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  1. NWMNMom

    Solar Panel Repairs - "stents" INSTEAD of plugs or glue?

    Well again we are repairing solar panels - it seems every year there is a new pinhole, crimp, slice, pinch or whatever. We have glued with some minor success, but once we roll them up for the winter and remove to install in the spring, the last year's glue job is now coming off and we start...
  2. NWMNMom

    Pool Rover Jr Demise Dates and what did you replace with?

    We have had our PRJ for probably 5-6 years and it finally bit the dust - the seal went, oil began to leak and it took water into the pump/motor. It was GREAT while it lasted. Hubby tried to take it apart, clean/dry the unit but it really just had given up I think. How long did your Pool Rover...
  3. NWMNMom

    Like a bad penny, I'm back again...

    Yep, the waaay north has thawed early this year and I'm out of hibernation. Gearing up the pool and ready to top it off pretty soon. Hey all the oldies but goodies pool friends and any new ones that have joined.:D
  4. NWMNMom

    TomCat Replacement Bags for Pool Rover

    :goodjob: I ordered the mesh bag off Amazon - free shipping from TomCat, quuck too. Appx $36? or something and if you take a picture of thier product help/order number on your control box and email to them they send you another bag for only a $10 shipping fee, no bag cost. Tbe mesh bag...
  5. NWMNMom

    most unusual thing found in your pool

    Our 18yo had a party while we were gone this weekend. The pool was used and we found various items of clothing, loose change, jewelry, beer cans, a bottle rocket, plastic (thankfully) bottle of rum and ...drumroll....Ramon noodles. A lot. Ugh. I really hope they were just spilled there. He...
  6. NWMNMom

    The BEST free or paid for Android App ever...IMO

    My son just moved to Oregon 2 weeks ago - he is my baby, just graduated from highschool 3 weeks ago. I need to talk or text with him every day to feel OK about him being 1600 miles away. Today, someone stole his cell phone - he had borrowed it to the roommate, someone stole it from her locker...
  7. NWMNMom

    Summer found the Great North - Swimmers in my pool!

    I came home early today not feeling well and lo and behold, my son and nephew (19 and 30) had a barbeque and family swim time going for the first time this year. We just haven't had summer up here yet, even though Fargo has been in the 80s several times, just up the Interstate here we have...
  8. NWMNMom

    Gazebo canvas replacement

    It's very frustrating that you drop a chunk of change on an iron gazebo (not the flimsy cheap ones) and there are no replacement supplies for them. After a big wind shredded the top canvas of our gazebo late last summer, I began to look around, research, contact manufacturers (even those that...
  9. NWMNMom

    Fickle Mother Nature - maybe opening pool by June?

    I am green with envy at all the people opening and enjoying. No lie, we had 65 degrees durng the day then 4" of snow less than a week ago. While it is gone now, the rain doesn't stop and the nights are darned cool. Last year at this time, we were just finishing our liner replacement project...
  10. NWMNMom

    A whole summer of perfect pool

    Thank you AquaRite and thank you TFP. I have actually had many years of nearly perfect pool due to TFP and PF before that, but since I got the AquaRite - I've had a completely wonderful, technologically perfect experience. This summer has been warm, full of many wonderful swimming days. I...
  11. NWMNMom

    Lazy Girl - solar cover modification

    Well as I was installing our replacement solar cover today I decided to be even lazier about handling it than before. Our reel has always been fairly smooth to roll up by one person with just one hand, but I admit, I'm a whiner when I have to walk from side to side to straighten out a bunched...
  12. NWMNMom

    Temps dropped - Ok wow, time to dial back output!

    My Aqua Rite has been operating just great since we installed. In the last days we had so much tree pollen float into the pool it looked like snow and then another storm that dumped a ton of tree junk in the pool so I dialed up the output for a bit of a shock level after dipping out, then...
  13. NWMNMom

    Things are going so well after our rough start!

    Well we opened to a hole in the liner that was too bad for repair, new liner, Gorilla Pad, wall foam and cove were ordered along with some replacement equipment. Then the cold - second winter - set in, followed by rain rain rain. Got everything in and filled the pool - we have well water with...
  14. NWMNMom

    So gross-Waiting for circulation to start shock and balance

    We need about 3" more water to get the pump running then it's time to ZAP this water but good - isn't it gross? I used to have an old pump and filter I could set up temporarily with hoses over the side while I filled/topped off at startup each spring so I could shock the you-know-what out of it...
  15. NWMNMom

    Question re - skimmer and return installation with wall foam

    People with wall foam - is your wall foam in between the skimmer and return gaskets or did you trim it so only the liner is in between?? Wondering if the foam would compromise the gaskets any.... Thanks
  16. NWMNMom

    Solar Rack & Plumbing Diagrams

    I have had several PMs asking for diagrams of our rack design and how we plumbed the solar panels. Instead of sending emails to everyone who asked I'll just put them here and anyone who wants it can use it. I guess it's nice to see all the different options out there. Please disregard if not...
  17. NWMNMom

    Oh Oh - leak in new liner or old liner water squeezing out?

    Ok, when I removed the old liner a few days back there was about 2"-3" of water in there that I dumped into the sand/ground inside the pool frame. The liner came out and a lot of the sand was dug out. The ground/sand remaining was damp. The Gorilla Pad was placed and the liner was put in 2...
  18. NWMNMom

    what order when installing wall foam and foam cove?

    Do I install the wall foam right down to the rail and the foam cove over the top of that or the foam cove and the wall foam from the top of the cove up? Thanks
  19. NWMNMom

    Timer dilema

    I have a pool pump with a standard 3 prong plug but a new SWCG that has a control that needs to be hard wired to a timer. Any suggestions?
  20. NWMNMom

    Hurry up and wait to re-install replacement liner, etc

    I now have all my items, new liner, Gorilla Pad, wall foam, foam cove and a SWG, sitting in boxes where UPS and FedEx left them by the front door. Our weather guy says it could be 10 days to 2 weeks before we get decent enough weather to install anything. I guess I'll just leave it all boxed...
  21. NWMNMom

    Thumbs up for Pool and Spa Supply Store-TFP member specials

    Ordered our new AquaTrol RJ SWG on 5/4/10. They offer one of the lowest prices anywhere and with the member special discount, you can't beat the price anywhere. Just checked the tracking and it's out for delivery to my home today - FAST shipping from Florida to Minnesota! It pays to be a TFP...
  22. NWMNMom

    Do Aqua Trol models reset after power outage?

    Do the Aqua Trol models require manual resetting after any type of power outage or do they have some kind of "backup" in them that saves the settings/data for any amount of time?
  23. NWMNMom

    Liner replacement delays : (

    We have an extreme cold front rolling in. My replacement liner is due to be delivered on Tuesday - We have new Gorilla flooring, wall foam and cove to install. I figured at the very least I could get my crew of family men to help me install this weekend as a Mother's Day gift. I don't see the...
  24. NWMNMom --> Good Review

    I have now purchased many items from over 5 or 6 years, including our Biltmore stairs and other large items and have never been dissappointed. My most recent purchase is the pool liner replacement, gorrilla pad, foam cove. I ordered them on April 28, they were all shipped on April...
  25. NWMNMom

    It's Morel Mushroom Time Again

    All over avid shroomers and sneaking off to their favorite hidden "treasure trove" lands of these tastey gems. We just started finding our first lovely black specimans three days ago and picked about 4lbs of them today. We cooked them golden brown in olive oil tonight - yummmmmmm. Nothing...
  26. NWMNMom

    Oldest AG Pool?

    Inspired by the other post with IG pools, which naturally would last so much longer. There are plenty of us with AG pools and some of us have had them for years, but perhaps like me, you are on your second or third due to going larger in size. I'd really be interested in knowing who has the...
  27. NWMNMom

    Best Online Merchant for Liners

    Anyone have suggestions from experience for online merchants with the best value, service and quick turnaround for liners? Our "odd" melt this year is indeed liner failure in multiple places at the cove. Gotta order a new one. Thanks in advance.
  28. NWMNMom

    Our strangest melt off ever - WHAT THE???? a leak maybe?

    Our 18x33x52 saltwater AG pool is 4 years old. This spring has been extremely early and heated up fairly fast. Last year at this time I still had a lot of snow on the ground and we were just starting to fight our floods in the valley. Thats all done and over for weeks now. While the nights...
  29. NWMNMom

    Overnight change to autumn - time to close pool quick!

    It was too warm to close the pool without risk of turning it to pea soup. Well we went from almost a month of 80 something degree days and upper 50s-lower 60s nights to 52 degree days and frost at night - in one day. The front rolled in overnight and we dropped 30 degrees with 30 mile per hour...
  30. NWMNMom

    Any ideas for additional circulation/return?

    Anyone have an idea for adding to or modifying my return so that I have some circulation at the other end of the pool? I have adjusted the return eye every which way and I am not satisfied with the circulation at the other end of the pool - I don't think we want to go to the work/trouble of...