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    Pentair Minimax NT reading wrong temp, won't run long

    I've read the posts on other threads about hi-temp sensors and thermistor but wanted advice before I order a part today. Background: I haven't used heater in almost two years. I noticed about 3 weeks ago it said my water temp was 99 or 101 on the HEATER. I have an EasyTouch system which shows...
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    repair to Triton II Sand filter, air relief body assy, crack

    I guess the hard winter in Georgia has caused damage to my filter and multiport. Yesterday I backwashed and when I put the multiport back on "filter" I didn't notice that all the water did not completely divert back to the pool. My flow gauge was operating and I saw the flow to the pool so I...
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    Foaming problem in a chlorine (tablets) pool

    I have a neighbor two doors down with a traditional chlorine pool. His home/pool was vacant (economy!) and with out maintenance for about one year. he bought the home last year about this time and I helped him clean the pool and establish proper pool chemistry over the summer. He uses tablets...
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    replacement bag for Polaris 280

    I'm on my 3rd bag from Polaris. The screen is fine and works well to trap dirt/sand but boy is it expensive. I have had a velcro bag and now a zipper bag. I like the zipper bag but noticed today that the seam along the crest of the bag came un sewn and the whole bag is split open. If I can...
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    any experience with roll on plaster?

    I heard there was a product that is do-it-yourself plaster. A product applied with a 1" roller that dries pretty fast. I don't know how thick you go, how many coats, how much it cost, how big a job you can do with it, etc. Has anyone heard of the product and / or used it? I want to seal...
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    Blue White flowmeters to sell to TFP members-a few left over

    The reason I got a flowmeter is two fold. I want to know how long to run my pump each day to turn my water over using as little power as possible. Also, the accuracy of a flowmeters for back washing is much better than pressure gauges. I have been meaning to install a flowmeter for two years...
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    New gunite, plaster, liner? -how to do MAJOR repair of leaks

    I personally have an in ground pool but I am writing tonight to request help and opinions for my neighborhood fountain. In my subdivision (small with 20 homes) we have a VERY large, round pool basin that holds a large tiered shaped (about 9 feet tall) fountain made of concrete bowls that water...
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    where to repair or purchase Pentair MiniMax DDTC board?

    My board must be bad and they are $275 on ebay and $300 on the internet stores. Does anyone know anyone who can repair the DDTC / PCB for the MiniMax NT? I mean I have seen guys to it to PC's and even circuit boards for automotive control units. Any help appreciated. Post or PM. Thanks,
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    anyone know what this build up is inside heater?

    I am just curious. I am having heater problems (Pentair MiniMax see other posts if you can help) and while taking the cover off I noticed this residue. Any on know what it is?? And does it effect anything? Should it be cleaned out? Notice it is on the back wall in the photo too.
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    ERR on Pentair Heater problem

    I have a Pentair MiniMax NT heater. About 2 weeks ago I had a lightning strike which blew my 24V transformer. I replaced it and now I do get 24V on the orange and white wires that plug in P4 to the panel. When I turned the heater back on it tonight it flashes "Err" fast for about 5 seconds...
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    wiring help replacing transformer Pentair Minimax NT heater

    I believe a lightning surge blew transformer on my Pentair Minimax heater. PB did not tighten ground wire in easytouch panel. I could pull the wire out of the grounding block so easy with my little finger. I suspect that caused the "frying" of the transformer. I used an ohm meter and get no...
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    any experience with spring check valves or Compool 3 way?

    I am trying to keep my spa from dropping an inch or two when actuator switches from pool to spa and back especially during freeze protection. It can drop several feet over night and go dry. So I think I will put check valves on the pool skimmer and pool drain lines right before the 3 way and...
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    I Want to add flowmeter, Recommendation brand & placement

    I have an Intelliflow 4X160 pump. This pump is designed to help you save money on energy by a variable speed RPM setting. It appears the best way is to observe the GPM with a flow meter. So, I want to add a flow meter and need recommendations for the brand and placement. The things I have...
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    Sand Filter needs backwashing OFTEN, could i have gunk?

    I have a new pool finished in about August/September. It had two big leaks and was loosing a lot of water every day. The builder would not return to fix the leaks since he had final payment. He thought I was an idiot who could not measure water loss and kept blaming it on evaporation. He is...