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    Sodium Tetra Borate & Dogs Drinking Pool Water

    We just got a puppy, now 14 weeks old, and have been teaching her to swim. But often, as a prelude to getting in, she'll lap up several gulps of pool water. I have close to 5000 ppm of salt, and 80 ppm of borate. Does anyone know the risks/dangers of this for my dog? (We brought out her water...
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    OWWWW!!!! They bite!!!!

    Sodium tetraborate.
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    OWWWW!!!! They bite!!!!

    I haven't seen a water bug since I added 20 Mule Team to between 50 and 80 ppm of sodium tetraborate. Pool has never looked better, and algae blumes seem to be a thing of the past. No regrets with 20 Mule Team. The family has even noticed a nice feel to the water.
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    my awful trip to the pool store

    My pool store told me to add CYA at the beginning of the summer, and then subsequently kept telling me that my CYA was 150. I ended up draining half my pool to get rid of it. The store then tested my CYA at 150 again, and again, and over two weeks, testing every day, it went to 130 and finally...
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    Chlorine: Is there such a thing as too much?

    Do you mean that the higher the CYA level, the less we need to worry about bleaching?
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    Average FC that you maintain?

    I'm curious. What is the average FC level you maintain with your SWG? For good comparison we should also add: Average CYA? Hours per day of run time?
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    This is a TEST POLE. Add how many hours/day average you run your SWG.
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    Best Time to Run SWG/Pump?

    How long do you run your SWGs? Also, when you do think is the best time to run it, or do you think it matters? I could see logic in running during the sunlight, when clorine is being burned off. And I can see logic in running at night, so that the newly generated clorine has more time to...
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    Vinyl Pools & Muratic Acid

    Good, that's what I do too. But I have been pouring it all around when having to put a lot in to neutrilize my initial introduction of 20 Mule Team. I was wondering if it then sat on the bottom to eat away at my vinyl.
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    Vinyl Pools & Muratic Acid

    I just ran across this at Leslie's website: MURIATIC ACID Muriatic acid is heavier than water and may etch the plaster in a shallow pool. To eliminate this possibility, pre-dilute the acid first by adding the acid into a large plastic bucket of water, and then pour the acid solution into the...
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    Please Explain Breakpoint and "Pounds" of Sodium Hypoclorate

    I recently read an article about how to calculate how many pounds of sanitizer (sodium hypoclorate, and calcium and lithium hypoclorate) is needed to reach breakpoint. I set up an Excel spreadsheet so I could just plug in the numbers. The problem is, I don't know how to translate "pounds" of...
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    SWG and Nature 2

    My first summer using the pool with the N2, I rarely had to use chlorine, and the water was always clear. The second and third summers, the water got cloudy with algae, and I was always buying pool shock and clarifier. The cflarifier seemed to help as long as I ran the pump 24/7 (which I didn't...
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    SWG and Nature 2

    Continued from "SWG Size." I was ready to "make a claim" under my warrantee against my pool store/builder for installing a SWG that was too small for my size pool. But before I could explain my case, the service manager told me that 3 years ago, they had a letter in hand from Zodiac, who...
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    SWG Size. What output to expect?

    I'm going to continue this on the new topic "SWG and Nature2"
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    Rob Roy, here in NW Arkansas

    Changed username to Dadof4 OK, I've changed my user ID from Rob Roy to Dadof4. It fits me better, since most of my life outside work is dealing with: Zach - 15 Emilie - 13 Noah - 7 Jonah - 5 And Laurie - CENSORED
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    Prayer request... Christian content, ignore if offended

    Mermaid, How is Hannah?
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    Rob Roy, here in NW Arkansas

    I was so glad to find, and REALLY bummed to find it was inactive. Then, REALLY happy again to find TFP! I was getting so discouraged with my pool until I got myself an education from ya'll. Now I feel powerful and in control! I no longer do as I'm told when I get my water tested...
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    SWG Size. What output to expect?

    I called Zodiac and confirmed. The LM2-15 is rated for a 15,000 gallon pool max. (I'll wait until Tuesday, when the "guy who knows" at my pool store will be in to answer the question as to max rating and why they installed the -15 instead of the -24.) I can upgrade/convert under my 3 year...
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    SWG Size. What output to expect?

    Thanks, JasonLion, I think that I have gotten past the algae now. I drained half the pool (to reduce CYA from 150ppm), and shocked the daylights out of it for a few days. Pools seems increasingly clear, and no tint of green. So now, I do want to understand what to expect from my SWG. From...
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    SWG Size. What output to expect?

    I love this forum!! Thank you. I bought an 18x36, in ground, 22,500 gallon vinyl pool in fall of 2004. For the Fall "deal" I got a free Zodiac Clearwater LM2-15 SWG. After last summer, and now this summer, struggling with algae, I got fed up and took matters into my own hands and educated...