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  1. Silver_2000

    Jandy Manifold or CMP

    I have a jandy cartridge filter that has a cracked manifold which Im learning is a common issue I ordered what was supposed to be the same from Amazon but in typical amazon fashion the seller is advertising Jandy and sending CMP Do any of you have experience with the CMP manifold ? White...
  2. Silver_2000

    Walmart bleach $1. Date code 19 345

    seems my bulk buying of bleach in january was a GOOD thing ... ;-)
  3. Silver_2000

    Time to go with a SWG. What do I need to know?

    also look in walmart pool section for Pool santizer...
  4. Silver_2000

    Is a VS pump right for my situation?

    since I JUST took these, they might help with your decision - I have Pentair VS pumps and the power savings from SMALL reductions in RPM is significant The VS maxes out at 3400 rpm and lowest usable for us is about 800 rpm but we usually run 1100 or higher just to keep good flow. Here the RPMs...
  5. Silver_2000

    Salt Preference

    just bought 400 lbs of Solar naturals at home depot - the price goes down some after 6 bags in the past the salt has been pure white and smaller, about half the bags this time were larger and dirtier looking crystals, the pool was already a little cloudy so it wont hurt my pool but wanted to...
  6. Silver_2000

    Spa draws down in spa mode

    well I replaced both JVAs and the check valve, and the issue isn't gone but its better, I hope Also realized that even though the pump pressure wasn't high the filter cartridges were so full they were blocking flow, and causing the heater to make noise and error with a high limit error. The...
  7. Silver_2000

    aquabright worth the money?

    and BTW one of the AB installers in Dallas lit our pool on fire and melted the LED lights and the swim jet. If you look on youtube you can see the video serach for Aquabright install Oops
  8. Silver_2000

    Lights went out and family is coming

    ive seen similar intermittent issues when the wires in the controller get loose or corroded. Here we have ants and they are attracted to the heat or vibration in the controller, at least once a year I have to open the controller box, take of front cover and blow out all the fried ants and ant...
  9. Silver_2000

    Spa draws down in spa mode

    Great idea I can turn off the automation and run in manual mode. last year one of the limit switches was broken inside one of the actuators and replacing it was challenging because the case and innards were crispy from the sun and age. And stuff was cracking in the housing. I haven't...
  10. Silver_2000

    Spa draws down in spa mode

    The one picture shows it goes past the returns ,. When in pool mode the spa fountain refills the spa. Today I've seen it low twice, it refilled then drained again.
  11. Silver_2000

    Spa draws down in spa mode

    I'm guessing that one of the valves is not turning all the way, an alignment issue, that's causing this ? ive attached some images of the plumbing I'm considering just ordering new valves and actuators. Ive "repaired" one of the limit switches in one of the valves already One question is do...
  12. Silver_2000

    aquabright worth the money?

    not sure whats fair but I did AB 2 years ago and have added less than 16 oz of acid to my pool since then to manage PH. If my pool didn't leak the chemistry would be VERY stable
  13. Silver_2000

    A Request from TFP, and a few updates

    I own and run a couple Forums and know how much work it is. For the casual reader of forums, a forum with over a million posts, 200k members and 3000 users online at once, this site likely runs on a dedicated server, and that likely costs in the hundreds of dollars a month. Its easy to guess...
  14. Silver_2000

    Help me save money with our pool pumps

    nice place I'm no expert but you can google and find that if your pump is single speed its using 5-10x the power a VS pump would for less flow Both numbers are guesses but my older pentair VS pumps use 1600 watts or more at full speed and 200 at lower speeds A post here shows 2500 watts at...
  15. Silver_2000

    Popped Pool in DFW?

    most people say yes if the water table is higher than the pool or rises it will pop out of the ground
  16. Silver_2000

    Walmart bleach $1. Date code 19 345

    Im in Carrollton, it was the Walmart at Marsh and Frankford
  17. Silver_2000

    Anyone need / want Fiberstar parts ?

    If you live in Dallas and want them send me a message ... They are under the car port waiting for Wednesday trash pickup
  18. Silver_2000

    Walmart bleach $1. Date code 19 345

    Well mine is in need of about 4 gallons to get right again, and at a dollar a gallon I can afford to spend $10 and hope to use it before it gets too weak. I was posting for the benefit of others. Next time Ill keep it to myself ... ;-(
  19. Silver_2000

    Converting to SWG - What do I need?

    i would give the builder a chance to give you a break to upgrade VS is the way to go ... My VS running at 100% uses about 1500 watts and at 80% power the electric usage drops dramatically. you end up with VERY similar water flow but half or less the cost in power ... im sure there are charts...
  20. Silver_2000

    Walmart bleach $1. Date code 19 345

    last years left overs, thats funny, its 5 weeks old - 345 th day was Dec 11... Not sure what the expectation is for age of products on walmart shelves but ... even so at a dollar a gallon its a good deal
  21. Silver_2000

    High pool pump pressure

    great idea ajww22 - just remove the cartridge till the slam is done ... then deal with it
  22. Silver_2000

    High pool pump pressure

    Im also in Dallas and I would recommend you buckle down and follow the recommendations here. They are NOT as easy as dumping a shock in, but they actually WORK. You need to raise the chlorine level to a known amount based on your chemical reading and KEEP the chlorine there for 48 hours or...
  23. Silver_2000

    Anyone need / want Fiberstar parts ?

    the person that was interested wanted FS4 model apparently - these are NOT FS4 but are 6004 / 6008 - if you want them speak up - or they go in the landfill
  24. Silver_2000

    Anyone need / want Fiberstar parts ?

    more images
  25. Silver_2000

    Anyone need / want Fiberstar parts ?

    here are images, one member here is interested if he passes, you can have them for $50 on top of the shipping. 2 complete towers and the fiber strands ( below the tower on one image )_and the Color changing pool light 2
  26. Silver_2000

    Replacing pool/spa heater recommendations...

    Most HVAC installers can do the install. We bought a Raypak 400k a few years back and are happy.
  27. Silver_2000

    New in ground pool - leaking?

    send that diver my way ,,, Ive had mine checked 2x and it stil leaks
  28. Silver_2000

    Anyone need / want Fiberstar parts ?

    Ive purchased the bulbs in the past ... Here is what I purchased