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    autopilot sizing question

    My pool is 38,000 gallons and I was wondering if I should go with the SC48 or the SC60? I do run my pool pump 24x7 at a low speed. Ideally, 27 GPM to give me one turnover per day. Can anyone with autopilot experience advise if I should right size or go a little larger than needed? Thank you,
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    pentair 320 question

    Should the canister be allowed to fill with water or should there just be water on the lowest couple of tabs? To fill the canister, I must allow the water to rise before I put the lid in place. I am not happy with the chlorine output I am getting so far. I run a low pressure plumbing system...
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    Can Liquidator be converted for PH control?

    Somebody must have tried this already. I have stopped using LQ for chlorine. I was wondering if it could be used to delivery muratic acid.
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    can you have algae with no CC and FC available?

    I have some green spots on the lights and drain covers which scrub off. Looks like algae but I have no CC. FC is available. Is it possible to have algae with no CC? FC 3.0 CC 0.0 pH 7.4 TA 60 CYA 30 CH 960 PH rise is a constant problem but I do have a large water feature that aerates.
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    will higher TA help prevent PH rise

    It was suggested that I raise my TA from 70 to 100 to help with constantly rising PH. However, I then read on the forum that higher TA only helps control falling PH but doesn't help stabilize rising PH. I use 85 ounces of MA per week. I want to get the TA ironed out so I can add borates...
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    BBB going OK but maybe some numbers should be tweaked

    I have been having trouble getting FC with the Liquidator. I run the Intelliflo VF at 50 gpm 24x7 and this doesn't produce enough flow through the LQ. I am looking at adjustments now. I am also adding 60 ounces of MA twice a week. I was wondering the following. Should I raise TA? Should I...
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    problem - is this etching or scaling

    This problem seemed to sneak up on me quickly. Its 6 month old grey plaster. I have let the PH get high a few times but I can't believe enough times to cause this level of damage. Here are links to the pictures.
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    robot strangles itself

    I have a new Aquabot Pool Rover Plus from Costco. I generally like its performance although its weak when using the fine filter bag. The reason I selected this model was its reasonable price, for a robot, and it can't climb my steps or walls. This was important for me because if it gets into...
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    DE filter pressure

    Is there a minimum pressure required for a DE filter? I am running very low pressure with my Quad DE100. The filter gauge usually reads 0 - 3 psi. I know water is flowing because I see the check valve open and the flow meter indicating 35 to 45 gpm. However, is this a problem for the filter...
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    Newly installed Liquidator won't fill with water?!?

    I installed the Liquidator along with all of Rabbit's modifications. The larger tubes, check valves, etc. The suction side is plugged into the drain plug under the basket of an Intelliflo 4x160. The pressure side is installed into a barb located after the filter and filter bypass valve...
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    request for vacuum advice

    I need a vacuum that can handle the fine dust/dirt which collects at the bottom of my pool. leaves are not a big deal for me. It must have an option switch to stay on the floor. I don't care if its suction side, pressure, robot, dust fairy, anything! It needs to last for a couple years...
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    liquidator hookup to intelliflo

    Has anyone using a Liquidator hooked up a line to the drain plug on an Intelliflow? If so, do you remember what size the fitting needed to be? NPT is such a PITA. It looks like 3/8 or 1/2 NPT. I know I could take the plug to the store but that means the pump is down for 1/2 day and I am...
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    DE filter start-up confusion

    I have a Quad DE100. I am using DE from HTH which comes in a 25lb box. The box recommends 3 1lb coffee cans for every 10 sq ft of filter so that's 30 cans total. I stuck to the filter manual recommendations and only put in 20 cans which should be 10 pounds. So I should have 15 pounds of DE...
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    one week after plaster

    The plaster dust is under control and brushing continues. I am adding bleach by hand, the liquidator is not online yet. this mornings numbers ph 7.5 ta 175 fc .8 cc 0 cya 0 ch 225 or 250 or 275? I am using Taylor K-2006 and testing CH with a 10mL sample. My water looks more pink than...
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    will muratic acid damage stainless pool lights?

    I was just about to add 1 gallon of muriatic acid for every 2500 gallons of water to perform an acid start-up of a pool. It just occurred to me that maybe I should remove the lights from the pool. Will this concentration of muriatic acid for 3 or 4 days damage the lights?
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    muratic acid suspension

    I tried asking this same question in another thread but I think it probably belongs here. Only a chemical guru probably has a shot at this one. I will be doing an acid start-up on a plaster pool and adding 1 gallon of acid per 2500 gallons of pool water. United Chemical says brushing the pool...
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    spigot on the pressure side of the pump?

    Many pumps I see have a spigot attached to the pressure side of the pump plumbing; usually immediately after the pipe leaves the pump outlet. I assume this is for pressure relief but now that I am at that point in my plumbing I can't afford assumptions. Most filters have a pressure valve; why...
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    QUAD DE 100 seals

    Should the large o-ring in a quad de 100 be coated with a silicon based lubricant? How about the o-ring for the pressure gauge? I assume its teflon tape for the pressure gauge threads? I read the manual to disassemble, the grids had been knocked around during shipping, but didn't see any...
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    testing low levels of CYA

    Is there anyway to test low levels of CYA? 0 to 30ppm. The Taylor kit seems to go down to 30ppm and I am not sure about the TF-100. thanks,
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    how do I perform an acid startup on light grey plaster

    I want to perform an acid start on my upcoming plaster installation. I will have an Intelliflow 4x160, Quad DE100, no heater, BBB using Liquidator and pool will be approximately 45K gallons. I found these instructions here on POOL SCHOOL and had a couple questions. 1. Fill the pool or spa...
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    what valve for quad de 100?

    these are the choices for valves - can anyone recommend one over the other? Multiport valves seems more common but also more problematic based on some of the related threads. Product Description 261050 2 in. HiFlow valve, no plumbing 261165 2 in. PVC Slide valve for D.E. filters & sand...
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    silly pump question

    What happens when a primed and running pump stops receiving water? Say by shutting off a valve or an obstruction in the suction line. I am particularily interested in the Whisperflo and Intellipro (4x160) models. Are either of them smart enough to recognize the problem and shut down before...
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    large waterfall

    I have a large waterfall made of natural rock. Its 6.5 feet high and 7 feet across. The water outlet is a slot about 5 feet wide and 3/4 to 1 inch tall. Forgetting pipe capacity and pump sizing for a minute, can anyone advise on an adequate flow rate for a waterfall this size? I am trying to...
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    I can't believe it - someone stole my bonding wire

    I had an extra 20 feet of AWG 6 solid coming out of the ground near my equipment pad. Someone cut off the wire and stole it. I understood that this wire was not to be spliced per code (NEC 680). Its 10 feet short of the pad; all the decking was poured a week ago. What do I do now?
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    are low voltage lights safe?

    I was reviewing NEC 680.22 and found that low voltage lights are not allowed within 10 ft of a pool. (Low-voltage lighting systems, such as those covered by Article 411, shall not be within 10 ft of a pool, spa or hot tub even if GFCI protected [411.4]. ) However, high voltage lights with GFCI...
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    Best filter for use with hard water?

    I am building a 40K gallon IG plaster pool and wrestling with the filter choice. I am in the Austin, Texas region with fairly hard water. I was leaning toward DE but a neighbor is telling me that he cleans his DE filter once a week because if he doesn't the calcium build-up is ridiculous. I...
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    wiring low voltage lights

    Can anyone provide a sanity check for 12v lighting. I will use the hayward colorLogic lights, 3 pool size and 1 spa size. The large lights need 50 watts each and the spa light needs 25 watts. The distances to the Intermatic PX300 transformer are 70, 50, 30 and 30 feet. I was going to home...
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    intellibrite versus colorlogic

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the selection of the pentair versus the hayward low voltage LED lights? The colorlogic's have been discussed on various threads but I can't find anything by searching for "intellibrite". The only general information I have to go on is that...
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    pool heaters for central texans

    I am building a 42K gallon pool with 1000 sq ft surface area in central texas. I want to heat the pool with the idea of extending the swim season by about six weeks at both the beginning and end of the year. During this time the air temp is about 80 but the water may be 60 - 70. I would also...
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    Hydraulic question for new pool

    I have an under construction IG gunite 22 x 46 pool, 3.5 to 8 foot depth, ~42K gallons. I am planning (12) 1.5 inch wall returns, (4) 1.5 inch floor returns, 3 skimmers and 1 drain all at 2 inch. All pipe is to be run back to the pad into manifolds. All the runs are long (100 to 150 feet)...