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    Wrap pipes for cold weather

    Does anyone have any recommendation on the best way to wrap pipes. I live in Oklahoma and it can get below freezing but not too often. It is usually only gets to about 20 on a cold day. I have my equipment covered with tarp that helps, but i have a couple of pipes that hold water and I am...
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    Heavy Duty Tarp or Solar Blanket to keep heat in

    Does anyone know if it is better to lay a heavy duty tarp over the hot tub or to use one of those floating solar blankets to keep heat in. When i use my hot tub at night and I plan to use it in the next few days I would like to trap some of that heat in there so I don't have to reheat all the...
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    holes or spalling in shallow end of pool

    I have some areas in the shallow end of my pool that are getting quite deep holes. I am planning on doing a pool resurface but probably not for 3 more years. I am thinking of trying to repair these for now. I was trying to think of a way to build a box that could seal to the floor and then...
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    fixing underside of pool deck

    Not sure where to put this but I am having some deterioration on the underside of my pool deck. I am not sure if I should use some no sag sealant here or some waterstop cement or something else. I also have a gap where an earthquake lifted the corner of the pool deck. Does anyone have a...
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    Is CircuPool really the best?

    I searched the forum to get some advice on the best SWCG and in one of the threads was this link - It appears from this that the Circupool is the best as it has a much higher value rating than the other...
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    Is constantly adding muriatic acid bad

    I have two fountains that drain into the pool and it is always making the PH rise. So i add muriatic acid all the. Other than the expense and bother is there any problem with adding muratic acid all the time?
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    three questions about my Dolphin explorer by Doheney

    1. how many times a week is normal to run it. Is it just when it looks dirty or is it best to be on schedule. i only run it every few weeks right now but when I do I usually run it two times in a row. 2. Does it matter where I drop it in. I know some robots have a learning method, is it...
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    Do filter cleaner solutions work on cartridges

    I bought some filter cleaner for my cartridge but it is a big cartridge and the filter cleaner instructions say to leave it submerged over night. Because the cartridge is so big the only way I could do that is to empty my little fountain area and fill it up with clean water and put that...
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    Chlorine stabilizer in a sock in the skimmer or bottom of pool

    I am going to add a whole bottle of chlorine stabilizer. The bottle says to spread it on the bottom of the deep end of the pool. However, I have read on this forum that some people suggest putting it in a sock in the skimmer. If you are going to do a whole bottle is it just best to put it on...
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    Any reason to get a variable speed for a spa pump?

    I have a pool with a spa in the corner that spills over into the pool. My pump is pretty old and I probably need a new one soon. I have a variable speed for my pool but a single speed 1 1/h hp motor. Should i just get another single speed or is there any value in getting a variable speed...
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    Do I need any different chemical levels for my hot tub vs my pool

    My hot tub sits elevated on the corner of my pool. When I run the hot tub I turn off my pool pump and shut off the spa return and turn on my spa pump. That way I cycle just the water in the spa and it does not spill over into the pool. at least once a week I will turn on the pool pump and...
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    Anyone know anything about repairing rock work (is this the correct thread?)

    I have sandstone around my fountain and hot tub. The grout is old and giving way so I pulled the rocks up and found a lot of loose rock under those. It looks like they put a row of rock, then grout or concrete in the middle and then another row of rocks. I have included a link to an album...
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    adding acid 2-3 times a week

    I find myself adding about 32 - 64 oz of Muriatic acid 2-3 per week. It seems like the ph is always drifting up. I was gone for a bit and it got really high and my pool started flaking and since then I have been constantly adding acid to keep it down. is this normal or do I have some sort of...
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    I think a frog went down my skimmer

    I went to check my skimmer this morning and there was a frog in the basket. As I pulled the basket out , he/she jumped out and I couldnt find it anywhere so I think it went down my skimmer pipe. First I feel sorry for the poor frog but I am also concerned that it will get stuck in my pipe or...
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    $700 is robot cleaner

    I am looking at getting a robot cleaner. I have only one tree and don't get a lot of debris, except during spring and fall. I am looking at the following: Dolphin Proteus DX4 - $799 Doheny Discovery powerd by Dolphin - $719 Doheny Mercury Powered by Dolphin - $855 - has a bluetooth app that...
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    Is Clorox with Cloromax from Costco ok

    I have been buying my bleach at Costco and they only sell Clorox performance and it has a badge that says "with Cloromax Technology" Here is a pic Shared album - Tate Goodman - Google Photos It says: Sodium Hypoclorite 6.05% Other Ingredients 93.95% - - - Updated - - - Never mind, I found...
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    Recommendations for my type of pool

    I have a gunite pool with some corners and pop outs that seem to collect debris. I am thinking about getting the type of robot that plugs in to the electrical and doesnt need to be attached to a filter hose so I don't have to run junk through my filter all the time. I was thinking that...
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    oops - used low splash

    I accidentally put two 128 oz bottles of low splash bleach in my pool. I noticed because it was making some bubbles at the waterfall, which is not normal. I already went and got some regular bleach. Should I just carry on and not worry about it or do I need to do anything. Thanks
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    shut down fountain

    I have a fountain that I think has a small leak and I would like to shut it down. It has one drain and a return that somewhere forks out to two pipes. If I just turn off the fountain I am concerned that the water will sit in the pipes and grow algae. I have a 4hp shop vac and I was...
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    Do I need a timer for my new variable speed pump?

    I just bought a Hayward tristar vs 900 variable speed pump. Should I have an electrician put in a timer so I can set it to run a certain amount of time each day or should I just run it all the time? i have a 25,000 gallon pool with a small fountain and hot tub.
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    how can i tell if i have an auto drain

    my neighbor says his pool automatically drains for when the water gets too high and talks like maybe it is normal for pools. It has been raining a lot here and my pool water is about an inch from the top of my skimmer opening. Is there any way to tell if i have an auto drain? Seems like maybe...
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    do eyeball returns need thread tape

    I recently had a leak fixed in my pool and when the repair guys put the return eyballs back in they did not use thread tape. However, I can see that there was thread tape there before. Should i take them back off and put thread tape around the grooves? Also, they left one of them about 1/3 of...
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    some of my pipes are frozen

    I turned my skimmer off because my water was low and it got really cold. I have filled the pool back up but now one of my skimmer lines and my spa return line wont open. I am sure it is because some water froze there. Should I put a tarp over my equipment and put a space heater under there to...
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    Watch this video and help me see if it is a leak

    So I have been on the forum here finding tips for detecting a leak. (losing a couple inches a day) So I tested some fo the drains with ph testing solution to check for leaks. I squirted some in at the spa and fountain drains and it didnt move much at all. Then i squirted some in front of...
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    How to plug the main drain

    I need to do some testing for a leak. I am going to take the water down below the returns and see if the water level keeps dropping. If it does I need to plug the main drain to see if it is the main drain. I have two of these in my deep end. Shared album - Tate Goodman - Google Photos How...
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    can i run my pump if the water level is below returns if i only use the main drain

    I need to do some testing for a leak. I have a pool that will allow me to shut off all suction except from the main drain. Is it a problem if I drop the water level below the returns. I am thinking that if I do that and run the pump the water will just flow out of the returns and waterfall...
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    air compressor or shopvac for closing pool

    If I want to blow out the water in my pipes and close the pool is it better to use a air compress or a shop vac? I don't have an air compressor but I am thinking of buying one and I have a small shop vac. I am not sure if the shop vac is big enough to blow out the lines.
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    how does this autofill work???

    I purchased a house with the pool and never got to speak with the owner about any of the pool workings.This is the autofill but I am not sure how it works. I dont see anywhere that the water would attach or anything. I am concerned because I have run a bucket test and it looks like the pool...
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    Does lower CYA allow for lower FC

    In the summer I keep my CYA around 50 but now it is down to about 30. If i keep my cya low, like 30, can I keep my FC lower at around 6ppm?
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    Winter FC

    I normally try to keep my FC between 7 and 10 PPM. In the winter can the FC be lower or should I still keep it this high?