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  1. iggy

    What is the actual difference between Hayward SWG systems?

    I have a small 11,000 gallon inground pool with a aging (9 yrs) Goldline SWG system with a T-15 cell. I have looking in getting a complete new Hayward system. The Salt cells T3 produce .53 lbs of chlorine daily for up to a 15,000 gallon pool T5 produces ? for...
  2. iggy

    Hayward Goldline SWG replacement.

    I have had my Gold Line SWG system installed in my new pool in 2008. It was with a T-15 Cell and my inground pool is only 11,000 gallons. Now being in Arizona and all the heat and sun I can see why maybe I needed a T-15 cell which produces more Chlorine. Now my questions relates to the T5, T9...
  3. iggy

    Getting started for the second time

    Hi Everyone, It has been many years since I was here last. Sorry but all was going great after learning how to maintain my pool here. THX. My return/revisit today is that I plan on draining 50% of my pool after 7 years. The reason is because my chlorine is being eaten up and my CYA has gotten...
  4. iggy

    Pools Open for the season... In Arizona anyway.... LOL

    Well, after a long winter we finally opened our pool yesterday. :cheers: Nice and clean and all the numbers normal after a bit of acid. Water temp during the day is 80-83 degrees and jumped in yesterday to check out all my popup heads. Oh water temp is naturally heated by the cool days in...
  5. iggy

    How long did your SWG Cell last before replacement?

    I was just curious if the SWG decrease production over the years. I have one that is 4 1/2 years old and seems to put out less than it did when new. Should I start looking for a new one? How long did your Goldline/Hayward SWG Cell last before you replaced it?
  6. iggy

    Goldline Auqu Rite system Version number

    I have a Goldline Aqua Rite system with a R1.40 firmware number on the screen. I have a chance to buy a almost new panel with a R1.10 firmware number. Should it work ok? Can you get any updated firmware or I really don't need to worry. Thanks
  7. iggy

    Scale/Calcium is falling off the tiles

    Today I noticed a lot of white flakes at the bottomof my salt pool. FC =4 CC = 0 pH = 7.6 TA = 90 CYA = 80% Hardness 250 This has been my normal for many months but last night we had a rain storm which raised the level above the normal level. I think the scale is coming off the tile around the...
  8. iggy

    Goldline SWG gone bad?

    Hi All. My Goldline SWG has been working flawlessly for over 5 years until recently. Outside temp 80 degrees Water temp 73 degrees Cell working 65% for 2 hrs daily Salt level 3300 Flow switch closed No air pockets Filters recently cleaned All water numbers within normal specs. Now that we have...
  9. iggy

    Using Algaecide with high CYA

    I just had a similiar issue with my pool. Seems that the water was clear. Chlorine FC and TC was 3 pH wa 7.8 TA was 110 CYA 99% I started to notice green patches between the tiles below water level as well as dark dirt stains on the floor and walls of the pool. I swept but it seemed not to...
  10. iggy

    Staining between floor and walls

    Hi all. Here is Arizona we have many dust storms that really fill the air as well as fills the pool. I have an inground pool with infloor clearer jets. The pool is about 2 1/2 years old. Preparing the pool to open soon I have noticed staining on the rounded edge inside the pool between the...
  11. iggy

    No more acid needed? Is it possible?

    Well the question is will the pool water ever get balanced that it no longer needs any acid? My pool is now in its 3rd year and it seems that the acid demand has decreased to zero and my ph is sitting at 7.8 for the past few months. FC nad TC are both in the 4 range. Hardness has been 250 from...
  12. iggy

    First swim of the year

    Well after working hard cleaning the filter and the pool I finally jumped in today. Water temp showed 75 degrees on the cheap floating thermometer. Air temp was around 95 degrees here in Surprise Arizona. My numbers have not changed much but all in the ball park. FC 3 TC 3 TA 100 pH 7.6 Ca 250...
  13. iggy

    One Year with new pool and SWG and I have learned.........

    Hi All, I have reached my 1st anniversary of my new salt pool and this is what I have learned over the past year. 1. Brush the interior at least once a week. 2. Use the net and take as much leaves out when you sweep it. 3. Keep the automatic water leveler going to keep level half way up the...
  14. iggy

    Turned off my SWG for winter

    First off.. I hope everyone is having a great holiday. Well folks I have turned off my SWG on the 15th of Dec because my covered pool here in Arizona was not using up the chlorine. I have has levels of FC of 5-8. Since the 15th I have tested the water weekly and It is down to 5 FC today. All...
  15. iggy

    Winter pool tile cleaning methods

    Hi All. It is now winter in the desert and I have lowered the water level below my tiles. I would like to do some preventive maintenance and clean the tiles which have built up some calcuim/lime staining between the tiles in the grout as well as some on the tiles. My plan is to do a...
  16. iggy

    Closing In-Ground Pool in Arizona

    It is never to early to ask but do we have any folks out there from Arizona? This is my first year with a pool in my new home and wondered do I need to do much in the winter time here in the desert? I do plan on maintaining chlorine all winter long with my SWG and have a solar blanket that I...
  17. iggy

    Resetting/Recalibrating Goldline/Hayward SWG Panel

    I have a Goldline AquaRite basic panel. Since its install in January the average and the instant salt readings have been 3700 ppm and I know that this is incorrect. Well I cleaned my filters today, checked my cell which was spotless and reset my panel using the below procedures from...
  18. iggy

    You Test, They Test, Everyone Tests & ALL Different LOL

    I have had two pools in a total of 23 years and I have always taken care of my pool myself. My most recent pool was filled in January of this year 2008. I have tested my water probably more frequently then needed but I'm that type of guy. I have also learned that when you test you need a good...
  19. iggy

    Calcium incresed from 250ppm to 450ppm within a few days

    Hi All. New Pool filled Jan 2008. I thought I had my new pool under contol the past 6 months but we had a major change in my calcium lelevs increasing from 250ppm for the past 6 months to 450ppm in the past week. The only thing that happened was a rain that added about 1" of water in the pool...
  20. iggy

    Where did my CYA go?

    My SWG inground 12,000 gallon pool was completed in January this year. We had the CYA up to 100 ppm and all of a sudden in June the CYA tested 50 ppm on both liquid test and strips and has been that way every since. I want to maintain 80 ppm and know I need about 3 lbs of CYA to get up again to...
  21. iggy

    What do you think?

    Here is my present numbers. FC 5 TC 5 pH 7.8 Alk 90 CA 250 Salt 3400 CYA 80 CSI is is between 0.00 and +.04 depending on which spreadfsheet I use. So it seems this is my pools sweet spot. My question is this... It seems that my water balance is really great now with pH at 7.8 with CSI of almost...
  22. iggy

    Don't Foret to Clean the Filters........

    Hi All, It has been about 5 months since my pool was finished and I wanted to give others my perspective on what I have seen and learned about my pool. I have a nice 4 cartridge Jandy filter CL460. I have cleaned it today which makes it the 3rd cleaning (Jan Apr, Jun). My water pressure wasn't...
  23. iggy

    test test Test and only a test

    This is a test of the american broadcast sytem Beeeeeeep. If this was real you would have to duck and comer and kiss you you know what goodbye. The nuclear bomb would have fried you to a crispy critter. A blast from the past. 1960's :goodjob: No more spell check? sppeell
  24. iggy

    Avatar issue - unable to upload

    SeanB Is it me or the website. I don't see any avatars and when I tried to add mine again it didn't have anyplace to browse and select my personal avatar. Iggy
  25. iggy

    Need Information from Pool Owners in Arizona

    Questions for Arizonians with pools. 1. At what level do you maintain your Chlorine levels during swim season? 2. What is your level of CYA? ppm 3. How long do you run your pump and SWG during swin season (summer) Thanks Iggy
  26. iggy

    Does CYA levels change by tempurature?

    I test my pool weekly at a number of Leslie Pool stores. The CYA levels change from 80 to 100. I think it must be the person doing the test is getting a close guess. What is your opinion? Iggy
  27. iggy

    First SWIM day.... May 31, 2008

    Well I just couldn't wait to try out my new pool. I decided to jump in today and start my swim season here in Arizona. Water temp 77 degrees. Outside air temp 98. Link to a few pictures First Day Iggy
  28. iggy

    I need to lower my Alkalinity in my pool while on vacation

    I will be leaving my pool on auto while I'm gone for two weeks. FC 4 TC 4 Ph 7.8 Alk 110 CYA 80 CA 250 I wanted to lower Alkalinity down to 90-100 and the only way I think I know is to aerate using my waterfall. So what I want to do is lower Alk using the water fall while i'm gone. Is this...
  29. iggy

    Borax to lock your pH?

    I just read about using Borax to lockdown your pH. Does it really work? Can someone explain this and why should I consider or not consider doing this.
  30. iggy

    What is the difference between these salt levels?

    I just checked my Goldline Aqua Rite panel and looked at my readings. The only question I have is what is the difference bewteen the two salt level readings that show up. Panel Salt Level 3400 Instant Salinity - 3100 In the manual it really never mentions what is the difference...