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    Heater only for spa?

    Good afternoon.... I have an in-ground 10k gallon pool with a spill over spa. I bought the house last year with a broken poll heater (I knew it was broken). Now, I am starting to look into possibly getting a new heater and had a few simple questions. FYI- the old one was natural gas and there is...
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    Leak in backwash valve?

    Good afternoon, earlier this summer I thought I had a leak I my return line but discovered that the leak was in my return valve as I had a slow but continuous run of water going through the backwash valve (runs underground direct to sewage line.... can see the valve below that allows me to...
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    Pool leaks when not running?

    Good afternoon. I have been dealing with what may/may not be a minor leak for a year. Just when I think I have it figured out, something else happens. A few weeks ago I thought I had a leak and did the bucket test to confirm I did. I did some troubleshooting and realized I had a bad o-ring on...
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    Leak in backwash pipe?

    Good afternoon, I’m trying to determine where a leak In my pool is and I have noticed that when I open my backwash valve water slowly falls out.... my backwash is connected to a pipe that hooks into my sewer line so this valve is usually not opened I just opened it to see what would happen...
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    Possible leak with no air bubbles

    Good morning, happy 4th. I suspected a leak in my pool as I was adding water about 3x week (probably losing an inch or two each time.). I did the bucket test over the last 36 hours and the pool did in fact lose more than the bucket. There is zero air in my return lines. Does anyone have any...
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    Stains.... causes and anyway to remove?

    Good morning, Anyone help me out in figuring out these pool stains, and how to prevent/remove them? This is my first summer with the pool and as far as I can remember these stains have been here the entire time. My chemistry is good.... although earlier I realized that my CH was very low...
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    First DE Clean... PSI never returned to same level?

    So I did a full DE filter clean.... took it apart and knocked out all the old medium.... re-installed and added back the correct/suggested amount. I noticed that my psi never returned to where it normally was (12 PSI and about 17 when a backwash was required)... and instead is at about 8 psi...
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    Help rapid chlorine loss

    Good afternoon. I did a slam earlier this year here in Dallas and everything g seemed to be going good for a few months. I slacked on running all the tests past chlorine and ph. I ran them all the other day and came up with these numbers. FC 4 Ph 8.2 Ch 150 Ta 110 Cya 30 I ran these numbers...
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    Test Daily? Ever just add x amount of bleach/day?

    I am curious if everyone here tests every single day? Is it possible to just get in a groove and understand that depending upon the weather your pool will go through x amount of chlorine a day?
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    New Heater. Costs and is it worth it in TX?

    Good morning. I have a house with a pool in Plano TX. When we bought the house the pool had a heater that was inoperable (CNG I believe) and still on the equipment pad un-installed. I was wondering if anyone had some insights into what it would roughly cost to install a new heater (and remove...
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    No Dig Pipe repair, Does it work?

    Good afternoon, so after much troubleshooting and having a pool guy come out to confirm my tests, it has been established I have at least one leak from my skimmer line. I have been quoted roughly $2k for a complete fix ($400 to find leak, and anywhere from 1200-1600 to repair depending upon...
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    Brown spots.

    I’ve been asking for lots of help here and asking again. What are these brown spots ? One popped up yesterday and there are more today ?
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    Vacuum forces pump to lose prime and make noise

    *Posted this in the pool cleaners forum with no response so I thought I would cross post it here. Good morning. Through process of elimination I have determined that the bubbles in my return as well as the loud sound from my pump is caused due to something with my auto vacuum. I can confirm...
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    Pump will not turn off

    Good morning, so my pump will not turn off through either the set timer or by the manual on/off switch. The only way I could get it to shut down last night was by hitting the kill switch to the power. The timing box is a Hydro-King 2 Circuit timer switch. I had been attempting a slam so I...
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    Start First SLAM-

    I am down in Dallas and I have stocked up on liquid chlorine.... but it looks like it may rain over the next week (20%+- chance).... is it best to wait until it looks like there will be a week or so of clear weather? Also, any tips/tricks are appreciated. Thanks,
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    Multiple Questions: HELP lol

    Good afternoon, and sorry if these questions/concerns have already been addressed, I tried searching and couldn't find any exact threads regarding some of the problems I am having. I recently bought a house in Plano TX with an older pool. It has a 38 sq ft DE filter (Heater is not hooked up...