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    Not sure where to put this but questions or advice

    I am about to begin filling my pool as I have a leak in pool somewhere. But first I have to get the swamp clear so I can find the leak. That leads me to my question, my liner has wrinkles in the deep end and neglect from leak in pool. Clearing the swamp probably 250.00, dealing with wrinkles...
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    Been here awhile, still need pop and guidance

    Hi and glad another swim season is fast approaching. The end of last pool season I lost a lot of water, so I didn't cover the pool as it has wrinkles and I think I have a leak of some sort, so was considering a new liner. That being said, no liner got bought so I am gonna try and rehab this bad...
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    Indoor salt water pool

    Questions for the smart people. I am trying to help someone that has an indoor salt water pool. Do indoor pools need stabilizer? How do determine what levels should be?
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    Hayward Superpump 115/230

    So a little mad at self for not taking time with project and I have made a mess of things I began hooking up the power to the motor and in the process, I ripped some wires loose to be exact the black jumper. I took said motor to some guys at my work and they got it working without the plug...
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    Does the Hayward Superpump Motor usually run hot, to the touch

    Just curious or do I have something wrong???
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    Switching to SuperPump, not too super

    Hey all, have made a rah roo with the superpump, trying to switch from 230 to 115. There is a little black clasp with 2 wires and no directions. So messing with it all day yesterday I managed to rip both wires out. I know not a good thing. Advice prayers swinging chickens something.
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    Trying to keep piping simple with pump

    OK, I had a PacFab Challenger and decided to buy a superpump. And as my life goes nothing is easy, but I will survive. My delima and I will probably get laughed at but, my Superpump is shorter to the ground as far as piping goes. What I am trying to do is sit the pump on something that will...
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    Should I be running my pump, 115 or 230?

    Just curious, reason I ask switching from Challenger to SuperPump Read somewhere that if it a single switch its 115 if it is 2 its 230. Heck I dont know.
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    Trying to open pool and ran into a huge leaking problem!!

    Well at the end of last season I noticed my pool not holding water. Meaning I was adding water often, so I decided to let it lower as far down as it would, but I didn't get it taken care of. The water is now after all winter about 6 inches or maybe a lil more below skimmer. And below the...
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    Pentair band clamp assembly

    OK guys needing help, cant find someone local that has it and everyone is saying 7 days.
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    Bad storm 2 weeks ago, made me take chlorinator off and now???

    Here in Kannapolis NC a couple weeks ago we had a bad wind shear come thru, and after said shear I look outside and there is water shooting up from pool equipment. Dont know how but the plug in the chlorinator got pulled out or pressured out. After this I went out and cut it loose and went to...
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    Overnite test

    Hey, Question prolly stupid one but, is it best to do the overnite test at shock level or at maint level??? Or is a loss a loss???
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    TDS mumbo jumbo @ Leslies

    SO I being unsure about my CYA reading decided I'd take my pool water to Leslies Pool and boy let me tell you what. Id rather get my on results via my test kit than rely on them thats for sure but!!!!!! TDS, total dissolved solids they got me scracthing head how do they test for that?
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    Anyone near Kannapolis NC

    Hope this dont get me banned but, I have to ask. I have test kits however I have just not been able to master the cya test and I am close to opening, and would love for someone to watch me and see if I am doing it correct or heck check it for me.
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    Lost confused crying pulling hair out delimas delimas

    Soooooooooooooo the drama continues!!!!!!!!! And I thought it was over. Here is my problem, I have been running the pool the last few days, while in the cleanin a green pool process with out adding much chlorine. I for the most part had given up again but waled out by the pool it was blue no...
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    Was gonna close the green monster but wait!!!

    I had the pump off for about three days because it was loud and I didn't see any clearing in site. I went out to the pool area to mow a little and closed eyes before looking at pool, its green but I could see the bottom. So I got happy went and bought some more bleach and now I cant see bottom...
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    Trying to clean green pool, pump acting up or is it???

    Hey trying to clean my swamp up, but here in North Carolina we have had rain rain and more rain. All that being said my pump gets a lot loud so I turn it off and when I do it almost acts like it is going in reverse and pushing water back toward the pool. Instead of shutting down is this normal...
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    An old hand and I fill this has taught me a lot(SWAMP PEPLE)

    High all and just stopping in to say the first bang was good as in went from a dark green to a lot lighter green. Kept at it all day Saturday and Sunday but still green and still cant see bottom. So I am loosing PATIENCE yet again, so I figure I have still debris at bottom but can see bottom...
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    Curious, just how quick does Chlorine/bleach get used?

    I have unfortunately wasted a bunch of cash the past few weeks, trying to get my green pool open. Fixing to put the cover over it or throw dirt in and fill her up. As I cant keep throwing money into something that I cant stay on top of due to the fact I have to work as well as my wife has to...
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    Pump that came with pool was Challenger

    Pac-fab 34-3233 challenger CFII-NI-1A Model Number 115/230V 1 hp 1.25 sf 14.2/7.1 full load amps 39 wt My questions are whats the equal to as far as 2 speeds go???
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    Where to buy DE? Best Price?? For Sand filter

    Just curious pool store? And how much should I get for the help of clearing up a green pool via a sand filter.
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    Sooooo been hear a long while now and need to say, or ask

    The first major step to turning a green swamp into a blue pool is? In my opinion getting the leaves out so I bought me a gadget from Leslies the leaf bagger, hoping it works gonna start tomorrow and scoop till I poop (out) then scoop some more I guess. And then ladies I will start adding the...
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    Pump and Motor are sealed together or so it seems

    y pump and my motor for the pump are giving me fits. So I decided to put my new motor on. Thing is the screws are so darn tight wont freaking budge. Is there a trick to get them to loosing up???
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    HELP!!! or is this normal for the pump/motor

    I was out by the pool and noticed that the pump,motor cuts off but will start back up on its on. It has never done this or I dont think it has??? Is it the pump or motor as I have a motor I have never used just waiting
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    Please Please Please Answer This For Me!!!

    I am not anything near an electrician, but I think I am getting pool shocked. I was messing around the pump basket and what seemed to me and at the time only me got shocked. I thought it was the chlorine hitting an open spot on finger so I left it alone. Then the wife went out the other day...
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    About finished with drainging the water off pool cover

    Had some algae on the cover, via standing water. I am curious can or should I use the same garden hoses to fill the pool back up to regular height????
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    CYA Tests are they all the same???

    Seen a tester where the dot was on the stick, as well as a tester where the dot was on bottom. Just curious??? :cheers:
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    Troublefree Pools alot off topic but want to ask and...

    I have a troublefree pool and now the neighbors are wanting to enjoy the fruit of my labor. I have allowed by mistake, them to partake. And then I come home to the neighbors in the pool swimming without asking. I am a pushover most of the time. Today July 4th they come up while we were...
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    Diving Board

    I have lost my diving board bolts, I am curious can I get the stuff from home depot, or are these bolts special.