slide, etc. Basically lots of stuff along the pools edge. The question I have - does the pool...
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    To Spa or not to Spa - that is the question

    Hello All, I've read older posts regarding spill over spas - just curious if those that have done it could chime in and offer some pro's and cons. Also, I am getting estimates for 9k on top of the ~25k for the pool, Does this seem right? Seems awfully high - Almost 1/3 the cost of the...