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    Pool School Complete

    Hello, We had pool school yesterday with our brand new build. I learned a lot, but water chemistry was very light in coverage to say the least. Pool Details: in-line chlorinator 11k gallons give or take Stonescape minipebble plaster applied March 12 We ventured out yesterday to buy the...
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    Blue Square Spectrum 360 LED Light

    hard to see in the picture, but we are very pleased how our pool is illuminated by the blue square spectrum 360 lights. We have two in the main pool area, one on the sun shelf and another in the spa. Multi-colored as well.
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    Bench Soil Partial Collapse

    We are in the middle of pool construction. Excavation began Thursday, December 12th. Steel went in Saturday, December 14th. Plumbing went in Monday, December 16th. During plumbing while I was away at work, one of the guys must have put too much weight on the soil that was carved out for our...
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    Blue Square Eclipse Drain

    Hello, we are in the design phase of an inground pool. The PB defaulted us to a suction cleaner that attaches to one of our two skimmers in the initial quote. We don’t know how we feel about 1) occupying a skimmer and 2) the aesthetics of a hose coming out of the skimmer. We have only ever had...