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    Pentair Whisperflo Pump

    Also, check your incoming feed with a voltmeter. If one hot leg shorted to ground, it would blow a fuse upstream on that one leg and you would get 110V across your 220V circuit and cause exactly what you are seeing.
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    How to Keep PH Level Stable

    I learned the best thing is to go hands off for a while and give the pool time to find its own 'natural' level of pH and TA. I had wasted a lot of time, chemicals and energy trying for perfect levels of both. When I left it alone, it settled down at 7.8 and 50, and I hardly ever have to touch...
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    Intermatic timer won't turn on/off pump.

    See if it keeps time if you remove all the dogs. If it does, you may have put the one of the dogs on slightly crooked and it was getting hung up. Make sure the dog is all the way on to the disk--the rim should touch the bottom of the U formed by the dog.
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    Liquid Chlorine Only Question

    Well, you could dump the pool every six months and start over. I used pucks exclusively that way for twenty-five years successfully. It was only when I switched to a pool that didn't get dumped in the fall I had to convert to TFP.
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    Pool Temperature

    Above 80° is useless for cooling off on a hot day. 76° is my ideal. At 84°, I start dumping in 55° well water. Yes, I'm divorced, and my GF doesn't like to swim. My kids are boys.
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    Rio Olympic pool

    Well, I can tell you there is no CYA test other than strips available in country. This might have something to do with it. But as someone who managed an outdoor pool with no CYA for 20 years, there is no way a zero CYA pool goes green like that if it gets its daily dose of chlorine at night...
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    Muriatic acid scares me

    Been doing that for 40 years. I use the Taylor Acid Demand and one drop means 1/3 of a gallon MA needed in my pool. Pretty easy to ' feel'. Better than the pool guys in the Bahamas I've seen that liked to stand on the diving board and pour from up there.
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    There's a dead animal in my pool

    75-lb. snapping turtle, very much alive. [Pond is 30 feet from pool.]
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    identlfied the leak - but can't stop it. all ideas welcome!

    I can think of three things: -use a second clamp (we always had two on our black poly) -make sure that elbow has correct black poly nipple and is not cracked -cut hose back 2 or 3 in. and redo. End of elbow should look like this:
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    Pump breaker - Help

    Looks like it might be a GFCI breaker. If so, it's probably not tripping due to overcurrent, but some stray leakage. Those breakers are also prone to fail and trip just because they want to. Surges and lightning seem to kill them easily. My 2004 pool has normal breakers and that is fine with me...
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    cleaning pump strainer

    I have had below water-level pumps for over 50 years and I NEVER close my intake valves when I clean the basket. I just slap the basket against a pipe to get the big stuff and then push the basket into the water flowing out of the pump, working it up and down rapidly. That pretty much cleans out...
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    How long does everything last?

    I have a 12-year old pool also in NJ. It depends in some degree if you have an outdoor or indoor platform. If you are outside, like mine, it's less then a sheltered setup. My original motor died last year. Upgraded the WhisperFlo to a 2-speed and should be good for another ten or more. In 70...
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    Pressure testing lines: leak in the 1.5" skimmer line. Repair or replace w/ 2" PVC?

    Re: Pressure testing lines: leak in the 1.5" skimmer line. Repair or replace w/ 2" PV Yes, it's black poly--clear from the pictures. We replaced our 1946 galvanized with black poly in the early 1960s and ran it with no problems on the pipe until we tore up the pool in 2003. The barbed fittings...
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    Is there another type of PH test - drop test?

    +1 on the acid/base demand reagents. I have the same problem with the reds. If I am high and up in the reds, I don't worry about what the exact pH is. I just add a drop of acid demand reagent. If it is then in the desired range, I know exactly how much acid to dose the pool with--it's a...
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    If I have an overflow pipe, where would it be?

    Some older pools can leak out the junction box for the underwater light if these are set low. Newer pools have the box elevated by code for good reason. Hopefully, you can rule that out as it is not a good situation.
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    is clorox performance bleach the same as clorox regular?

    Thanks to the magic of rounding, there is no difference between 8.25% and 8.3%. Now, if they had claimed 8.30%... Surely the same overpaid marketing genius that rebaptized regular as performance is capable of rounding 8.25 to 8.3.
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    Question about attaching a vac hose to a wall return

    Did you look at adapting the hose to your existing waste connection? Depending on how it is plumbed, it might be easier. Post a pic of your filter and I'm sure folks on here would have some ideas. If it is hard PVC all the way from the multi-port to the sewer line, then yeah, it's a non-starter...
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    Replace pool pump motor with dual/variable speed, without replacing entire pool pump?

    I did this on my 1.0hp (full-rated) Whisperflo. You can keep your existing timer and just add a hi-lo (SPDT) switch. I put it on the side of the timer box and ran one new conductor from the switch to the motor. I only run it on high to vacuum or backwash so I switch it manually. I found the...
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    Previous homeowner closed pool and used Automobile antifreeze in the lines

    No. Think about it. On WASTE, you by-pass the filter so all the stuff in the suction pipes gets sucked through the pump and sent on its way by the waste pipe. THEN you switch to FILTER when you are already sucking nice pure pool water and use that to push the nasty out the returns and on its way...
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    Previous homeowner closed pool and used Automobile antifreeze in the lines

    Well, if you have can start the filter up on Waste, and thus clear your skimmer and main drain. For the returns, unplug one and rig a hose to it some how, then start on Filter, discharge the water away from the pool, replug, do the same thing to the next one, and so on. None of that...
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    Timer problem

    I'm no electrician but I've successfully installed seven of these timers on five different pools. Anybody can mistake where buried conduits come from, but to not verify that the load is the load and the line is the line is just pitiful. It takes 30 seconds with a test light to figure out this...
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    Problem blowing out pool lines

    I have an A-S system with the main drain return, so understanding his is easier for me, I suspect. He has two skimmer lines on the left, and the main drain in the middle. The returns are the down pipe on the right. The right hand valve allows return flow to reach the main drain pipe or flow out...
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    Problem blowing out pool lines

    Anthony-Sylvan by any chance? (The hose bibb and 'main drain return' are two things they do that most do not.) To turn off both skimmers, the handle on the left most valve should point to the left. For both on, it points to the right. Select either one by having it point front or rear. You can...
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    Problems with Pentair Rainbow Chlorinator 320

    I used to own one of those (long ago retired). As I recollect, top feed is recommended for 3" pucks and the bottom feed for 1"tabs. Also, there is a flexible flow reducer that is sometimes installed in the inside hole. You may want to remove that if it's there.
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    TF-100 Storage Box

    After my original Taylor K-2000 case hinge died completely after fifteen years (maybe more), I splurged on a #7120 case from Taylor's web site. Plenty of room for everything. And it has a hard piano hinge that should not wear out in only fifteen years...
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    TFTest larger CYA tube

    It really doesn't matter what mixing bottle you use as long as: 1) the mix is 50/50 pool water and reagent 2) it makes enough mixture to fully occlude the black dot. If your CYA levels are high enough, it makes sense to use the smaller bottle with the larger tube to save on reagent.
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    Granular Chlorine (Calcium Hypochlorite) short term storage

    Be very careful about trying to store CalHypo in anything plastic. We used CalHypo in our pool exclusively from when it was built in 1946 (before I was born) until sometime in the late 70's when we switched to trichlor pucks. Over 30 years we made some mistakes trying to use various plastic...
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    Preaching TFP in the land of infidels--so is Cl an evaporant?

    Normal years, enough to dilute down anything. Inch an hour type rain is common. Almost all Brazilian pools are built with overflow drains or they would overflow regularly. But this past year has been a record breaker on the dry side, in both wet and dry months. City reservoirs under 10% and they...
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    Preaching TFP in the land of infidels--so is Cl an evaporant?

    Thanks, Jason. He wasn´t talking about outgassing, rather a real increase in evaporation rates. Two buckets are now sitting on the pool edge, Cl=0 and Cl=12. We´ll see if A or B goes faster. It´s on, dude.
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    Preaching TFP in the land of infidels--so is Cl an evaporant?

    I´ve been visiting my ex- and kids in Brazil for the last month and the pool guy and I are having the predictable lack of understanding. He basically throws in an inadequate dose of Cal-hypo once a week (even though he comes Mondays and Thursdays) and makes up for it with cheap copper algaecide...