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    Just bought house with pool---probably hasn't been opened in 3 years...

    Or just roll your eyes and say, "Kids!"
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    Jules is BACK!

    It's been years since I posted here, although I've visited several times lately. I wanted to share with fellow TFP-ers that I recently started a pool maintenance business! The region where I live lacked such a service until I started my business, Jules' Pools. It is largely a result of spending...
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    Thank you, and it seems like a good explanation to me! My pool was largely a DYI by the folks who sold us the house. I am not sure where such a valve might be! There are push-pull valves on two pipes on the equipment pad. I may have to take some pics of the system.
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    How DOES one close off (or half close) the main drain? Up until now I've always used a Pool Buster, which recently died. I've been trying to use the vac head, but my suction sucks. :( I did fill the vac hose with water and turned the pump to high. The vacuum plate appears to be firmly...
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    Check my progress

    One more night (or two) at shock level wouldn't hurt, especially since your water's not clear yet. Looks like you're getting close, tho.
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    Hi AK and low PH and Borax

    It would make more sense to aerate as Jason suggests. What KIND of test kit? Is it drops-based, or strips? You need to be able to test more than just CL, pH and Alk. Other tests only need to be done occasionally (such as CYA or CH), but they are important. If you have a pool store that uses...
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    Hi AK and low PH and Borax

    What are you using to test your water? If you're using test strips, be aware that they're not very reliable. Test kits recommended by this forum are the TF-100 or the Taylor K-2006. Borax shouldn't have much effect on alkalinity, but it should raise the pH. Your alk is very high (if your...
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    hello and can anyone help?

    Sam, I have an indoor pool, so I can relate! Once you've gotten rid of your CC's, you should focus on preventing them, which is easier. First things first. . . Best thing I've found for knocking out CC's is sodium percarbonate. It never really caught on as a pool shock, so it's a little hard...
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    janeann11's Pool

    Fan-TAB-u-lous!!! You forgot to post directions so we can come visit. . .
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    Best alternative to chlorine

    I'd suggest you spend some time reading in this forum, especially the "Pool School" area. Many people who THINK they have a problem with chlorine actually do NOT; it may be you have a sensitivity to by-products of poorly-maintained chlorine pools. A well-maintained chlorine pool does not have...
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    Can a pool be physically upgraded?

    How about adding a portable hot tub? I don't know for sure if your pool setup COULDN'T be upgraded, but I'm reasonably certain that it would be complicated and expensive. Portable hot tubs have more jets and are likely to be more comfortable than the inground kind. The plumbing is...
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    the well traveled test kit

    Yes, you are certainly on the right track, but you will want to test the other water factors too, including CH (calcium hardness) and TA (total alkalinity), if you haven't already. Those may need adjusting too. :)
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    Pump is broken...what to do about pool

    Do you have a test kit? If you've been using pucks and powdered "shock," quite likely your CYA (maybe CH too) is too high. I'd suggest you talk to your landlord about providing you with a good test kit, if you don't have one! My pump quit working a couple of months ago and it was about three...
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    Recommended Clarifier?

    I'm not sure what you mean by "conditioner" b/c many different products are called by that term. Some are useful or even essential, and some are a waste of money. CYA is sometimes called a "conditioner," tho, and it is a necessity for outdoor pools! Clarifier is generally not recommended on...
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    Initial Test Results are in. Please comment

    That's less than 0.5, not 5! You definitely need to shock. Go ahead and do the CH test. You do need some calcium in a vinyl pool, say 100-150. Why such a range on your pH result? 7.5 is ok but 7.8 is definitely on the high side. The TA is a little bit high but you really need to shock and...
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    No free Chlorine

    Hi Brandy, and welcome! This is the place to get pool help. Before you do anything else, get a good test kit! Pool store tests are often unreliable, and of course it's a pain to have to take in a water sample. The TF-100, sold on this site, is recommended. The Taylor K-2006 (FAS-DPD complete)...
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    I need Filter cleaning Help!

    No reason not to backwash if your CYA isn't in the filter. Backwashing doesn't affect the CYA in the socks.
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    Working on my fresh start..

    Please post a full set of numbers from your tests. "A little high" is not sufficient information for us to give you meaningful advice. You can probably go ahead and lower it. Using pucks only will raise your CYA VERY SLOWLY. They contain CYA but are mostly chlorine. Order some CYA from an...
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    Switching to BBB from Bacquacil

    I was in a similar situation (baqua conversion). . . had the pool guy come out to change my sand afterward. It wouldn't come out the sand drain; it was clumped up in rocklike chunks. The sand had not been changed in the seven or so years the pool had been in operation. Bill, the pool tech, added...
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    what is "pH Down"?

    There are other issues in a spa; it's not just a "little pool." Bather load per gallon is much higher in a spa than in a pool, for one thing; organic contaminants are thus much higher. Also the jet action tends to cause rising pH. I started using muriatic in my spa, too, after some time when I...
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    Can't keep FC up

    I have a couple of suggestions. First, on your cc's, they're not going away b/c sunlight (ultraviolet) is the best thing to take them out. Take the cover off and let the sun burn off those cc's! Yes, it will take out your fc's as well, but bleach is cheap. :) Second, add a bit more CYA...
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    testing low levels of CYA

    Hello and welcome, Carlos! There is such a test but I don't think it's in the TF-100. It should be available thru the Taylor website; I believe it's rather expensive. The "experts" can tell you more, but I knew *something* about the topic so I thought I'd chime in. Why do you need to test at...
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    Planning my first pool - Lots of Questions for You

    Wanted to say hello and welcome! Definitely get some sort of automation and/or a multi-speed pump! I have NO automation and it's a pain. My original pump was a 2-speed, and I ran it on low 24/7. Then my low speed died, so I ran it on high about 12 hours/day. Had to turn it on and off manually...
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    Home made laundry soap!

    You don't need to make the "slime"--just grate the soap, then add 3 cups of borax and 3 cups of washing soda for each pound of grated soap. After stirring this together, run it thru a food processor a bit at a time. That will give you a powder with a consistency very similar to that of powdered...
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    pool please

    Do you not have your own test kit? You need one, it's worth its weight in gold! The TF-100 is available here from Dave (duraleigh); the Taylor K-2006 is also good. Assuming the pool store results are accurate, you need to dump some water to lower your CYA. For CYA the appropriate range is...
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    skinny dipping?

    Pool no, hot tub yes. :) My backyard faces 60 acres of farmland. No privacy fence needed. :-D
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    cloudy spa water for a week now

    Bleach (chlorine) is a stronger oxidizer than MPS, and it's cheaper too. You CAN use the MPS, but the bleach might do a better job at clearing up the water. I don't think you really need the scale inhibitor. Enzyme treatments are good in a hot tub, tho. Spa Perfect is one such; there are other...
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    Pool Calculator

    The Taylor book (that comes with the K-2006) has tables with dosage info. Or you can do the calculations yourself. :)
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    cloudy spa water for a week now

    Why do you have CYA at all? Do you not keep the spa covered when not in use? (unless shocking, of course. . .) pH is high, yes, and the TA is low (common problem in spas). Do try to lower the pH a bit. If you're using dry acid, try switching to muriatic (diluted). What is in the "scale...