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  1. AimeeH

    Getting Air in lines when vacuuming

    I'm stumped and I don't think I should be so maybe someone can point me in the right direction. When I'm vacuuming the pool, I'm getting air in the lines as I see the bubbles start to come from the returns and it increases as i go on to the point I can see the air at the pump filter. My...
  2. AimeeH

    PH TA Anomaly

    I let the pool go green for winter. Just got my TF100 refills. PH appears purple......too high to be accurat. But, TA is measuring 40--which is where I expected based on history. Not a newbi by any means but not sure how to address this. TA doesn't need to go any lower but addressing PH will...
  3. AimeeH

    Why do I get this error message

    I'm using safari on iPad mini. I keep several pool school articles open on different tabs and I get this message constantly
  4. AimeeH

    I found another hiding place for algae

    I know I've been preaching to folks about not just brushing but finding all the nooks and crannies to brush as well. So much so that I put my kids to work with a plastic kitchen brush. This advice comes from my own experience of finding puffs of green where you'd never suspect like where...
  5. AimeeH

    SC heat

    We've been dancing near triple digits all week here and heat indexes in the 107-110 range. A coworker of mine told me that while driving home in a more rural area she passed a trailer home where the owner had placed a sprinkler attached to his garden hose (I'm assuming well water) on his...
  6. AimeeH

    Oh my. Lake Okeechobee algae bloom Eeeks
  7. AimeeH

    SWG's failing question

    Can someone with more experience shed some light on this question. Do SWG's fail slowly over time with diminishing chlorine output or do they just stop producing altogether when they quit? Is there even any rule of thumb on this? I understood the expected lifespan of 5 plus or minus a year or...
  8. AimeeH

    Inyo pools

    I'm posting this in the coffee bar for a reason. We replaced our pump motor three weeks ago. We could not have done it without the help that their (inyo pools ) youtube videos from inyo pools provided. The fact that a week or two later I saw they were willing to offer discounts to TFP...
  9. AimeeH

    Thank you TFP

    I just want to say again how much I appreciate this site. Today hubby and I replaced the motor on our Hayward pump. This is something we would not thought of as a DIY project had it not been from the empowering we get from this site. Hubby knows nothing about the chemistry of our pool. I don't...
  10. AimeeH

    Smooth and shaft seal question

    We are in process of replacing a Hayward motor and shaft seal. Question.......the instructions in the seal package say to never use PTFE or silicone products to lubricate. That's exactly what the pool supplier sold us. Is it a serious issue to not use what they sold us? subject got auto...
  11. AimeeH

    Help with deep cleaning sand filter

    Good day TFP experts. The time has come that I feel we need to deep clean our sand filter. It is almost five years old and we have never done this and we need some hand holding please. I've read other threads on this and watched the YouTube videos found in the forum. But, my questions are about...
  12. AimeeH

    Washing soda question

    Pool math mentioned using washing soda to increase PH. This question might be for Chemgeek. Due to the fact that I've been making my own washing machine detergent I learned that washing soda can be make by heating baking soda. Is this true? And can I heat my baking soda sufficiently to produce...
  13. AimeeH

    Replacing shaft seal

    Forgive me if this is a stupid question but we have no experience maintaining the mechanical equipment of our pool but are attempting to replace what we think is a leaking shaft seal. My question is about water level and removing the pump. We have drained below the skimmers with the filter on...
  14. AimeeH

    Intellichlor flashing high salt

    Does anyone have input on the accuracy of the Aquacheck salt test strips? Strips are measuring my salt at 3470 (yellow peak at 6-6) but SWG is flashing high salt. Manual says that puts salt above 4500. Is this more likely a fault with the SWG?
  15. AimeeH

    FAS-DPD I forget.....

    What is the best way to test at very high chlorine levels? In order to reduce reagents used? I forget. I don't see it in the extended test kit instructions. I didn't think it included any dilution.....a search brought me to that. I need to order reagents but also need to slam. Isn't there a...
  16. AimeeH

    Random PH w/SWG question

    From all of my reading and learning here, I would expect to see steady PH rise with an SWG but I don't. I test everything weekly and am always at 7.5 PH as far as I can tell. I even aerate a bit just for the cooling sprinkler effect. Have I just found a sweet spot with TA 70-80 range, CYA 60...
  17. AimeeH

    Rat poo

    Upon rescuing a live rat this morning balencing itself on the weir door overnight and discovering it's droppings all over the steps. Would you elevate CL to a higher level for peace of mind??? Droppings are vacuumed and filter back washed and SWG running. FC-6 PH-7.5 TA-80 CYA-60
  18. AimeeH

    New critter scenario

    While I was at work today hubby grabbed pool towels that had been hanging on the deck rails since probably Saturday and threw them in the wash. I came home needing to wash clothes (having just been a spectator at the kids outdoor swim meet in 95+ degree temps) so I threw those towels in the...
  19. AimeeH

    Pump ? Not pool related

    I thought I'd put this out there (in the coffee bar of course) and ask since there are so many experts here. Last week our well pump started tripping the breaker where the meter is. Seemed to be random and not while water was running. Called electrician Friday but before holiday weekend got no...
  20. AimeeH

    Mustard algae questions

    I'm not a newbie at TFP (supporter, TF100, etc). I slammed properly at opening in March. Took out lights and all. I never went to mustard algae shock level but I think that is my problem now. Pool had been crystal clear until last Friday. Does mustard algae consume your chlorine at a higher...
  21. AimeeH

    Chlorine/CYA question

    Maybe I'm misinterpreting somewhere but asking for clarification. Saw algae yesterday.....need to shock/slam pool. I don't need help with that that thanks to TFP . :-D CL/CYA chart says shock value for SWG is 28 with cya of 70 Poolcalc says 20 with cya of 70 Why the difference?
  22. AimeeH

    Panicked really need help

    Ok TFP folks. Thanks for all your chemical wisdom and teaching me how to keep my pool a sparkling oasis. Now I have a much different problem. Woke up today to an empty pool. I posted last night in the rain rain go away thread about having to drain water daily due to all of our rain. "Someone"...
  23. AimeeH

    Mustard Algae?

    I fear I may have mustard algae. I have this spot on the floor where it meets the wall on the side of the pool that gets afternoon shade (west). It is yellowish green. The first time I noticed it I brushed/vacuumed etc. and it went away. Now approximately a week or two later it is back in two...
  24. AimeeH

    to fill in or not

    My husband is an appraiser and these photos come from a bank owned home. Would it just be better/cheaper to fill this in? there are actual trees in these pics..
  25. AimeeH

    CYA sock

    I'm sure this wouldn't happen to anybody else (no. Really.....I'm pretty sure). I asked DH to clean/empty skimmers before I set out to vacuum pool. One skimmer had a nearly empty sock in the basket that previously had been full of CYA. DH "though" he didn't want to stain concrete with CYA sock...
  26. AimeeH

    I hate fire ants!!!

    We are RIDDLED with fires ants. I am looking for suggestions for control around the pool. I'm quite certain they are nested under the concrete deck since I've now seen them coming up from under the mounted rails at the steps as well as a small crack where the swim out steps are installed in the...
  27. AimeeH

    Thanks TFP

    I just want to give my thanks to the helpful folks on this site. I'm so glad I found this site about a month after my pool install. I have NEVER let a pool store test my water and only first stepped into a pool store for a purchase when I needed a new pressure gauge this year. I read and learn...
  28. AimeeH

    Is this possible?

    I read so much on this site about problems with pools. I bought the TF100 last spring. I'll admit I left it on the screened porch over the winter. I know that was a no no but can anyone verify the effects of the temps on the chemicals? I'm going to be purchasing the refill kit but today I...
  29. AimeeH

    help....pump wont come on....suspect electrical problem

    I've measured the voltage coming to the pump by putting the two needles of the voltage neater on the two screws with the red wires as 0 at the pump. I'm measuring 250 volts on the two red wires coming into the timer but 0 leaving the timer going to the pump. My question is if I can somehow...
  30. AimeeH

    Pics. Last summer's construction

    I thought I'd post pics of our construction last summer and the final result