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    Doheny's Discovery (by Maytronics/Dolphin) will not move.

    I have a 4 year old Doheny's Discovery that will not move when I turn it on. More specifically, it will not perform the normal self-test cycle at the beginning of its operation. When I turn on the unit, it moves about a foot in reverse, but it will not move the same foot forward in order to...
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    Air Relief Valve

    There is some leaking coming out of the round housing that sits below the gauge on my air pressure relief valve. I found what looks to be the same part on Leslies called a High Flow manual air relief valve. Is this part easy to replace? And do you think this is where the problem is? We have...
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    Doheny's Discovery doesn't appear to have adequate suction - falls off walls

    Hi - We have a Doheny's Discovery (by Dolphin) pool robot that doesn't seem to have adequate suction to enable it to climb walls while vacuuming. The unit is 2 years old, and was a refurbished unit. When we first got it, it worked fine. But over the past 6 months or so, it seems to have...
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    How to replace salt cell

    I believe it is time for a new salt cell. Is it as easy as just removing the old cell and screwing the new one in? Or is there anything I need to do after I put the new one in place? Thank you.
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    Time to replace salt cell?

    I have added 140lbs of pool salt to my pool over the last 5 weeks. The SWG registers the salt at a higher level then about a week or so later is drops. Does it sound like it is time for a new salt cell? This salt cell is five years old. My FC levels are fine.
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    Pool is filling up by itself!

    We do not have an auto pool fill and live in the desert. During the summer I have to fill my pool a few times each week. The last time I filled was 2 weeks ago and we have still had weather in the 90's to 100's. The strange thing is my pool water level has increased to where it is now at the...
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    stuck salt cell

    We unscrew our salt cell every 3 months when the check cell light comes on with no problem. This time the cell just won't budge. It doesn't help that it is up against the wall and the big filter cartridge dome is in front of it so it is awkward to access at best. Is there a special tool that can...
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    What plaster looks like 2 years later

    We had our pool replastered in January of 2015. We have kept up the pool chemicals and have been good about brushing. Never had an algae outbreak. We do have very hard water with the calcium hardness rising fast with no real reason (we have been around about that on the forum with no answers as...
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    What robot meets this criteria?

    Hello - Thinking strongly of going from my Hayward Navigator suction cleaner (which needs replacing) to a robot. I currently have to plug it into my skimmer valve which I do not mind at all but keep thinking my underground pipes could get clogged. That might be the problem now instead of my...
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    Sunction cleaner or Robot?

    We need to replace our Hayword Navigator which will be about $400 and am trying to decide if it is worth the extra $$ to get a Robot. With a Robot cleaner do your big pool filters last longer? I am thinking they might since you are catching he debris in the Robots filter basket and it is not...
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    Hayward Navigator - About 10 years old - barely moves across bottom of pool

    I have a Hayward Navigator that's probably about 10 years old or so (maybe more) that came with the house we bought. The pool is just a standard white plaster. For about the past 3 weeks or so, the unit has barely moved across the pool floor. I have tried adjusting the flow on it to one...
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    AquaRite says "No Flow"

    Our AquaRite SWG is showing "no flow". We have checked the connections and cleaned out the pump filter basket and still shows "no flow". Anything else we can try before calling the pool tech?
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    Generic Bleach ok???

    I had a reverse osmosis on my pool water yesterday and was going to get the FC back up using generic household bleach until my SWG gets going, but the technician said that would add other contaminants that could stain my pool. Hype or true? I need to start adding this morning. He said use...
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    Balancing from scratch - need to know order of chemicals

    Getting a reverse osmosis filtering for my pool water tomorrow (CH over 1000 now so it was time). After it's completed I will test and see how much of everything I need to start adding back in but I need to know in what order to adjust levels. Please let me know if I start with TA first, then...
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    I may have finally found the reason for my high CH.

    My pool was replastered a little over a year ago and ever since then, the calcium hardness has been steadily rising until now it is 1000. I've posted a few times on the forum but no one has been able to help me figure out why. It's gotten so high that I am now going to do a reverse osmosis on...
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    Time to do something about CH at 900!!

    We replastered our pool January 2015 and the calcium hardness has been creeping up ever since. We are now at 900 and it is time to do something before I can no longer manage it. Has anyone done a reverse osmosis on their pool water? There is a company locally that will do it Purified Pool Water...
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    Hayward Vacuum not working correctly

    Our Hayward vacuum usually works great. We had a big windstorm and it started moving slowly and staying in the deep end of the pool. My husband checked all the hose sections were clear, checked pump basket was clear (including the pipes coming into and out of pump basket), and we cleaned the big...
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    Calcium Hardness and Reverse Osmosis

    Hello - Got my pool replastered in January and calcium hardness has been creeping up since then. Todays readings are: PH 7.6 TA 50 FC 7 CC 0 CYA 80 CH 850 Salt 3700 Temp 56 CSI -0.45 The CH of our fill water is 125. We do not add anything to the pool except for acid, which was daily...
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    How often do you brush your pool?

    How often do you brush your pool and run your vacuum? I brush 2-3 times a week and run the vacuum for a few hours almost daily. Not sure if I should be brushing more though.
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    Algae or scraping from pool brush?

    Hello - I have a rectangular pool with a sitting ledge that goes all along the width of pool in the shallow end. The last few weeks I've noticed there is a faint red mark that goes along the length of the face of this sitting ledge. My FC hovered between 4 and 5 in August and has been at least a...
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    TA and CYA - what is the proper sequence??

    Here are some of my numbers today: PH - 8.0 (added 16oz of acid). TA - 50 FC - 6.5 CYA - 50 I am going to add 27 oz of conditioner in a sock to my skimmer tomorrow to raise my CYA from 50 to 70. I have never had to raise my TA before but to go from 50 to 70 pool math says to add 47oz of...
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    Dogs and pool safety

    Does anyone use the "scamper ramp" for their dog or some other type of pool escape device? I have had my new dog in the pool a few times and let her swim about 3 feet to the steps but I would feel better about having another exit for her in the deep end of the pool. I don't think she would jump...
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    How hard to replace this piece of pump piping?

    There is a hairline crack on the top black piece of piping (where the wires are coming out). We have wrapped with yellow plumbers tape and it held for awhile but is back to leaking. We need to replace that entire middle section of pipe. How hard is this to do? Just disconnect the wires...
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    How to fix leak?

    We have a small leak coming from the top part of the pump where the electrical wires are coming out of (see photos). Is this something we can easily repair? I'm thinking we unscrew the top and use plumbers tape?
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    Super Chlorinate setting on SWG

    My water looks good but I'm thinking it is a little dull (maybe). We are in the midst of palm tree shedding time and I'm having lots of debris in the water each morning so I think that's what's making it not look as sparkling as usual. We are having people over for 4th of July so I want it...
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    Rust colored algae

    Hello - My pool has been looking very good so far this year but I noticed some rust colored algae spots this morning. My testing from yesterday was: PH - 7.8 TA - 70 FC - 5.0 CC - 0.5 CYA - 70 CH - 460 Salt - 3000 Temp - 92 CSI - 0.13 We are now in the 100's with this weekend being 114 and...
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    Anybody with a water softener - need your opinion

    Ok - I'm really obsessing over my CH. We replastered the pool this January partly because our CH was through the roof and we had to drain it anyway (I'm sure previous owner never drained for CH). We have hard water and after almost 6 months after replaster are already up to 450 CH. My fill water...
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    Pool Math question

    My numbers for today are: PH - 7.8 TA - 80 FC - 4.5 CC - 0.5 CYA - 60 CH - 450 Salt - 3000 temp - 92 CSI - 0.4 I've been using the Taylor booklet and CSI Watergram that came with my K-2006 kit to figure my chemicals but today used the pool math. Am I correct in thinking that the CSI number...
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    Rising CH

    Hello - We live in a hard water area. Got the pool replastered in January and the CH has been slowly rising ever since. My husband tested it last week and he got 475 but I got 425 today (and have gotten 425 for the last three weeks). I tested the fill water today and it is 100, and with our...
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    On the right chemical track?

    Hello - Pool was replastered in January so still dealing with adding 16-20oz of acid every other day. But my question is regarding CYA and FC. Here are my numbers today, testing at about 3pm: PH - 8.0 TA - 70 FC - 3.5 CC - 0 CYA - 55 CH - 425 Salt - 2900 (output set to 70). Water Temp - 81...