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    When to replace sand in filter?

    1. Backwash the filter so you are starting fresh 2. With the system running, 3. Dump a double-handful of fine dirt in the skimmer 4. Watch the water returning into the pool 5. If a brown stream of water comes out the inlets, either you need a sand change or something else is wrong. 6. If it...
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    Water bug Infestation

    If they are the same insect that we call water boatmen here in Arizona, they are air breathers that come to the surface periodically to refresh the air pocket they carry along their undersides. When removed from water, they "fluff out" their wings and fly to new horizons... In my experience, the...
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    Gas Chlorine?

    I ran a gas chlorine operation for over 30 years. Just a few points: The hose is run from deck to disperser on the bottom of the pool, not from the truck. The cylinders are ca. 20 pounds empty and 50 pounds full, and are carried to poolside. The dose in the desert southwest is generally...
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    Reducing High Calcium Levels in Pools

    Having performed many, many fresh plaster start-ups, as well as soda ash softening procedures, I can attest that the precipitate that is formed in the two processes is very similar... It will not adhere to the pool interior surfaces in the relatively short amount of time required to filter it...
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    According to my experience, each 3" tablet weighs in the 7 to 7.5 ounce range. So rule of thumb, about a half pound. They are around 55% by weight cyanuric acid, so you are adding roughly a quarter pound of CyA per tab. In a floater, we see them last about 9 to 11 days to dissolve. The time...
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    Tips for working with liquid chlorine?

    Unless you actually WANT to try breathing chlorine gas fumes??? ;0)
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    The Journal of the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry - New Volume 6 Now Online

    The Journal of the Swimming Pool and Spa Industry is coming back! JSPSI, a peer-reviewed technical journal, began in 1995 as a subscription-supported print-based publication. It contained articles at a technical level, of interest especially to the more experienced members of the industry. The...
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    Not All Color Pigments are Good for Pools

    Also keep in mind that the blue that most commonly fails is called "copper phthalo blue." So that particular pigment may be mineral (metal) "based" (the copper) but it definitely IS NOT colorfast to bleach... which makes it even more important if YOU are on the hook for the finish, to pre-test a...
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    JSPSI Articles

    Nope, just haven't gotten to them all yet... And working on new online version with new articles for next year...
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    JSPSI Articles