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    Frustrated! Considering permanent close, what to do?

    Hi all, I’m reaching my limits with my pool. The pool is 35 years old and showing it, it needs to be replastered. I can’t afford that now. The equipment is all calling for more and more attention. We do not use the pool very often at all and I have a worsening black algae problem. Due to...
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    Need help figuring out what’s going on.

    Hi all, I’m a bit stumped with my pool trouble. First my numbers, FC/CC 10/0 pH 8. I added a half gallon of muriatic to counter this. CYA 30 TA 90 CH 160 I think. My test chemicals are old and this one isn’t working right. Previous number was more like 350. Borates 15 Salt 1200 Temp 80 F...
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    Partial block troubles

    Hi all, Today the 3 massive oak trees surrounding my pool demanded payment. I have a partial block I believe to be in my suction side. The pool has a jacuzzi in one end. There is a valve to shut of the suction from either side. Switching that doesn't seem to change the flow. The basket...
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    What is the proper way to replaster a pool?

    Hi, I will inevitably have to re-plaster my pool. I have had a couple of bids so far and I didn't like the technique they were offering. They were planning to just skim over the old. So, what is the correct way to do a re-plaster?
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    Which timer is it?

    Hi All, Can anybody tell me which model timer I have. Stripped a gear and I'm not sure what I have so I haven't been able to replace it yet. It is 220 volt. There is a switch on the right hand side that I don't see on the replacement models I have found. I don't know what it does. Also...
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    Need help with Hayward multivalve leak

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me figure out why my Hayward 710xr50 is spouting water from the center post. I made the mistake of doing maintenance because the handle was a bit stiff. Upon reassembly the center leaked very badly. I chose to do a full overhaul. I bought the kit from...
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    How long does calhypo take to dissolve?

    My pool has chosen this year to torture me. I added ~3lbs of calhypo a week ago. This gave a higher chlorine level for a day and I hope a boost in my CH level since it's been low. I went to vacuum some leaves off the bottom with my water hose vacuum (don't know the name) and I get huge clouds...
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    Odd TA test result...

    Hi All, I opened my pool today and ran the first round of tests. This was another year of failed pool cover. :( A branch poked a hole in the cover which allowed the 20+ cubic feet of leaves to make a lovely tea out of the water. The water is clear but dark. All that said, when running the TA...
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    Erratic readings. ???

    Hi all, I'm in the process of SLAMing a friends pool. The pool is a 1970's vintage. It has a skimmer and main drain and 2 return eyes. There is an attached spa with a separate drain and 5 return eyes. My trouble is the cya is running at 60 giving a shock value of 24 (28000 gallon). I dosed...
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    Help identifying old equipment, 1970's

    Hi all, I need some help identifying this old sand filter and the multiport valve. The label on the filter is obliterated and the tags on the multiport are difficult to read. I'm trying to figure out how to open the filter for a deep clean (we are in the middle of a SLAM) without breaking...
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    Need help draing 70's era pool.

    Hi all, I am helping a friend with her lovely forest green water and a cya of 100. We are drawing down the water in an attempt to get the cya in a better range (30). The pool is ~20 x 36 oval inground plaster with a spa. The skimmer has 2 holes in the bottom. One is definately sucking...
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    Replumbing the pad advice

    Hi all, I'm preparing to replumb my equipment pad. To many leaks and to many patchs, time to do it right, any tips are welcome. I've been looking at the Jandy neverlube valves vs a less expensive ball valve with a union on either side for easy replacement should it fail, thoughts? For pipe...
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    Screwy pH readings

    I can't figure out why this is happening. When I test the pH I will get a low reading (today's was 7.0) followed by a retest to verify, because 7 didn't jive with the reading from last time, and I get 8.0. I bought new reagent about a month ago and I have soaked my test tube in bleach to...
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    What causes calcium carbonate to pricipitate?

    I'm trying to understand if I'm doing something wrong. I get about 1/2 ounce or so of calcium carbonate in my polaris every 2-3 days. I tested it wit MA and it fizzles so I believe it to be CC. They are small white hard pieces. I can post a pic of a pile if it helps. Todays readings FC 4.5...
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    Anyone experimented with return eyes

    I'd like to know what happens when the return eyes are swapped for smaller openings. Is the flow better, as in more turbulence? I imagine the pressure would go up with a faster flow. Anyone using the slotted type? What's the benefit of the slotted type?
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    How might my pool be plumbed?

    I'm looking at replumbing my equipment pad including replacing the pump. I'm trying to determine the system head/characteristics to determine which pump will best serve. My pool was built in 1984 and is freeform gunite with 1 skimmer and 1 drain and 4 returns in the pool side and 2 drains and...
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    Sharing an idea, lower TA

    I had a problem, my TA is too high. So I made a sprinkler that ran off a spare pump I had. That pump died so I was stuck wityh a way to drive the sprinkler. My solution is to run some pvc from the waste port to the sprinkler and set the multi-valve to rinse. The connections are all made with...
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    Need Polaris expert.

    I have a polaris cleaner that I thought was a 280 but now I'm not so sure. It's been running fine until a week ago when it shed an axle. I think I can fix it if I can find parts. The trouble is I'm not sure what model it is and I can't find a part schematic that looks like it, also I have no...
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    This doesn't make sense

    My return hose on the polaris 280 booster pump blew off. I think it was just loose, seems to be ok once I put it back on. The part that doesn't make sense to me is that the system backed up and blew DE into the pool. The booster is down stream from the filter. :scratch:
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    Removing spa wall

    I need some advice on how a spa wall is built into a pool shell. I am facing a replaster job. If I go though with it I would like to remove the spa wall along with the bench next to the wall and then round out the stairs. We don't use the spa and don't intend to. Is the wall tied into the...
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    Polaris 280 hose constantly tangling

    My older polaris 280 is constantly getting tangled, see pic. Is this a sign that the hose is worn out and needs replacement? In a previous post someone suggested laying the hose in the sun to relax it, that didn't work. I also noticed after replacing the sweep hose that the sweep hose doesn't...
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    How about a picture gallery.

    Can a picture gallery be added with pictures of the common problems/finishes/equipment etc. I'm in the process of caulking my deck expansion joint and I picked up the wrong color :hammer: . My lazy gene is suggesting I just use it and put some sand on top to try and blend it. A picture of...
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    Understanding Chlorine burn.

    Hi all. Well, I just opened my pool for the season to a moderate green, :( I brought the FC up to 22 and ran the filter 24/7 and the next day it was nicely cleared. I tested at sunset and got 22 FC 1 CC and again at sunrise and got 22/.5 so I figured the shock process was complete and I could...
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    clogged skimmer line - need ideas to clear

    The leaves have overpowered my intake line. I tried using a garden hose pressure plug to clear it from both ends, no luck. I did see some water movement but the pump is not moving water, so not sure exactly where the plug is. Any thoughts on how to diagnose and clear this? Thanks, Bruce
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    Multiple questions, fried pump and replumbing

    Hi All, My main pump motor finally fried. Literally, it was a mini 4th of July - sparks and smoke out the back side. The casing is rusted pretty bad and the pump is of an unknown vintage, make and model. I have limited time to research pumps so I would greatly appreciate some guidance. In...
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    Replumbing time.

    Lookingt for advice on replumbing. I have 4 or 5 leaks and a heater I don't need and can't use. I'm not sure where all the lines come/go from so I'm a little confused on the best way to optimize the plumbing. There is a p trap built into the line going into the heater, do I need to keep that...
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    Clogged deck drain

    My pool deck drain strip is clogged with roots and dirt. I started to dig for a drain pipe since the deck always floods after heavy rain only to find an existing, anf clogged drain :). The trouble is the drain pipe isn't attached to the deck drain, it's just in the vicinity. And the end of...
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    How red should the TA test be?

    When testing TA with the TAYLOR K-2006 kit the green turns a pinkish red and one drop later it is a darker red. Which color is the correct mark? Thanks.
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    Correct reagents? and extra tests

    Hi all, Successfully opened pool to nice clear water this past weekend. In running my startup tests I found I was low on some reagents. I have been buying through Amato Industries online. My question is, is there a difference between the reagents marked Taylor and the bottles that aren't...
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    Mystery holes

    I was inspecting the pool today to see if I had made any progress fighting a case of BA, I hadn't :( I also noticed a significant calcium scaling problem. The mystery, though, is I hound a series of holes in the deepest part around the drain in the plaster. If thie pool was wooden I would say...