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    Question about plaster?

    I had my pool put in at the end of last year. It is a gunite construction. After they plastered my pool they began to fill it. I was told to brush it 2x a day for 2 weeks which I did. This year I had a lot of algea when I opened the pool. After repeated shocking, scrubbing ect, I got in the pool...
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    Computer testing devices?

    I've seen seveal different computer water testers at the different Pool stores I have been in. Many advertise the Alex or Accuscan machine from BioGuard. These plug into the USB ports and "read" the test strips. I can't find anywhere that sells these. I mean how much could it cost? 200-300...
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    CL levels and Nature 2?

    My CL levels have been low (Almost undetectable) since opening 2 weeks ago. Initially I was told my CYA was low (15) so I've added some C. Acid. then I was told my phosphates were high and was killing my CL. I added the appropriate P. Killer and now my Phosphate level is appropriate. I mentioned...
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    Help! Need an Idea here!

    Well, I could really use some help here on an idea. Last year when I had my pool built, I asked for a "stub up" line to be installed. I didn't have a diving board so I was thinking about a slide in the future. The pool builder put a 1 1/2 inch line for the stub up. He enclosed it and put a...
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    jumping rock?

    My pool is not a diving one but I'd like to get a "jumping rock" that the kids can jump from. nothing too big just something that about 18 inches up. I've seen some pre-fab ones but I'm not sure if they would work with my coping. Below is a pic of the white travertine I have which has a slight...
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    Water loss?

    My pool was finished about 3 weeks ago. Seems I lose about 2 inches of water every other day or so. It hasn't been that hot here in NJ any ideas? I don't see any water around the pumps of coming up from the ground, like I do when I break a sprinkler line. admittedly the pool lines are deeper but...
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    Sliding boards?

    when I removed the diving board from my plans I had the PB add a "stub up line" for a possible future sliding board. I've been looking on line and I'm amazed at the prices. looks like $1,800 to $2,400? that's more than I want to spend but I don't want to buy something that won't look goood and...
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    My Pool build...filling tomorrow!

    Ok here's the layout...notice that I turned the sprinklers off 2 weeks before they started to keep ground hard and to mimimize damage. Nothing like a blank slate to work with! the Orange line shows where my deep end was going to start with the diving board and 8 foot depth. after seeing how...
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    test pic

    can u see this?
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    New Gas meter?

    After my gas line was hooked up to my heater, I was told to wait until it was inspected (It was ) and then call the Gas company to request them to put in a new meter. The Gas company does this free of charge. (That's what makes me suspicious.) My house is only 6 years old (I am original owner)...