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    Sodium Tetra Borate & Dogs Drinking Pool Water

    We just got a puppy, now 14 weeks old, and have been teaching her to swim. But often, as a prelude to getting in, she'll lap up several gulps of pool water. I have close to 5000 ppm of salt, and 80 ppm of borate. Does anyone know the risks/dangers of this for my dog? (We brought out her water...
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    Average FC that you maintain?

    I'm curious. What is the average FC level you maintain with your SWG? For good comparison we should also add: Average CYA? Hours per day of run time?
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    This is a TEST POLE. Add how many hours/day average you run your SWG.
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    Best Time to Run SWG/Pump?

    How long do you run your SWGs? Also, when you do think is the best time to run it, or do you think it matters? I could see logic in running during the sunlight, when clorine is being burned off. And I can see logic in running at night, so that the newly generated clorine has more time to...
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    Vinyl Pools & Muratic Acid

    I just ran across this at Leslie's website: MURIATIC ACID Muriatic acid is heavier than water and may etch the plaster in a shallow pool. To eliminate this possibility, pre-dilute the acid first by adding the acid into a large plastic bucket of water, and then pour the acid solution into the...
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    Please Explain Breakpoint and "Pounds" of Sodium Hypoclorate

    I recently read an article about how to calculate how many pounds of sanitizer (sodium hypoclorate, and calcium and lithium hypoclorate) is needed to reach breakpoint. I set up an Excel spreadsheet so I could just plug in the numbers. The problem is, I don't know how to translate "pounds" of...
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    SWG and Nature 2

    Continued from "SWG Size." I was ready to "make a claim" under my warrantee against my pool store/builder for installing a SWG that was too small for my size pool. But before I could explain my case, the service manager told me that 3 years ago, they had a letter in hand from Zodiac, who...
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    Rob Roy, here in NW Arkansas

    I was so glad to find, and REALLY bummed to find it was inactive. Then, REALLY happy again to find TFP! I was getting so discouraged with my pool until I got myself an education from ya'll. Now I feel powerful and in control! I no longer do as I'm told when I get my water tested...
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    SWG Size. What output to expect?

    I love this forum!! Thank you. I bought an 18x36, in ground, 22,500 gallon vinyl pool in fall of 2004. For the Fall "deal" I got a free Zodiac Clearwater LM2-15 SWG. After last summer, and now this summer, struggling with algae, I got fed up and took matters into my own hands and educated...