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    Hayward Multiport Valve Hard to Move

    Hayward sand filter...I replaced the valve a year or 2 ago and now it is very stiff. Hard to press it down and hard to turn it. There must be something that needs lubrication. Ha sanyone had this problem and know where or what to lube? Thanks :-D
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    Aquabot Viva Review

    Some background: I had the Aquabot Turbo cleaner for about 9 years. It was an excellent unit and served me very well. I was able to use it in any temperature water which was important to me as I used it when the pool was first opened in the spring, at temperatures of about 45 degrees. The...
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    Dead Dolphin

    My Dolphin Diagnostic 2002 robot died today. :cry: It's only about 3 years old....I think it is the control board because it starts pumping, then moves a bit, then dies.So the pump and the motor are both able to work. I bought the Dolphin because I got a good deal on it on ebay and my Aquabot...
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    Crack in Vari Flow Valve

    I am in the process of opening my pool, and have found a small crack in the plastic around the threads for the pressure valve. It leaks quite a bit. Is there a fix for this, or do I need to buy a new valve head? Filter is a Hayward sand filter, about 10 years old with the vari flow valve. Thanks!