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    Hose leak at pool wall

    Last year I replaced Intex hoses three times Due to leaks popping up. So I went to the Leslie pool supply store and bought sturdier cut to length hoses. I had replaced the one that was leaking, but went ahead and bought two more to replace my other two hoses. Finally got around to doing that...
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    Intex hoses leaking

    I have a 15x48 intex pool with 2 hoses (the clear smaller ones) to sand filter pump and saltwater system. My two oulet hoses connect to a valve shutoff tgen to the pump. I’ve replaced the teo hoses twice this year from cracking. Ordered teplacements each time from Amazon (to get here quicker...
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    Intex swg high salt light on

    I've had my fourth intex swg running for 2 weeks, with no problems. 7 hours a day as it's been heat index of over 100. Swam in the pool several hours Friday night. Today noticed the water level is 2-3 inches low. Must have been a lot of splashing. Water is cloudy with a sort of oily feel. We...