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  1. J

    Bleach Prices 2015

    Aldi has 64 ounces of 8.25% bleach for $1.39. 26.3 cents per ounce of chlorine.
  2. J

    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Just bought some bleach from Aldi today. $1.39 per 64 ounces 8.25% bleach. Works out to 26.3 cents per ounce of chlorine.
  3. J

    2014 Weather

    My pool season is over, pool temperature is about 78°, with air temperature at about 66°. Guess next weekend I'll be closing the pool.
  4. J

    2014 Weather

    Well, it's the beginning of September, but you wouldn't know that by the weather. This week the temperature has been mid to upper 80s with 2 days of 90° to 91°, and my pool is currently sitting at about 90°. Guess summer just got extended.
  5. J

    What happened to my liner??

    I guess the best way to describe it is just a dark spot on the liner. The easiest way to tell if it is a hole or just a spot would be with some dye. I use phenol red from an old pH test, because it is what I have handy. You could use food coloring, also. So just look for something dark, and out...
  6. J

    Pre-dissolving Borax

    I thought maybe you had water like mine, since you have to use Borax to raise your pH. I have a well, and the pH happens to be around 4.5, so whenever I add water, I have to raise the pH. Maybe NJ American is acidic like my well? I just noticed your signature says you use bleach and trichlor...
  7. J

    Pre-dissolving Borax

    I just pour my Borax directly into the filter, and let the water flow dissolve it. As an aside, I see you are also from NJ. Do you by chance happen to have well water?
  8. J

    Clorox now makes pool chemicals...

    I was looking on Amazon for a cheap test kit (to test my well water pH, not my pool [but, that's a whole other story]) and I noticed a banner advertising Clorox pool chemicals. I expected to just see relabeled bleach, but no, they went all the way. They have solid chlorine, algaecide...
  9. J

    What happened to my liner??

    Well, apparently the leak isn't as bad as when I started this thread last year, but it has gotten worse. According to my log, I lost about 1" over the course of 3 days. I know where 3 holes are, the problem will just be patching them. We got almost an inch of rain today, and the temperature was...
  10. J

    2014 Weather

    And I thought my pool has been cool at 90...
  11. J

    What happened to my liner??

    I'm going to start measuring my water level daily again, because I think the pool is slowly losing water. Not enough to be a concern, but just enough to be noticeable. I wonder if spraying around the base of the pool now would help? At least the liner should make it to next season. If/when I do...
  12. J

    What happened to my liner??

    I wouldn't be surprised if it is insects. If I do put a new liner in, I'd probably spray the cove for insects. Hopefully I'd be able to see what's crawling around under there.
  13. J

    What happened to my liner??

    Well, things are getting to be just great. I've been inspecting the cove, and every once in a while a new pinhole or 3 will show up. I've been patching them, and water loss has been minimal. Now the bad part. I've been looking at some of the patches I put in last year, and the holes are starting...
  14. J

    Ph Preference

    No pucks and no autofill. I don't even top up that much. Nonetheless, the records clearly show a downward pH drift. Anyway, I don't want to start hijacking this thread, so back to the original topic again. Yeah, I prefer my pH around 7.8, but I'll accept down to about 7.4. Maybe there's some...
  15. J

    Chlorine and 3"pucks/tabs the smell

    This website will help you compare the cost of the different bleaches/chlorine, if you are interested.
  16. J

    Ph Preference

    I have 2 theories about my pH. The first is, like you said, the acid well water plus acid rain. The other thing I can think of is that I keep my solar cover on most of the day, except for when I'm swimming for a few hours. When I look at my pool spreadsheet, you can see that without fail, my pH...
  17. J

    Ph Preference

    I'm the opposite of most of you. I always try to keep my pH around 7.8, because over time my pH tends to drift down. I never let it get below 7.2.
  18. J

    FAS-DPD VS OTO for daily testing

    Do you have a solar cover? If so, keeping that on during the day can cut down on chlorine loss.
  19. J

    Well Water Reddish/Orange - Is that a problem?

    I have bad iron in my well water also. Not enough to turn the water brown out of the faucet, but enough to turn my pool brown when I top up a few inches. If you get that filter, be sure to let me know how it works. I have my doubts that it would help with my water at all.
  20. J

    New pool - bad choice - Baquacil

    Wow, from reading, I knew Baquacil could get to be difficult after a few years, but I never knew it could be so difficult right from the beginning. I really wish I could help you, but I have no experience with Baq. I'll be reading, offering you silent moral support, but hopefully some users here...
  21. J

    Balancing and heater warranty

    I have no experience with heaters or their warranties, so I can't help you. I do wonder, though, how do they know what levels you keep everything at? Are you required to keep a log of your chemical levels or something? If they only check your water when you have a warranty claim, I would think...
  22. J

    giant water bug

    Something like this? I can't say I have ever seen one in my pool (based on the description, I would certainly remember seeing one), but I don't know if they live around me. Now that I learned about a...
  23. J

    No chlorine in salt water pool! Test positive for phosphates and nitrates

    I will add that it will be impossible to follow the SLAM process without your own proper test kit. If you want to take control of your pool, you will need a TF-100 or K-2006. Link is in my signature.
  24. J

    OK - Here's what I got...

    You're on the west coast, so you would be better off ordering the test kit from the other site that sells them. I can't remember it off the top of my head, but someone else here will remember it. If not, I'll find the west coast distributor of the TF-100 and post it for you. EDIT: The west coast...
  25. J

    FAS-DPD VS OTO for daily testing

    I don't use the FAS-DPD test for the precision, I use it every day because I have a hard enough time matching the pH color. I don't need to frustrate myself matching shades of yellow also. For me it is much easier to just count drops until the sample goes clear. Once you get the hang of it, you...
  26. J

    New pool cloudy water.

    And you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you can take pictures of your pool and post them here, it might make it easier for the experts to help you.
  27. J

    Out of test supplies!

    Just remember that if you go the dilution route, it won't be near accurate enough to tell if you pass the OCLT.
  28. J

    Algae Problems

    I assume those numbers are from the K-2006 or TF-100, correct? Does your pool currently have algae right now? If yes, you will need to SLAM your pool to get rid of the algae. Link can be found in my signature. If no, your FC is too low for your CYA. You should be targeting 6 ppm, and never...
  29. J

    Refilling my pebble tek pool.... Help with chemicals?

    You're going to want to get chlorine (bleach) in there. I'm not sure how you would go about mixing it without the filter, but I'm sure some of the experts here would be able to give you some ideas about that.
  30. J

    TF-100 results!

    Is there something wrong with the pool? If not, your FC is a little high, but still swimmable.