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  1. Lskul60

    No longer testing

    (Pool) Life is good Pool has been open and operating for slightly over 2 months, and pool chemistry has been optimized for quite a while now. My Nano pilot plus indicates 3100 ppm salt, midday temp of 86, and I operate at 40% usage. Readings as of July 4 ( the last time I plan to test): CYA...
  2. Lskul60

    Bought a new slimmer basket !!!! woot woot

    Anybody have any ideas what is the rotating disk is at the bottom of the basket? This is a b-152 aftermarket basket that replaces my Hayward SPX1082CA TIA Larry
  3. Lskul60

    "Shelf Life" of water sample

    Good morning all, My Brother-In-Law is a Noobe and a novice, and thus simply uses HTH test strips and has an app that uploads a photo of the resulting strip to get results and the recommended chemical$ to add. He's coming to visit me this weekend, and we discussed using my TF-100 to test his...
  4. Lskul60

    Should I worry about Metal in my pool ?

    Hi all, I'm sure I am needlessly worrying over something incredibly silly, but will a small piece of metal in my pool while I'm vacuuming cause anything to be concerned about? The swivel cuff on my vacuum hose developed a crack, and I tried repairing it with gorilla tape, but I eventually used...
  5. Lskul60

    Physics and math

    Hi all, I'm trying to figure what my electrical cost is to run my pool. I run my 1.5 HP pump for 12 hours. I also run my SWG at nominal 40% for the full 12 hours. So that should be 946 Watts per hour x 1.5 HP x 12 hours x $0.12 per KW-hr. My math equates that to $2.04 per day to run the pump...
  6. Lskul60

    Spare Parts purchase online

    I'm relatively new to the forum, so I hope I am allowed to post these questions. I apologize in advance if this is prohibited. -What are the best websites to buy OEM or after market parts for repair? My local pool stores (including big chains like L***ies), charge a lot for the simplest of...
  7. Lskul60

    Amp-hours on Nano Plus

    My AutoPilot SWG is controlled by a PoolPilot Nano Plus and one of the read outs on the main status screen is Amp-hours. I understand that this is indicating the total purification hours x the applied current, but why do I need to know this ? What do I need this information for? Since nobody...
  8. Lskul60

    So I think I have multiple leaks

    The most consistent thing about my leak(s) is the inconsistency... I "usually" lose between 3/8"-1/2" per day, although some days I lose none ! (Weird,huh). I run my filter for 12 hours per day, unless I'm needing add'l chemical circulation or filtering during start up. I've tried switching my...