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    Got my Testing Kit Today ! Here are my numbers

    Well, my testing kit came to today. I was very excited. My Daughter and I tested the pool today, here are the numbers. I want to open soon. It is green. So when I open in the next two weeks. In addition to raising the FC, how do I lower the TA? FC=0 TA =165 CYA=0 PH=7.2 CH=250 WATER TEMP...
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    Green Monster: Pool hasn’t been opened in 2 years

    I am getting ready to start the opening process in the upcoming weeks. I want to know if I should start pouring bleach into the pool now to kill off some of the algae now to make it easier for myself later?
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    Newbie thinking of converting to SWG

    Hey Everybody, Since I have been reading the forums and threads. I am thinking about converting to a SWG. I bought the home with pool in October so I have never maintained it myself and this will be my first year. I lifted the cover and it is a green swamp. So I know I should slam when it is...
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    New home new pool

    Hello my name is Damon, I recently purchased a home in Maryland with a pool. I am new to the pool thing. The previous owner closed the pool last year and didn’t open it this year. I had it inspected. The inspector said I may need a pump, chalking the trap or something and I might need a plaster...