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  1. mikespoolfl

    New wet end for the intelliflo ?

    Looks like this is going to be the new intelliflo to replace model 011018. New model number is 011055 and is called the intelliflo 2 VST. You can go to website and compare the 2 models. Looks like a more efficient wet end. A few other bells and whistles about it on Pentair site...
  2. mikespoolfl

    15 gallon barrels

    I have 3 of the white 15 gallon barrels like in picture for sale $34 each includes shipping. They are used and have been rinsed out. PM me if interested. Thanks. My stenner set up is in the picture Mike
  3. mikespoolfl

    over 20,000

    Go Jason and TFP. Over 20,000 :party: members keep this up and pool stores are not going to like you.
  4. mikespoolfl

    Suction manifold redo

    Getting ready to redo the suction manifold, all the piping is 1.5 inch. I’m going to increase the manifold piping and piping to the pump to 2 inch. My thinking on this is more efficient flow. Will be replacing the ball valves also but will be using the same size ( 1.5 inch). Anyone know...
  5. mikespoolfl

    testing img

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