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    Pool Pilot SWG replacement part question

    Went out to the pad yesterday and noticed the door to the control unit blew off over the winter. The main white cover is fine the only problem is the door broke off. I see someplace sell a whole cover replacement for around $110 . I only need the door part though, anyone know if that is...
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    2 skimmers to replumb

    So I decided to replumb the 2 skimmers on my 20x40. Presently they are leaking somewhere, and I only take a plug out of one to vacuum. They are connected via a T, And since I am re doing them is there an advantage to piping 2 separate lines back to pump or can they be T'd like they are now. I...
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    Hayward Stair jet SP1434PAKA leaking

    I really don't use it much but will a problem to cap off. Would have to remove pavers and concrete underneath to expose. I found a Hayward part that says it is a test plug SP1434TP. -Does anyone have any experience with this part ? -Can it be used to permanently close this off ? -Can I glue it...
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    So my nightmare continues..

    After my liner change disaster it seems I have a leak. I have been losing a lot of water quickly. It drops about 2" per day until it hits near boom of the skimmer. Then pretty much stops. The new liner guy came out and did a dive to check out all of the cuts into the line. The 3 returns, main...
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    Pool Fill

    Generally how long does it take to fill pool after liner change. 28000 gallons. I also have 4 hose bibs around the pool. Suffolk County Long Island.
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    Liner replacement Disaster

    Contracted with a pool liner replacement company in November of last year, still no liner. Low life company owner kept telling me he had to re measure , delays due to rain, and the new liner is coming in soon, busy on other jobs, blah blah blah. Finally decided about a week before the 4th of...
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    New liner questions

    Long Island house IG 20x40. 3.5' -6' deep. The bottom of the pool is sand filled. Contractor says options are : -simple liner change -troweled bottom for hard floor. The hard floor obviously cost more-about $1000. Says benefits include no dents from feet. Looks better at night. Could cost more...
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    Need a new in ground liner

    Anyone have any recommendations for Riverhead NY. Would be in Suffolk County Long Island. Thanks rich
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    hayward de 4820

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post but.... I need a new band for my hayward de 4820. Anyplace I can get a used one cheaper than the approx. $200 for a new replacement? Thanks Rich
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    I use borax and need to adjust ph up

    My borate level is about 40 already and my ph is 6.8 after massive rain storms. Pool calculator says to add 201 ounces of borax to correct. Will this mess up borax level to high or should I use something else to raise ph? ph 6.8 FC 2 CC 0 CYA 60 TA 75 CH 190 Vinyl pool. Shocking in...
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    Best SWG recommendations

    What is the best for a 28000 gallon pool? Preferably one that has a low flow requirement. Thanks
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    PLEASE HELP !!!!!! Away for week found this

    Last week perfect, ph 7.5 fc 3 cc 0 cya 60 SWG 50% this week cloudy water as of yesterday afternoon Jandy SWG showed no flow I don't know why. No error codes, I have since reset it and recalibrated it and it seems to be working. However test results are as follows ph 7.5 FC 0 CC 3.5 CYA 0...
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    Pentair VS pump question

    I thought I might have seen somewhere on this forum about trying to keep the pump protected from the elements, notably rain. Is there any need to have the pump protected from rain. I know it's a pool and water is around but is it necessary to build a cover for it. Thanks
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    Hayward de 4820 with de inside the grids again.

    It is inside the grids again. Happened when I opened the pool, and not knowing if the manifold was broken or if there was a tear in the fabric I got a great deal on a new filter. Is it possible that the multi port valve is not working right and directing the water into the grids and not outside...
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    piping in a pentair vs pump

    Is there a preferred fitting for the initial fittings on this pump? I know some web sites recommend the pentair union, buy I was wondering what else can be used. The rest of my piping is 1 1/2". If I use a 2" nipple into/out of the pump instead of the union I can put a 2" coupling on the nipple...
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    pentair vs question

    On the pentair VS pump do I have to buy their special unions for the install?
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    Need help with a new pump selection

    Installed a hayward ecostar SP3400VSP about a month ago, it blew this week, totally fried, I dont know why. The fantastic folks at poolsupplyworld graciously will take it back since it is impossible to service locally. I get it, I didn't buy it locally so they are to busy to help me. Wanted me...
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    Compupool cpsc 36

    Got a brand new one and the LCD board is bad. They want me to change the board. Is this normal? Is this a common problem? Thanks Rich
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    Hayward SP3400VSP priming question

    When starting up it fails to prime when in auto detect.
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    compupool cpsc36 problem

    It was installed and all water chemistry is just about perfect. However all lights are on and it doesn't seem to generating chlorine. I had to convert it to 110v and that was not a problem. I saw a post from poolsupplyworld that when you convert to 110 sometimes the internal fuse has to...
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    Latest test results should I adjust CH

    Ph 7.6 Fc 4 Cc .5 TA. 80 Cya 75 CH 20 Compupool SWG 22000 gal vinyl in ground Thanks Rich
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    My dads pool

    Following test results with tftest kit: Ph 7.2 FCC .5 Cc. 0 TA 70 Ch 20 Cya 37 Salt 3000 Just converted to salt. Ready to turn on. Any suggestions Thanks
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    Compupool cpsc36 salt question

    I installed it for my father last week, getting ready to have him add salt while I am away. Is the salt level 3000ppm? Thanks Rich
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    Trying to adjust FC with new equipment

    Changed over to a variable speed pump
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    My fathers pool

    For the first time I opened his pool, or at least tried. 22000 gallon IG took cover off found a dead possum on bottom, water looked kinda clear though. Used the test kit to try and get some preliminary numbers. I didn't have enough time to to let the pump run for a while but I got these...
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    Fine tuning my water balance suggestions

    28000 swg VINYL inground pool with the following: ph 7.0 FC 4.6 TA 103 CH 124 CYA 36 But added almost 6 lbs less than 24 hours ago salt 3400 borate 33 csi -0.9 Do I just aerate to raise pH or add some baking soda? If so how many days of aeration as i won't be home till next Friday. I can...
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    parts recommendations for Hayward 4820 DE

    I had a bad weak with this filter, when I opened the pool and power vacuumed I accidently had the multiport in backwash and not waste. My grids are packed with DE and im debating just getting a new set of grids, to allow me time to try and clean them and have them as a spare. I googled and...
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    HELP with hayward 4820 de filter leak

    It seems the threads on the drain port on the bottom tank are stripped a little. Since the bottom of the filter is at least $300, I thought of a possible cheaper fix, that have some benefits. Here's my idea: Glue on a 1 1/2" PVC male adaptor then an 1 1/2" PVC ball valve. It would also make it...
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    HELP Hayward 4820 BIG problem

    Long story short- I have a lot of DE inside every grid. This never hapened before. Anyone know how this could happen and what do i do to correct this. Please help This is the long story: I opened the pool over the weekend, I installed a new hayward variable speed pump and it kept having a...
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    Help. New pump recomendations needed

    I have a 28K gallon in ground vinyl pool. I just bought a heat siphon z700, yet to be installed. I have an aquacomfort salt generator,replacing with a Jandy 1400. Waiting for delivery of both. My pool plumbing consists of two skimmers, two returns, single main drain, 2 stairjets for bubbles and...