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  1. clduncan

    Winter Pool Extremly Cloudy

    our pool water is in the mid 50's and the water is extremely cloudy can barely see the vacuum in the bottom how does that happen in the winter
  2. clduncan

    Storing chlorine

    How quickly will liquid chlorine degrade in the heat if stored in garage last several times I have testes the water it wilwill show 0 fc willadd recomeded dosage 90 oz or so and two days later it is gone just tested it today here are my results FC 0 CC 0 TA 70 CYA 40 PH 7.9 added 20 oz muriatic...
  3. clduncan

    Baquacil Allergy

    Has anyone had an allergic reaction to Baquacil products? This is our first year using Baquacil and my wife went for a swim and her eyes swelled up to the point she could barely see and has developed a rash all over her body. For some reason she wants to keep the Baquacil and we stopped using...