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  1. InfoKid

    SMART 2" GPH Water / Flow Meter

    Has anyone built it yet? Would be great if while we are away we can know if our pump is working properly. What are your thoughts? 🤩
  2. InfoKid

    Advice for Building a Liquid Chlorine System for a 89,000 gallon / 336900 liter Pool

    The goal is to find a Liquid Chlorine system I can build (DIY), for my pool, but I need your advice since I have never done this before. My Setup Pool: 89,000 gallon / 336900 liter Pump: IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Dual: HCF236 - Commercial Fiberglass Sand Filter, 36 in After filter PSI: 100-125 run...
  3. InfoKid

    Pool Math App Not Working

    This has been going on for a month. Last week I was finally able to login but now it’s Friday morning, and I’m doing a pool route and can’t use the app. I got a message saying that I can’t login now that I cannot connect to the cloud. Internet is working! Before I logged out I was also...