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    Life expectancy of a stenner pump

    Digging through years of old threads looking for info on the hayward needle valve chlorine injection I posted about, I found gobs of info and mostly praise for the Stenner injection pump. I like the concept (and pricing :) ) much better than SWG and think it may be ideal for my and my dad's...
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    Suction side chlorinator using needle valve

    Several years back there was discussion about using a fine needle valve threaded into a container with hose going from it to the drain plug on the suction side of the pump. I think Hayward made the valve that was able to be closed enough to allow adjustment for our use. I bought one, and never...
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    Do Kreepy Krawley type vacs really work reliably?

    I have an older 21,200 gal VL IG pool. Has a hopper deep end with an exit ladder, cut out steps in the shallow end, and one skimmer and one return. Had a main drain in the deep end but it went bad a few years back so I plugged it. With just the one return I am not getting great circulation...
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    Alk test won't work

    PH in my dad's pool is very low, color is lighter than the 6.8 low end of the scale. I want to adjust it up tonight so tried to test alk so I could determine if I should use baking soda or borax and how much of which to get, but the HTH drop test won't work. The 5 drops I put in the 25ml...
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    White mold or something else

    My dad has a 12k g IGVL pool. He has globs of white stuff floating around in the water, not on top. My initial impression was it looked like someone threw toilet paper in the pool. Searching here seems to point to white mold/fungus. I haven't tested the pool so can't give numbers. I did...
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    Need new pump for IG pool. Will pump for AG pool work ok?

    I have a 21,200 gal IG VL pool. Older pool, only built with a side skimmer and one floor drain in the deep end. The deep end drain went bad a few years back so I have it plugged. In this instance, will a pump for an AG pool work ok as it only has to draw water up maybe 20" to prime and feed...
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    Outdoor pool, target CYA and why?

    Long time member but don't post much anymore. Very familiar with BBB. Outdoor IG VL pool. What is the current thinking on preferred CYA level and why? For the past several years I've used 40 ppm as my target. Due to being gone early on vacation pool just opened. Water crystal clear, ph 7.5...
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    Removing calcium scale on vinyl liner

    Our fill water is high alkalinity, so I'm constantly fighting high PH due to drift. Due to a long illness with my mother in law last year, I wasn't able to keep on top of the the PH and it ran pretty high for the majority of the season. I now have calcium scale on a large portion of the liner...
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    Vinyl liner and calcium scaling

    Due to a long drawn out illness that resulted in the loss of my mother in law, I wasn't able to give my IG vinyl liner pool all the loving care it deserved this summer. I now have what I'm pretty certain is calcium scaling on the liner, it feels very rough and actually skinned a couple of my...
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    Marlig fix-a-leak

    As I posted before I've identified a main drain leak. Before simply plugging it and going without I wanted to try this product. I was losing about 2" of water daily. Since this was a suction leak I followed their recommendations and reversed the flow so the water was returning through the...
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    How critical is a main drain?

    I have a 16'x32' hopper bottom IG vinyl liner pool. Deep end is 8'. Pool is 20+ yrs old, only has one return in the shallow end parallel to the 16' side, same side of pool as skimmer which is mid pool on the 32' side. Main drain centered in the 8' deep end. About a month before I planned...
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    How much FC can a given CYA protect

    Using the pool calculator, for a CYA of 20ppm, it recommends a range of 2-5ppm of FC. Does that imply that 20ppm CYA can protect 5ppm FC from UV degradation? Say those levels are in a pool in full sun in a perfect world, no organics or swimming activity, would you expect to still have 5ppm FC...
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    I've done more reading, it appears the CompuPool is a respected reliable unit. ... _3718.html Price isn't bad as well. However it's for an above ground pool up to 20,000 gal. Any reason it wouldn't work just fine on an IG of 11,000 gal? Would this one...
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    Hayward salt and swim?

    Anyone have experience with this new model? Says for pools up to 25000 gal, comes in a 6 month or 1yr cell, replacement cells are about what bleach would cost for a season in my dad's pool, he only needs the 6 month version. $550 to start then $200 each year for a new cell. Sounds like a...
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    Super low alkalinity

    My dad said his PH was real low and asked what to do about it. I asked what his alk was, but he only has a really old HTH test kit for CL and PH. I tested it with my 6 way HTH kit and indeed his PH registers below 6.8, color definitely out of range. I then checked Alk, and the reagents are...
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    Anyone using mas985s drip feeder for chlorine successfully?

    As he suggested I went back through the thread to see who has had success with this set up for chlorinating a pool, but it seems those that tried gave up due to white stuff plugging the drippers? If anyone is successfully using this concept with chlorine, I'd love to pick your brain :)
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    Filter losing water to waste

    Noticed the past few days my pool was losing water. As my pac fab fns+ 36 is several years old on original parts, I checked the multiport valve and sure enough, set on filter but water was going out the waste line. I turned everything on and capped the waste outlet until the parts get here...
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    Pressure on low speed?

    Have my new 3/4hp whisperflo dual speed up and running. Previous dynamo only gave me about 8 psi on my gauge, WF is giving me 14 on high. However, on low speed it's only reading about 2-3 psi. Is this normal?
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    how to wire a pentair wfds-3

    115v operation. Have the whip, leads are white, black and green. Have connected the green to the motor ground screw. Motor has a toggle switch on the back of it. I followed the wiring diagram on the motor label for pump with toggle switch, had white lead from whip on #1 connector, yellow...
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    Am I crazy?

    A year or more ago I started making plans for what I would need when my pump finally died, which it decided to do this opening. Typical bad pool store advice, above ground pump for a 22,000g IG pool. Oh well, it lasted 10 years. Through recommendations from here I settled on the Pentair...
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    chloramine question

    My municipal water uses chloramines due to their longer action to sanitize our water supply. If I test my tap water I usually get 1.5 CC. As I understand it these are formed by combining chlorine with ammonia. Assuming I fill my pool with this water and immediately shock it (so I know all...
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    Borates target of 75 instead of 50 ok?

    I think I know the answer but will feel better bouncing it off you guys :) I added 50 ppm borates last year. After closing and opening, I tested with strips and was down to what I'd call 25ppm, so added enough to get me back up to 50. I'm thinking that next year when I add, I'll target 75...
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    weight versus volume

    Getting ready to add boric acid to my dad's pool. Calculator says 28# will put it at 50 ppm. Since I bought a 50# bag, I have a few choices- 1- Eye ball it, got with a bit more than half the bag and call it good. 2- Find a bathroom scale and measure it in a bucket or something. 3- Find a...
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    Pool chemistry for heater

    Dad's new pool has one of the h series Hayward's. Not sure yet which one, but assume they all require the same water chemistry. From their guide, Hayward recommends- PH- 7.2-7.8 Chlorine- 1-3 ppm ALK- 80-100 for sodium hypochlorite CAL- 200-400 PH and ALK I understand, and I'm currently...
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    What's the ratio for boric acid/ mule team for neutral PH

    Hey all. Haven't been back much yet this year, had my best start up ever, pool is fantastic and trouble free :) However my dad just built a new house, in town where high alkalinity is an issue, and had a 12k gal IG vinyl liner pool installed. We used sticks until his CYA hit 40, now it's 6%...
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    Adding borates experience... Is this right?

    Finally got my TA down to 80. Had the Mule Team 20 and acid on hand, so decided it was time to proceed. Prior to adding anything my PH was 7.2. Using Jason's calculator, I added corresponding amounts of borax and acid to get me to 29 ppm, a bit over half of my target 50. I let it circulate...
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    My aerator

    After asking poseidon about his home-made aerator, I made this one over the weekend- I used an adapter threaded into my 1.5" return, then a short section of 1.5" PVC, a 45* elbow, a longer section of 1.5", a 90* elbow, another short section of 1.5" and a 1.5" cap. I drilled four 7/16" holes...
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    Ok to leave robot in the pool?

    Strictly from a product longevity concern, is it ok to leave a robotic cleaner in the pool 24/7, removing only when closing for the winter?
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    Aeration set up

    As I've posted before, we have high TA fill water. I'm continually battling PH increase, and normal methods of aeration take days to move PH up much after reducing and good aerators like rain and lot's of screaming kids doing cannon balls are never around when you need them :) I've been giving...
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    Borates and high TA fill water.

    I've been lowering my TA for some time now, finally down to 120-30 from 180. Our area has high TA in our municipal water supply (must be something in the treatment as the city pulls their supply from the same aquifer my dad's sand point taps and his TA is 80), over 300 the last time I tested it...